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Abdel-Rahim/Lesnick (arr)The Lotus Pondwind quintetvan Dreel, Lydia802010 Feb
Adam/Frackenpohl (arr)O Holy Night3 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey822009 Oct
Abeersold, JameyStudies, Volumes 24, 1, and 21methodFaust, Randall661983 Apr
Abelson, Dennis R.Warm-Up and Daily Regimen (revised)methodThompson, Virginia86-872000 Feb
Abernathy, Don A. (arr)Forty Christmas Carols (in 2 vol.)2 hornsThompson, Virginia87-882000 Aug
Actor, LeeConcertohorn & orchestraSnedeker, Jeffrey77-782009 Feb
Adams/Vanryne (arr)The Holy Citybrass quintetLucas, Heidi902015 May
Adler-McKean, JackPassacagliabrass quintetThompson, Virginia822014 Feb
Agrell, JeffreyAccompanied Kopprasch, Vol. 1etudesLucas, Heidi782020 May
Agrell, JeffreyCircus Etudeswind quintetScharnberg, William83-842000 Nov
Agrell, JeffreyDuet Kopprasch, Vol. 12 hornsLucas, Heidi812019 Oct
Agrell, JeffreyFantasia3 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey792013 May
Agrell, JeffreyImprovised Chamber Music: Spontaeous Chamber Music Games for Four (or Three or Five) PlayersetudesSnedeker, Jeffrey76-772013 Oct
Agrell, JeffreyImprov Duets for Classical Musicians: A Concise Collection of Musical Games for Two PlayersetudesSnedeker, Jeffrey76-772013 Oct
Agrell, JeffreyLullaby and Fanfare6 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey792014 Feb
Agrell, JeffreyOstinato Suitehorn & tromboneSnedeker, Jeffrey772008 May
Agrell, JeffreyOstinato Suite2 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey732014 May
Agrell, JeffreyPreparatory Kopprasch Horn EtudesmethodThoms, Jonas842019 May
Agthe, G.F.Grand Concertohorn & pianoScharnberg, William811984 Apr
Albeniz/Holcolme (arr)Tango from Españahorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey792009 Feb
Albinoni/Orval (arr)Adagiohorn & organSnedeker, Jeffrey812011 Feb
Alford/Martinet (arr)Colonel Bogey March6 hornsScharnberg, William781996 Nov
Alford/Martinet (arr)On the Quarterdeck8 hornsScharnberg, William751990 Oct
Alford/Martinet (arr)The Vanished Army8 hornsScharnberg, William751990 Oct
Allen, EricLow Range StudiesetudesSnedeker, Jeffrey77-782011 Feb
Allen, EricSuccess in All KeysetudesSnedeker, Jeffrey77-782011 Feb
Allers, Hans-GuntherFunf Intermezzi, op. 404 hornsAgrell, Jeffrey1031988 Oct
Allers, Hans-GuntherTrio, op. 27horn, violin, pianoFaust, Randall821986 Apr
Ameller, IBelle Province, “Rimouski”horn & pianoMeek, Harold601974 Aut
Amis, KennethRep Decks – Orchestral Series: Horn EditionexcerptsLucas, Heidi852019 May
Amon, Adreas3 Quatuors, op. 109horn, violin, violà, celloScharnberg, William721984 Oct
Amon, AdreasTrois Quatuors concertants, op. 109horn, violin, violà, celloScharnberg, William872003 May
Amon, AdreasZwei Jägerlieder, op. 1033 horns & men’s choir Scharnberg, William912001 Nov
Amram, DavidBlues and Variations for Monkhorn aloneLaBar, Arthur551993 Apr
Angerer, HansjorgBorn for Horn, Hornensemble2-4 hornsScharnberg, William871999 Aug
Angerer, HansjorgBorn for Horn, Horn und Klavier (2 vol)horn & pianoScharnberg, William871999 Aug
Angerer, PaulHorn Quartet4 hornsMeek, Harold221975 Nov
AnonymousQuartetto No. 1 and No. 24 hornsScharnberg, William822001 May
Anonymous/Bonet (ed)Solo para Trompa y Cuerdashorn & guitarScharnberg, William92-931999 Nov
Anonymous/Bonet (ed)Trio Clasico No. 1horn, violà, bassoonScharnberg, William92-931999 Nov
Anonymous/Cechal & Pizka (ed)Maria Mundi Cominahorn, voice, continuoScharnberg, William822001 May
Anonymous/Janetzky (ed)O Maria, Mundi Dominahorn, alto, basso continuoScharnberg, William92-931988 Aprt
Anonymous (Karlsruhe)Concerto a Cornu horn & orchestraScharnberg, William761990 Oct
Anonymous (Karlsruhe)Concerto a Cornu prinzipalehorn & orchestraScharnberg, William761990 Oct
Anonymous/Martinet (arr)Der Hornblaeser Polka4 hornsScharnberg, William701985 Oct
Anonymous/Petit & Delerue (arr)Noëls, vol. 1 & 2brass sextetLaBar, Arthur651996 Feb
Anonymous/Risher (arr)Tsmindao Chmerto and Tshkenosnuribrass quintetScharnberg, William711996 Feb
Anonymous/Tarr (arr)Divertimento a 4 Corni da Caccia4 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey752005 Feb
Anonymous/Tarr (arr)Sonata a 4 Corni da Caccia4 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey752005 Feb
Aquino, DarwinCeldashorn & pianoGardner, Jena952020 Oct
Arban/Vanryne (arr)Le cornet polkabrass quintetSnedeker, Jeffrey832014 Feb
Arbeau/Civil (arr)Ding Don Merrily on High5 hornsLaBar, Arthur791995 May
Archer, VioletSonatahorn & pianoChesebro, Gayle861978 Nov
Archibald, BeckyBittersweethorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey792008 Feb
Archibald, BeckyI Knowhorn, clarinet, pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey812008 Feb
Armstrong/Jolley (arr)Yes, I’m in the Barrel!Wind quintetSnedeker, Jeffrey802009 Feb
Arne/Vanryne (arr)Rule Brittaniabrass quintetLucas, Heidi902015 May
Arutiunian, AlexanderSuite for Piano, Oboe, and Hornhorn, oboe, pianoScharnberg, William952000 May
Asher, ColinThree Sea Shantiesbrass ensembleFaust, Randall801984 Oct
Atwell, BruceNatural Horn/Valve Horn Technical Etudes: Strenthening Valve Horn Playing Through Natural Horn StudymethodSnedeker, Jeffrey80-812005 Oct
