Content includes lectures and recitals from IHS symposiums and historical recordings.

Tuckwell Plays Danzi

From the 1973 symposium, Barry Tuckwell performs the first movement of the Danzi Sonata in E-flat.

Charles Kavalovski plays Heiden

From the 1973 symposium, Charles Kavalovski plays the last movement of the Bernard Heiden Sonata.

Participant Choir from the 1973 Symposium

A large choir from the 1973 symposium at Pomona College performs Mendelssohn's Der Jager Abscheid, conducted by Richard Dunn.

Frippery #8

From the 1972 symposium, Stephen Seiffert, Lowell Shaw, Eileen Gress and Charles McDonald performs Shaw's Frippery #8.

Farkas Conducts Hyde

From the 1972 Bloomington symposium, Philip Farkas conducts one of the mid-size (130 players) horn choirs in George Hyde's Color Contrasts.

Koetsier Premier

One of three large (100 players) horn ensembles from the 1972 symposium gives the premier performance of Jan Koetsier's "Colloquy for a Horn Workshop" conducted by Michael Höltzel.

Alan Civil plays "Hunter's Moon"

From the 1972 symposium, Alan Civil plays Gilbert Vinter's "Hunter's Moon."

Alan Civil Quartet

Alan Civil, Shirley Hopkins Civil, James Buffington and Martin Morris play an arrangement by Alan Civil, in June, 1972.

David Krehbiel conducts

David Krehbiel conducts a 1972 symposium "small" horn choir of 40 participants in the "Dream Pantomime" from Humperdink's Hansel & Gretel.

Natural horn duet by Real

Horace Fitzpatrick and James Winter play a duet by Joseph Real on natural horns at the 1972 symposium.

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