Content includes lectures and recitals from IHS symposiums and historical recordings.

Jeff Snedeker's Jazz Horn Basics

This is the first of four excerpts from Jazz Clinic - Starting at "Ground Zero" by Jeffrey Snedeker presented at the 2008 Symposium in Denver. The handout Jeff mentions in this portion can be downloaded pdf  here (157.24 kB)

I. Introduction

"Relics" by Douglas Hill, from the Denver Symposium

"Relics" is the second of four movements of "Recollections for Eight Horns", composed by IHS Honorary Member Douglas Hill in 2007. It is performed here by an ensemble of professionals in attendance at the 2008 Symposium, conducted by the composer.

This work was commissioned by Michael Ozment in memory of his father, Dwight Wesley Ozment, an avid collector of American Civil War artifacts. It is available from Really Good Music.

Audition Bootcamp, Session 3, part 3

This final installment of excerpts from the Audition Bootcamp series. The entire series is available on CD from

Audition Bootcamp, Session 3, part 2

Session 3, part 2 of Jesse McCormick and Bernhard Sculle's Audition Bootcamp series of lectures in Denver.

Audition Bootcamp, Session 3, part 1

Excerpts from Session 3 of Bernhard Scully and Jesse McCormick's Audition Bootcamp series of lectures. The complete recordings of all three sessions are available from

Gold and Silver Horns - 2008 Symposium

The "Gold and Silver Horns," an over 50 ensemble organized and conducted by Wendell Rider at the 2008 Symposium, perform Wendell's arrangement of Mozart's "Ave Verum Corpus." The arrangement is available from Wendell. Check his website for further information.

Audition Bootcamp, Session 2, part 3

Session 2, part 3 of Bernhard Scully and Jesse Mccormick's "Audition Bootcamp" series of lectures from the 40th IHS Symposium in 2008. The complete series is available on CD from

Audition Bootcamp, Session 2, part 2

Part 2 of Audition Bootcamp, Session2. The complete recording is available from

Audition Bootcamp, Session 2, part 1

Again from the 2008 International Symposium, here is the first of three excerpts from session 2 of the Audition Bootcamp series by Bernhard Scully and Jesse McCormick. The complete recordings are available from


Honorary Member Michael Hatfield at the 1983 International Symposium, performing Dukas' Villanelle.

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