Atwell, BruceQuartet No. 14 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey622016 May
Aubin, FrancineConcertinohorn & pianoScharnberg, William832001 May
Azevedo, SérgioSonatina4 hornsThompson, Virginia812013 May
Babbitt, MiltonAround the Hornhorn aloneScharnberg, William671995 Nov
Baccelli, Umberto16 Etudes CaracteristiquesetudesHill, Douglas65-661976 May
Bach, JanFour Two-Bit Contraptionshorn & fluteChesebro, Gayle721976 May
Bach/Alexanian (ed)Suites for Unaccompanied VioloncellocelloLeuba, Christopher89-901984 Apr
Bach/Almeida (transcr)Partita in B-flathorn & guitarHill Douglas601977 May
Bach/Anderson (arr)Capriccio (On the Departure of His Beloved Brother)brass quintetScharnberg, William54-551992 Oct
Bach/Ashworth (arr)Air on a G Crook (or D, E, C, F, or F#)natural horn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey812009 Oct
Bach/Baldwin (arr)Ricercar a 6 from the Musical Offeringbrass ensembleScharnberg, William74-751998 Feb
Bach/Baxley (arr)Brandenburg Concerto No. 2 (3rd movt)brass quintetFaust, Randall691982 Apr
Bach/Bell (arr)Prelude and Fugue in E minor4 hornsKing, Martin84-852019 Feb
Bach/Bourgue (ed)6 hornsScharnberg, William921999 Nov
Bach/Bourgue (ed)Six Suites for Solo Cellohorn aloneFaust, Randall961988 Apr
Bach/Brockway (arr)Fugue IV a 5brass quintetScharnberg, William781986 Apr
Bach/Brockway (arr)Prelude & Fugure, WTC Bk. II no. 14brass quintetScharnberg, William781986 Apr
Bach/Connelle (arr)Gavotte, Sarabande, and Gigue3 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey782008 Oct
Bach/Coulter (arr)Canzona in D minor, BWV 588brass quintetPack, April802021 Oct
Bach/Dishinger (arr)Fugue from The Spirit Helpeth4 hornsFaust, Randall651983 Apr
Bach/Eden (arr)Liebster Jesu, wir sind hierbrass quintetScharnberg, William731998 Feb
Bach/Graham (arr)Italian Concerto BWV 971wind quintetScharnberg, William88-891999 Feb
Bach/Jeurissen (arr)Sechs Choralvorspiele4 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey782003 Oct
Bach/Jolley (arr)Ein Fest Burg Ist Unser Gotthorn & pianoScharnberg, William601993 Apr
Bach/Jolley (arr)Nun Komm’ Der Heiden Heilandhorn & pianoScharnberg, William601993 Apr
Bach/Jolley (arr)Three Pices from the Notebooks of Anna Magdelena Bachhorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey76-772008 Oct
Bach/Klophaus (arr)Von Himmel hoch, da komm ich her, BWV 700brass quintetScharnberg, William862003 May
Bach/Kloss (arr)Sinfonia No. 9 in F minorbrass trioLieser, Ben962020 Oct
Bach/Knudsvig (arr)Jesu, meines Herzens Freud’brass quintetScharnberg, William701996 May
Bach/Latham (arr)Minuet from Orchestral Suite No. 44 hornsScharnberg, William451993 Nov
Bach/Martinet (arr)Air from Suite No. 34 hornsScharnberg, William751990 Oct
Bach/Martinet (arr)8 hornsScharnberg, William912001 Nov
Bach/Martinet (arr)Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring8 hornsScharnberg, William751990 Oct
Bach/McCoy (arr)Air from Suite No. 3wind quintetFaust, Randall861985 Apr
Bach/Mills (arr)Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiringbrass quintet (2)Faust, Randall87-881990 Apr
Bach/Oldberg (arr)Preludebrass ensembleWinter, James911979 Oct
Bach/Orval (arr)Aria4 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey782011 May
Bach/PiotrowskiIn Dulci Jubilobrass quintetLieser, Benjamin852019 Feb
Bach/Ramm (arr)Nine Duets2 hornsScharnberg, William881983 Oct
Bach/Reeve(arr)Three choralesbrass ensembleFaust, Randall801987 Apr
Bach/Sauer (ed)Unaccompanied Suites, BWV 1007-1012horn aloneSnedeker, Jeffrey722006 Feb
Bach/Smith (arr)Suite No. 24 hornsScharnberg, William781986 Apr
Bach/Snedeker (arr)Sinfonia from Canata 156solo horn & brass or horn quintetLucas, Heidi802014 Feb
Bach/Snedeker (arr)Two Pieces: Adagio and Siciliano from Sonatas BWV 1030 and 10393 hornsLucas, Heidi802014 Feb
Bach/Stewart (arr)Ariosobrass quintetSnedeker, Jeffrey842010 May
Bach/Stewart (arr)Fugue in G minorbrass ensembleScharnberg, William74-751998 Feb
Bach/Thilde (arr)Grande Fugue in Do Majeur4 hornsMeek, Harold75-761973 Aut
Bach/Thompson (arr)Vivace from Concerto in D minor2 hornsLaBar, Arthur661996 Feb
Bach/Thurston (arr)Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring4 hornsScharnberg, William461993 Nov
Bach/Vernooy (ed)J.S. Bach: Complete Horn RepertoireexcerptsScharnberg, William1051988 Oct
Bach/Yancich (ed)Six Suites for Violoncellohorn aloneScharnberg, William91-922000 May
Bachofen, HeinrichConcerto en Fahorn & pianoScharnberg, William811984 Apr
Bacon, Thomas (ed)Eighty-eight German Quartets4 hornsScharnberg, William1151990 Apr
Bacon, Thomas (ed)Jazz Café, vol. 1horn & pianoScharnberg, William902002 Feb
Bacon, Thomas (arr)Selected Songs, vol. 1horn & pianoScharnberg, William1051988 Oct
Bacon, Thomas (arr)Selected Songs, vol. 2horn & pianoScharnberg, William791991 Oct
Bakaleinikoff, VladimirCanzonahorn & pianoPherigo, Johnny621986 Oct
Bakaleinikoff, VladimirCavatinahorn & pianoPherigo, Johnny621986 Oct
Baker, Michael ConwayRemembrances, op. 130horn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey822015 Feb
Bakki, JosefSonatinahorn & pianoHill Douglas59-601977 May
Baksa, RobertHorn Sonata (second version)horn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey772003 Oct
Baldwin, DanielAnd the Clouds Breakhorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey612016 May
Baldwin, DanielLandscapesclarinet, bassoon, horn, pianoLucas, Heidi63-642016 May
Baldwin, DanielLighthouse Suitebrass quintetSnedeker, Jeffrey84-852016 Feb
Baldwin, DavidAbsurditiesbrass trioChesebro, Gayle841978 Nov
Baldwin, DavidAppalachian Suitehorn & pianoThompson, Virginia842007 Feb
Baldwin, DavidTransit IIhorn & tubaHill, Douglas681976 May
Banchieri/Kaucher (arr)La Battaglia, from Canzoni alla Francese8 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey772008 May
Barber/McNeff (arr)Adagiobrass quintetFaust, Randall87-881990 Apr
Barbier. ReneConcerto, op. 106horn & orchestra/pianoMeek, Harold621973 May
Barbier. ReneSonata, op. 12horn & pianoMeek, Harold621973 May
Barboteu, GeorgesPiece pour Quentinhorn & pianoFaust, Randall76-771987 Apr
Barnes, Walter H. (arr)Book of Favorite Quintets, Intermediatebrass quintetScharnberg, William761989 Oct
Barnett, CarolConcertohorn & pianoLaBar, Arthur781995 May
Barrington, WayneExcerpts for Horn Section: Wagner, Brahms, and Struass PassagesexcerptsScharnberg, William842003 May
Barrow, GaryA Renaissance Set5 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey792011 May
Barrows, JohnDevelopment Exercises and EtudesetudesSnedeker, Jeffrey79-802010 Oct
Barsanti/Musser (arr)Sicilianahorn & pianoScharnberg, William791998 May
Barsanti/Musser (arr)Sonata (first movement)horn & pianoScharnberg, William791998 May
Barsanti/Musser (arr)Sonata (second movement)horn & pianoScharnberg, William791998 May
Barsom, PaulCarving8 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey792003 Oct
Bartholomew, Leland (arr)Renaissance vocal music4 hornsChesebro, Gayle55-561976 Nov
Bartos, FrantisekLe Bourgeois Gentilhommewind quintetScharnberg, William671985 Oct
Basler, PaulCancioneshorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey852007 Oct
Basler, PaulDance, Fool, Dance!Horn & synthesizerThompson, Virginia852000 Aug
Basler, PaulDiversionshorn & pianoThompson, Virginia692014 Oct
Basler, PaulJourneyhorn & pianoEaster, Wallace942018 Oct
Basler, PaulThe Labyrinth2 horns & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey852007 Feb
Basler, PaulSongs and Danceshorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey612016 May
Basler, PaulThree Hymn Tune Settingshorn & pianoScharnberg, William711998 Feb
Basler, PaulVocalise-Waltzhorn, oboe, pianoThompson, Virginia94-952007 May
Basler, Paul (arr)Folk Songshorn & pianoThompson, Virginia862000 Aug
Bassett, LeslieMusic for Four Horns4 hornsFaust, Randall901983 Oct
Bauer, FelixSonatahorn & pianoChesebro, Gayle841978 Nov
Baumann, HerbertRondo mit Mozarthorn, oboe, clarinet, bassoonLaBar, Arthur681994 Nov
Baumann, HermannElegianatural horn aloneFaust, Randall751985 Oct
Baxley, Wayne S.The Chromatic Connectionbrass quintetFaust, Randall691982 Apr
Baxley, Wayne S.Enchainementbrass quintetFaust, Randall691982 Apr
Beamish, SallySt. Andrew’s Boneshorn, violin, pianoThompson, Virginia79-802008 May
Beck, Reinhold ImanuelQuartett, op. 14 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey802009 Feb
Beckel, James A.Freedom’s Hopebrass quintet & percussionScharnberg, William802002 Oct
Beckel, James A.The Glass Bead Gamehorn & orchestraScharnberg, William701999 May
Beckel, James A.The Glass Bead Gamehorn & pianoScharnberg, William79-802002 Oct
Beckel, James A.Primitive Modernhorn & CD/percussionSnedeker, Jeffrey842004 Oct
Beckham, DwightFantasy on a French Carolbrass ensembleScharnberg, William721999 May
Beckwith, JohnConcertinohorn & orchestra/pianoChesebro, Gayle861978 Nov
Beer, Johann/Janetzky (ed)Concerto a 4 pour Cor de postillon, cor de chasse, 2 violons et basso continuopost horn, hunting horn, 2 violins, basso continuoScharnberg, William75-761982 Apr
Beethoven/Campbell (arr)Symphony No. 3, movt. 48 hornsScharnberg, William601993 Apr
Beethoven/Campbell (arr)Symphony No. 5, movt. 18 hornsScharnberg, William601993 Apr
Beethoven/Civil (arr)Egmont Overture8 horns, tubaLaBar, Arthur791995 May
Beethoven/Damm (ed)Sonata, op. 17horn & pianoMeek, Harold691976 May
Beethoven/Dishinger (arr)May Song, Op. 52, no. 4horn & pianoScharnberg, William113-1141990 Apr
Beethoven/Frackenpohl (arr)Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee (Ode to Joy)brass quartet, tuba (optional)Scharnberg, William791996 Nov
Beethoven/Gabler (arr)Allegretto aus dem 7. Symphonie4 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey712005 Feb
Beethoven/Hills (arr)Septet, op. 20wind quintetLaBar, Arthur671996 Feb
Beethoven/Martinet (arr)Sextet, op. 81b6 hornsScharnberg, William1061988 Oct
Beethoven/Phillips (arr)Rondinowind trio & pianoMeek, Harold761973 Aut
Beethoven/Proust (arr)Deux Menuetshorn & pianoLaBar, Arthur751996 May
Beethoven/Proust (arr)Variations de Beethoven sur un Thème de Mozart4 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey782003 Oct
Beethoven/Raad (ed)Sonata, op. 17horn & pianoScharnberg, William671995 Feb
Beethoven/Skirrow (arr)Scherzo from Symphony No. 34 hornsLaBar, Arthur681994 Nov
Beethoven/Skowronek (arr)Five Pieces for Mechanical Organwind quintetMeek, Harold601974 Aut
Beethoven/Stewart (arr)Ode to Joybrass trio & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey832009 Oct
Beethoven/Tuckwell (ed)Sonata, op. 17horn & pianoScharnberg, William761997 May
Beethoven/Weisenfeldt (ed)Sonata, op. 17horn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey822015 Feb
Belfrage, BengtPractice Methods for Brass PlayersmethodScharnberg, William69-701983 Apr
Bell, Kenneth (arr)Favorite Wedding Marches4 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey772004 Feb
Bell, Kenneth (arr)O Come, O Come, Emmanuelhorn & organSnedeker, Jeffrey762004 Feb
Bell, Kenneth (arr)Wedding Albumhorn & organScharnberg, William921998 Nov
Bellini/Gallay/ Meek (ed)Romancehorn & pianoHill Douglas591977 May
Bellini/RossSound the Gallant Trumpet from I Puritanibrass quintetScharnberg, William801998 May
Belloli/Atwell (arr)Etude No. 2 and Etude No. 3horn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey792013 May
Belloli/FraioliQuartettohorn, 2 clarinets, bassoonSnedeker, Jeffrey832016 Feb
Bellonci & LeidesdorfSonatahorn & pianoScharnberg, William811984 Apr
Bergonzi, Benedetto/ Gabler (ed)Capricci per Corno de Cacciahorn aloneMeek, Harold691976 May
Berlin/WassonAlexander’s Ragtime Bandbrass quintetLaBar, Arthur711995 Feb
BerliozLe jeune Pâtre Breton, op. 13, no. 4horn (or violà or cello), soprano or tenor, pianoScharnberg, William751982 Apr
Berlioz/Proust (arr)Marche triomphale4 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey782004 May
Berlioz/Robinson (arr)Roman Carnical Overture8 hornsScharnberg, William691985 Oct
Bernstein/Parman & Boyd (arr)West Side Story: Instrumental Soloshorn & piano, CDSnedeker, Jeffrey70-712014 Oct
Bernstein/Parman & Boyd (arr)West Side Story: Instrumental Soloshorn & piano, CDSnedeker, Jeffrey832015 Feb
Berry, WilliamMoonlight in a Chamberhorn & harpSnedeker, Jeffrey812009 Oct
Berthelot, ReneVariations Brève sur un Chant Scouthorn & pianoMeek, Harold601974 Spr
Berthelot, ReneVariations Brève sur un Chant Scouthorn & pianoLaBar, Arthur751996 May
Beydon, Jean-OlivierAlgébrométrie horn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey722017 Feb
Bialosky, MarshallAgainhorn & chorusFaust, Randall87-881985 Apr
Bialosky, MarshallWhat if a Much of a Which of a Windhorn & chorusChesebro, Gayle751981 Oct
Biehlig, KarlTutor for Horn in B-flatmethodFaust, Randall68-691982 Oct
Biscardi, ChesterThey Had Ceased to Talkhorn, violin, violà, pianoScharnberg, William461993 Nov
Bishop, JefferySpells and Incantationshorn & pianoScharnberg, William761981 Apr
Bissell, KeithTrio Suitehorn, trumpet, tromboneChesebro, Gayle86-871978 Nov
Bittenger, Musser, WittekindFour Island Phantasieshorn aloneScharnberg, William791998 May
Bizet/Chenoweth (arr)Oevre ton Coeurbrass quintetScharnberg, William711996 Feb
Bizet/Damm (arr)Intermezzo from L’Arlessienne8-9 hornsLucas, Heidi832014 Feb
Bizet/Elkjer (arr)Carmen Solosbrass quintetSnedeker, Jeffrey822009 May
Bizet/Evans (arr)Au fond du temple saint from Les pecheurs de perleswind quintetSnedeker, Jeffrey812014 Feb
Bizet/Kaucher (arr)Carmenbrass quartetAgrell, Jeffrey772008 May
Bizet/Kirkham (arr)Habanera (Carmen)brass quartetThoms, Jonas802021 Oct
Bizet/Mills (arr)Carmen Suite No. 1brass quintetScharnberg, William761989 Oct
Bizet/Snedeker (arr)Habañera from Carmen5 horn (optional tuba)Lucas, Heidi802014 Feb
Bizet/Turner (arr)Carmen Suite4 hornsScharnberg, William661995 Nov
Black, DanielConcertinohorn & orchestraSnedeker, Jeffrey782008 Oct
Blackford, DickAndromedabrass sextetThompson, Virginia882000 Aug
Blaha, JosephSonatahorn & pianoScharnberg, William79-811987 Oct
Blake, Curtiss (arr)Christmas Carolswind quintetFaust, Randall651983 Apr
Blanc, AdolpheSonata, op. 43horn & pianoScharnberg, William80-811984 Apr
Blank, AllanFive Lineshorn aloneHill Douglas581977 May
Boatwright, HowardSerenadehorn, violin, cello, clarinet Meek, Harold601974 Aut
Boccherini, LuigiQuartetto ex Dishorn, violin, violà, celloScharnberg, William882003 May
Bochsa fils, Robert Nicolas CharlesLa Chasse precede d’un Andantehorn & harpScharnberg, William842003 Feb
Bodino/Janetzky (ed)Sonata à 4horn, flute, violin, cello Meek, Harold231975 Nov
Boeck, Ignaz & Anton/ Jandetzky (ed)Ten Pieces2 horns & bassMeek, Harold771972 Nov
Boeidlieu, F.A.Solo pour Cor et Piano ou Harpehorn & piano/harpScharnberg, William72-741982 Oct
Bohler, Friedel W.An hellen Tagen4 horns & cembalo/harpScharnberg, William721998 Feb
Bohler, Friedel W. (arr)Andante & Allegro from Mozart & Weberhorn & piano/organSnedeker, Jeffrey802009 Oct
Bohner, Johann LudwigSechs Variationen, op. 24horn & string quartetSnedeker, Jeffrey86-872007 Oct
Boisseau, Jean-ThierryClair-Obscurhorn aloneThompson, Virginia832007 Feb
Boldin, JamesSolo Duet Training2 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey852015 Oct
Boldin, JamesSolo Training etudesLucas, Heidi762017 Oct
Boothroyd, AustinUp and Awayhorn & pianoScharnberg, William711994 May
Bordogni /Fishkin (arr)Melodious Etudesbrass quintetPack, Abigail692022 Feb
Bordogni/Gabler (arr)Vokalisenhorn & pianoFaust, Randall871984 Apr
Bordogni/Gabler (arr)9 Vokalisen, vol. 2horn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey832004 Oct
Bordogni/Schwartz (arr)The Bordogni Vocalises (with CD)horn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey82-832004 Oct
BorodinFive Pieces from Little Suitehorn & pianoScharnberg, William741982 Oct
Borris, SiegfriedMusik für Waldhorn, op. 102 (2 vols)natural hornHill Douglas581977 May
Bouchard, RémiIn Paradisum – Reil 1885 from Chansonniers’ Manitobainshorn & pianoScharnberg, William791987 Oct
Bourgue, DanielLe Cor Méthode Universelle, vol. 1 & 2methodSnedeker, Jeffrey782010 May
Bourgue, DanielLe Cor Méthode Universelle, vol. 3methodSnedeker, Jeffrey772009 Feb
Bourgue, DanielLe Cor Méthode Universelle, vol. 1-7methodSnedeker, Jeffrey852012 Oct
Bourgue, DanielLes Grands Soli d’Orchestre, Vol. 1excerptsScharnberg, William921999 Nov
Bourgue, DanielTechni-CormethodFaust, Randall68-601988 Oct
Bourgue, DanielTechni-Cor, Vol. 1, FlexibilitésmethodLaBar, Arthur52-531992 Oct
Bourgue, DanielTechni-Cor, Vol. 2, StaccatomethodLaBar, Arthur691994 Nov
Bourgue, DanielTechni-Cor, Vol. 3, ArticulationsmethodLaBar, Arthur691994 Nov
Bourgue, DanielTechni-Cor, Vol. 4, SynchronismesmethodLaBar, Arthur711995 Nov
Bourgue, DanielTechni-Cor, Vol. 5, TranspositionsmethodLaBar, Arthur651996 Feb
Bourgue, Daniel (arr)Pieces Classiqueshorn & pianoLaBar, Arthur531992 Oct
Boutry, RogerTetrachor4 hornsMeek, Harold751973 Aut
Bowder, Jerry L.Sonatahorn & pianoScharnberg, William721996 Feb
Boyce/ Dishinger (arr)Gavotte from Symphony No. 4horn quartet or horn trioFaust, Randall641983 Apr
Boyle, Rory (arr)Four Carolsbrass quintet & percussion (optional)Faust, Randall70-711982 Apr
Boyle, Rory (arr)More Carolsbrass quintet & percussion (optional)Faust, Randall70-711982 Apr
Boysen Jr., AndrewNight Songhorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey812005 Oct
Boysen Jr., Andrew (arr)Angel Medleybrass quintetSnedeker, Jeffrey83-842005 Oct
Boysen Jr., Andrew (arr)Classical Medleybrass quintetSnedeker, Jeffrey83-842005 Oct
Boysen Jr., Andrew (arr)Coventry Carolbrass quintetSnedeker, Jeffrey83-842005 Oct
Boysen Jr., Andrew (arr)English Medleybrass quintetSnedeker, Jeffrey83-842005 Oct
Boysen Jr., Andrew (arr)Joy to the Worldbrass quintetSnedeker, Jeffrey83-842005 Oct
Boysen Jr., Andrew (arr)O Come, O Come Emmanuelbrass quintetSnedeker, Jeffrey83-842005 Oct
Boysen Jr., Andrew (arr)O Holy Nightbrass quintetSnedeker, Jeffrey83-842005 Oct
Boysen Jr., Andrew (arr)Silent Nightbrass quintetSnedeker, Jeffrey83-842005 Oct
Bozza, EugeneEn Irelandehorn & pianoPherigo, Johnny631986 Oct
Bozza/Pegram (arr)En Forethorn & wind ensembleChesebro, Gayle571977 Nov
Bracegirdle, LeeEuropean Christmas, vol. 1 and 2brass quintetScharnberg, William672001 Feb
Bracegirdle, LeePractical Exercises for HornetudesScharnberg, William672001 Feb
Brade/Bell (arr)English Consort Suitebrass quintetScharnberg, William781996 Nov
Bradshaw, MerrillDialoguehorn & fluteChesebro, Gayle711976 May
Brahms/Bell (arr)Hungarian Dance No. 5brass quintetScharnberg, William781996 Nov
Brahms/Carlson (arr)Sixteen Liederhorn & pianoScharnberg, William862003 May
Brahms/Heading (arr)Lullabybrass quintetSnedeker, Jeffrey882015 Feb
Brahms/Hogwood (ed)Trio, op. 40horn, violin, pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey88-892012 Oct
Brahms/Knudsvig (arr)Wiegenliedbrass quintetScharnberg, William81-821998 May
Brahms/Martinet (arr)Hungarian Dance No. 54 hornsScharnberg, William771996 Nov
Brahms/Phillips (arr)Intermezzo, op. 119 no. 3horn & pianoMeek, Harold591973 May
Brahms/Phillips (arr)Scherzo from Serenade Op. 11horn & pianoMeek, Harold791972 Nov
Brahms/Reynolds (arr)Festive and Memorial Music, op. 1098 hornsScharnberg, William69-701983 Apr
Brahms/Sauer (arr)Variations on a Theme by Haydnhorn & pianoPack, Abigail802021 Oct
Brahms/Shafer (arr)Academic Festival Overture6 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey79-802014 Feb
Brahms/Turner (arr)Three Chorale Pieces for Four Voices4 hornsScharnberg, William811997 Nov
Bramble, Zachary J.Bagatelles for Bugswind quintetSnedeker, Jeffrey842016 Oct
Braun, YehezkelTwelve Preludeshorn aloneFaust, Randall791987 Apr
Brémond, François1er Solo pour cor avec pianohorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey79-802013 May
Brightmore, VictorFour Peaceful Pieceshorn & pianoScharnberg, William871999 Feb
Brightmore, VictorIntermezzo: Allegrettohorn & pianoThompson, Virginia871999 Feb
Brightmore, VictorReveriehorn & pianoScharnberg, William93-941986 Oct
Brightmore, VictorSiciliennehorn & pianoThompson, Virginia871999 Feb
Britt, Joshua (arr)What Do You Do with a Drunken Sailor?Brass quintetLucas, Heidi802012 Feb
Britten, Anne-ValérieSong Without Wordshorn & piano (or cello)King, Martin722017 May
Britten, BenjaminThree Songs from “The Heart of the Matter”tenor, horn, pianoScharnberg, William841997 Feb
Brockway, Oliver3 Pieces4 hornsScharnberg, William83-841985 Apr
Brockway, Oliver3 Pieces4 hornsFaust, Randall961988 Apr
Brockway, Oliver (arr)Variations for Christmas2 horns (optional 3 & 4)Scharnberg, William76-781986 Apr
Broughton, BruceHornworks: Theme and Variations2 descant horns, 3 horns, tubaSnedeker, Jeffrey822013 Feb
Brouwer, MargaretTimespanbrass quintetFaust, Randall741987 Oct
Brown, Michael R. (arr)Appalachian Folk Songs for Childrenbrass quintetSnedeker, Jeffrey81-822011 Feb
Brown, Michael R. (arr)A Moravian Christmas Celebrationbrass quintet & timpaniAgrell, Jeffrey782008 May
Brown, Sean A.Christmas Carols for the Lonely Hornisthorn aloneSnedeker, Jeffrey822016 Oct
Brown, Sean A.Fanfare for Heroesbrass choirLucas, Heidi812017 Oct
Brown, Sean A.McBones Fanfarehorn, 4 trombones, tubaLucas, Heidi762017 May
Brown, Sean A.Overture, Op. 28 hornsThompson, Virginia732012 May
Brown, Sean A.Serenade for Winds, No. 1 op. 162 flutes, 2 oboes, 2 clarinets, 2 bassoons, contrabassoon, 4 hornsBennett, Travis802017 Oct
Brown, Thomas H. (arr)Crown Him with Many Crownshorn & pianoScharnberg, William741990 Oct
Brown, Thomas H. (arr)Praise Ye the Lord, the Almightyhorn & pianoScharnberg, William741990 Oct
Brown, Thomas H. (arr)Majestic Sweetness Sits Enthronedhorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey812005 Oct
Brown, Thomas H. (arr)Revival, Adoration, and worship2 hornsScharnberg, William741990 Oct
Brown, Richard E.18 Contemporary EtudesetudesSnedeker, Jeffrey782008 Feb
Bruch/Gianneschi (arr)Trios, op. 83 no. 1-4 & 5-8horn, violin, pianoScharnberg, William761990 Oct
Bruckner/Ashworth (arr)Christus factus est4 horns/Wagner tubasSnedeker, Jeffrey772006 May
Bruckner/Gabler (arr)Scherzo from Symphony No. 48 hornsScharnberg, William601993 Apr
Bruckner/Hoeltzel (ed)Andante4 horns or tubasScharnberg, William691983 Apr
Bruckner/Pizka (arr)Scherzo aus der Symphonie No. 412 hornsScharnberg, William812002 Oct
Brünauer, TiborHabanera Appassionatohorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey802009 Oct
Brussel, David (arr)Songs by Strauss & Rachmaninoffhorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey782009 Feb
Bryant, StevenLoose Idbrass quintet & percussionScharnberg, William72-731996 Feb
Buczynski, WalterRhapsody2 horns & stringsChesebro, Gayle871978 Nov
Bujanovsky, VitalyBallade für Naturhornnatural hornScharnberg, William451993 Nov
Bujanovsky, VitalyFrom Sibelius and Rimski-Korsakov8 hornsScharnberg, William831984 Apr
Bujanovsky, VitalyPieces for Horn Solohorn aloneScharnberg, William741982 Apr
Bujanovsky, VitalySonate for Horn Solohorn aloneChesebro, Gayle291975 Nov
Burden, JohnHorn Playing: A New ApproachmethodMeek, Harold73-741973 Aut
Burdick, Richard64 Duets, op. 1322 hornsvan Dreel, Lydia782011 Feb
Burdick, RichardAccuracy Studiesetudesvan Dreel, Lydia782011 Feb
Burdick, RichardI Ching Interval Studies, op. 99cetudesThompson, Virginia951999 Nov
Burdick, RichardI Ching Scales, op. 99aetudesThompson, Virginia951999 Nov
Burdick, RichardMore than 64 Solos Based on Richard Brudick’s I Ching Scales, op. 139horn aloneSnedeker, Jeffrey742005 Feb
Burdick, RichardMore than 64 Solos Based on Richard Brudick’s I Ching Scales, op. 139horn alonevan Dreel, Lydia782011 Feb
Burdick, RichardThe Planetshorn aloneFaust, Randall961986 Oct
Burwasser, DanielPassages4 hornsScharnberg, William93-941999 Nov
Busarow, DonaldDeath, Be Not Proudsoprano, horn, pianoChesebro, Gayle87-881980 Apr
Busler-Blais, LydiaMoon Lilieshorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey77-782010 Feb
Buss, Howard J.Balladhorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey812013 Feb
Buss, Howard J.Dry Bones4 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey812013 Feb
Buss, Howard J.Night Tidehorn & marimbaSnedeker, Jeffrey812013 Feb
Buxtehude/Knudsvig (arr)Präludium und Fugebrass quintetScharnberg, William852000 Nov
Byrd/Gamble (arr)The Chromatic Connectionbrass quintetFaust, Randall69-701982 Apr
Calarecords (ed)London Horn Sound Scores and Parts8-16 hornsScharnberg, William902002 Feb
Caliendo, ChristopherHorn Sonata No. 1horn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey73-742011 Oct
Caltabiano, RonaldRotations16 hornsScharnberg, William72-731998 Feb
Campanelli, RichardSuite6 hornsFaust, Randall971986 Oct
Campbell, Arthur (arr)Horn Solos, Books 1 and 2horn & pianoScharnberg, William541992 Oct
Campo, RégisExsultate Jubilatebrass quintetScharnberg, William712001 Aug
Campos, WaldoStudy in B-flat BluesetudeScharnberg, William731987 Apr
Campra/Pardus (arr)Rigaudon from Idomenéebrass ensembleScharnberg, William712001 Aug
Canavesio, AdrienCantehornhorn & pianoMeek, Harold601974 Spr
Capodaglio, LeoncelloThree Meditations, op. 396brass trioSchouten, Sarah792020 May
Carmichael/Iveson (arr)Star Dusthorn & brass ensembleFaust, Randall971986 Oct
Carpentier/Picher (arr)Prelude to Te Deumbrass quintetFaust, Randall961986 Oct
Carr, Cynthia(arr)Recital Duets2 horns & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey782010 Feb
Carr, GordonElegy for Lenniehorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey772003 Oct
Carr, GordonMovementsbrass quintetScharnberg, William892000 Feb
Carr, GordonMusic for CYM Brassbrass quintetSnedeker, Jeffrey792004 May
Carr, GordonSoliloquyhorn & pianoLaBar, Arthur71-721995 Nov
Carr, Gordon (arr)Great Orchestra Soloshorn & pianoScharnberg, William682001 Aug
Carrapatoso, EuricoSweet Rusticahorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey772010 Feb
Carter, ElliottCanon for Three3 like instrumentsMeek, Harold751973 Aut
Carter, ElliottConcertohorn & orchestraSnedeker, Jeffrey872008 Feb
Carvalho, LuísHornphony4 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey812013 May
Castelnuovo-Tedesco, MarioChorale with Variations4 hornsScharnberg, William692001 Aug
Castells, A. ValeroLes Trois Roses du Cimetière de Zarohorn aloneScharnberg, William921999 Nov
Casterede, JacquesWesternhorn & pianoScharnberg, William891998 Nov
Ceremuga, JosefSonatinahorn & pianoChesebro, Gayle831979 Oct
Cervantes/DeFries (arr)Aria and Gavotte3 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey812009 May
Cervantes/Lesnick (arr)Six Cuban Danceswind quintetSnedeker, Jeffrey792009 Oct
Cesare, Giovanni Martino/ Glenn Smith (ed)La Hieronyma, from Musicali Melodiehorn & continuoMeek, Harold591973 May
Chabrier / Froseth (ed)Larghetto for Horn with Woodwind, Harp, Basshorn, winds, harp, bassHill, Douglas641976 May
Chachaj, TadeuszOrchestral Studies for HornexcerptsAgrell, Jeffrey671979 Apr
Chaffin, Lon W.Faraway Nearbyhorn, tuba, pianoLucas, Heidi732014 Oct
Chaffin, Lon W.Into the Voidbrass quintetLucas, Heidi79-802013 Oct
Chaltas, GeorgeHornpipe Stomp6 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey722014 May
Chaltas, GeorgeTen Horn Duets2 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey722014 May
Chan, Francis Ka NinThe Everlasting Voiceshorn & tapeFaust, Randall671982 Oct
Chancellor, Evan G.Jura Island Jig16 hornsKing, Martin832016 Oct
Chancellor, Evan G.May You Walk in Beauty10 hornsBoldin, John742017 May
Chandler, ErwinDuohorn & fluteKing, Martin962018 Oct
Chandler, ErwinMelody for Horn and Pianohorn & pianoChesebro, Gayle571977 Nov
Chandler, ErwinSuite for Horn and Pianohorn & pianoKing, Martin722017 Feb
Chandler, ErwinSuite for Unaccompanied Hornhorn aloneSnedeker, Jeffrey822016 Oct
Charpentier/Stewart (arr)Prelude to Te Deumbrass choirSnedeker, Jeffrey752014 May
Chasalow, Eric DavidVerses and Fragmentshorn, percussion, tapeChesebro, Gayle831981 Oct
Chaussier/Bourgue (ed)Elegyhorn & harp/pianoScharnberg, William681983 Apr
Cheetham, JohnChasing Diana8 hornsScharnberg, William881999 Aug
Cheetham, JohnScherzo Concertantehorn, oboe, pianoSpence, Marcia702001 Aug
Cherubini/Chollet (arr)Solo de Cor avec accompagnement de violoncellehorn & celloSnedeker, Jeffrey71-722012 May
Cherubini/Ramm (arr)Singing and Laughing5 hornsScharnberg, William881983 Oct
Cherubini/Stanton (arr)Sonata No. 2, solo horn in a brass quintetbrass quintetScharnberg, William902001 Nov
Cherubini/Tuckwell (ed)Two Sonatashorn & pianoScharnberg, William761997 May
Chevillard, CamilleAllegro, op. 18horn & pianoHill, Douglas581976 Nov
Chevreuille, RaymondPrelude, Scherzando et Marche, op. 92horn & pianoMeek, Harold621973 May
Ching, Jeffrey R.Concerto in E-flathorn & stringsChesebro, Gayle871980 Oct
Chiti, Gian PaoloBagatellehorn aloneThompson, Virginia82-832007 Feb
Chollet, FabriceAndinehorn & piano or harpSnedeker, Jeffrey71-722012 May
Chollet, FabriceHabañerahorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey71-722012 May
Chollet, FabriceLeni Funkyhorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey71-722012 May
Chopin/Buchtel (arr)Cavatina, op. 10, nohorn & pianoPherigo, Johnny611986 Oct
Chopin/Machala (arr)Polonaise Brillante, op. 3horn & pianoScharnberg, William751990 Oct
Cioffari, RichardConcertohorn & orchestraScharnberg, William761986 Apr
Cioffari, RichardConcertinohorn & pianoScharnberg, William921988 Aprt
Cioffari, RichardFestive Rondohorn & pianoScharnberg, William1011989 Apr
Cioffari, RichardFestive Rondohorn & pianoScharnberg, William59-601993 Apr
Cioffari, RichardSonatahorn & pianoScharnberg, William761986 Apr
Civil, AlanHorn Bluff8 horns, tuba or bass guitarLaBar, Arthur791995 May
Civil, AlanSerenade for Hosepipe in Fhosepipe & pianoLaBar, Arthur791995 May
Clapisson/Olson (arr)Fifteen Trios, op. 85horn, trombone, tubaLucas, Heidi912012 Oct
Clapisson/Olson (arr)Ten Trios, op. 30horn, trombone, tubaLucas, Heidi912012 Oct
Clark, Andrew16 Etudes for Valved Horn or Natural HornetudesSnedeker, Jeffry792006 Oct
Clark, AndrewHorn Quartet for natural horns4 natural hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey82-832006 Oct
Clark, JohnExercises for Jazz French HornetudesFrey, Kevin731995 Feb
Clark, Larry I Used to Play Horn: An Innovative Method for Adults Returning to PlaymethodSnedeker, Jeffrey682014 May
Clark, Larry (arr)Compatible Duets2 horns (or other winds)Snedeker, Jeffrey76-772011 May
Clark, Larry (arr)Compatible Duets for Winds, Vol. 22 horns (or other winds)Smith, Katherine79-802018 May
Clark, Larry (arr)Compatible Quartets4 horns (or other winds)Snedeker, Jeffrey882015 Oct
Clark, Larry (arr)Compatible Trios3 horns (or other winds)Snedeker, Jeffrey81-822013 May
Clark, Larry (arr)Progressive Duets, Vol. 22 horns (or other winds)Snedeker, Jeffrey792012 Feb
Clarke/Sharp (arr)Trumpet Voluntarysolo trumpet, 2 trumpets, 3 trombones, tuba, organScharnberg, William711996 Feb
Clearfield, AndreaSongs of the Wolfhorn & pianoScharnberg, William691995 Feb
Clementi/DeFries (arr)Rondo, Andante, and Allegro2 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey782008 Oct
Clerisse, RobertL’Absenthorn & pianoPherigo, Johnny62-631986 Oct
Clerisse, RobertChanson a Bercerhorn & pianoPherigo, Johnny631986 Oct
Clevenger, DaleThe Dale Clevenger French Horn MethodsmethodHill, Douglas661976 May
Cobb/Martinet (arr)Russian Rag4 hornsScharnberg, William751990 Oct
Coccon/Capodaglio (arr)Venetian Pastorale, op 390brass quartet, organSchouten, Sarah792020 May
Cochereau, EmileL’Antique Corhorn & pianoScharnberg, William931999 Nov
Cochereau & LarguezeL’Harmonie du Corhorn & pianoScharnberg, William931999 Nov
Cochereau & LarguezeKukloshorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey772003 Oct
Cohan/Martinet (arr)Cohan Classics (George’s Golden Oldies)4 hornsScharnberg, William771996 Nov
Cohen, RichardHorns to the Hunt4 horns & orchestraScharnberg, William801991 Oct
Cohen, RobertDream Journalbrass quintetSnedeker, Jeffrey79-802012 Feb
Cohen, Robert S.Happy Fugue’N Birthdaybrass quintetSnedeker, Jeffrey90-912015 May
Coiteux, FrancisSonge du’u Soirhorn & pianoLaBar, Arthur531992 Oct
Coleman, ValerieAfro-Cuban Concertowind quintetSnedeker, Jeffrey752008 Oct
Coleman, ValerieSpirituals, vol. 1wind quintetSnedeker, Jeffrey812009 Feb
Coleman, ValerieUmoja: The First Day of Kwanzaawind quintetSnedeker, Jeffrey752008 Oct
Collorafi, JimAbsurdist Quintet (Shoe Quintet)horn & stringsChesebro, Gayle871980 Oct
Colson, John & DavidRhythm & Pulse: Reading MusicmethodScharnberg, William892001 Nov
Concone/Ashworth (arr)Concone Studies for Hornhorn & pianoScharnberg, William931998 Nov
Cooke, ArnoldNocturnes, Five Songs horn, soprano, pianoMeek, Harold751973 Aut
Cooman, CarsonBrass Quintet, op. 719brass quartetAgrell, Jeffrey77-782008 May
Cooman, CarsonCanzona, op. 5826 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey772006 May
Cooman, CarsonGiant Color Bird III, op. 6608 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey972007 May
Cooman, CarsonHorn Trio, op. 572horn, violin, pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey822006 Oct
Cooman, CarsonRiver Song: Remembering Dennis Abelsonhorn aloneThompson, Virginia75-762008 Feb
Cooman, CarsonShining Space, op. 685horn & stringsThompson, Virginia962007 May
Cooman, CarsonTurning Sunward, op. 523horn aloneThompson, Virginia822007 Feb
Copley, EvanSonata6 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey792011 May
Corelli/Bailey (arr)Concerto No. 6, op. 6brass quintetAgrell, Jeffrey782008 May
Corelli/Boldin (ed)Trio sonata, op. 2 no 1brass trioSnedeker, Jeffrey802012 Feb
Corelli/Boldin (ed)Trio sonata, op. 3 no 2brass trioSnedeker, Jeffrey802012 Feb
Corelli/Eeckeloot (arr)Gigue from Sonata in D minorbrass quintetSnedeker, Jeffrey822009 May
Corelli/Tippens (arr)Three Baroque Pieces2 hornsScharnberg, William761996 Nov
Corrette/Leloir (arr)Sonata en La-majeurhorn & guitarScharnberg, William761990 Oct
Couperin/Jeurissen (arr)La Diane!Horn & organScharnberg, William851999 Aug
Couson, LaurentLune Tristehorn & pianoScharnberg, William931999 Nov
Cowie, EdwardLes Gorges du Tarnhorn, violin, pianoThompson, Virginia802008 May
Craft, JonathanDreams, Yearninghorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey862012 Oct
Cremer, BertholdHänschenvariationen: Variationen über “Hänschen klein”horn/trumpet/tenorhornSnedeker, Jeffrey782009 May
Croft/Ramm (arr)Sonata No. 2 in B-flat Majorhorn & pianoScharnberg, William881983 Oct
Crosse, GordonCorpus Christi Carol, op. 5horn, voice, clarinet, string quartetMeek, Harold621974 Spr
Crosse, GordonFor the Unfallenhorn, tenor, stringsMeek, Harold61-621974 Spr
Crüger/Hilfiger (arr)Now Thank We All Our God4 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey832006 Oct
Crumb, GeorgeAn Idyll for the Misbegottenhorn & percussion (3)Scharnberg, William891998 Nov
Cummings, BartonTwenty-four Favorite Hymnsbrass quintetSnedeker, Jeffrey852005 Oct
Cummings, Barton (arr)A Christmas Wreath: A Medley of Carolsbrass quintetSnedeker, Jeffrey84-852005 Oct
Curnow, James (arr)Meet the Great Masters! 18 Favorite Classics for Young Playershorn & pianoScharnberg, William682001 Aug
Czerny/Gabler (ed)Andante e Polacca horn & pianoMeek, Harold741973 Aut
Czerny/Schmalfuss (arr)Premier Grand Trio, op. 105horn, violin, pianoScharnberg, William862000 Nov
D’Almeida, Antonio VictorinoCasamiento à Modo antiga, op. 86horn & pianoThompson, Virginia80-812010 Oct
D’Almeida, Antonio VictorinoWiener Sonate, op. 98horn & pianoThompson, Virginia80-812010 Oct
D’Indy, VincentAndantehorn & pianoScharnberg, William72-741982 Oct
D’Rivera, PaquitoAires Tropicaleswind quintetvan Dreel, Lydia812009 Feb
D’Rivera, PaquitoFour Piecesbrass quintetSnedeker, Jeffrey822009 May
D’Rivera, PaquitoWapangowind quintetSnedeker, Jeffrey782009 Oct
D’Rivera/Harris, D. & Sealy (arr)Wapango4 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey762008 Oct
D’Rivera/RizoTwo Pieceshorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey802006 Oct
Dagher/Lesnick (ed)The New Egyption-Arabic Sufic Art Musichorn aloneThompson, Virginia782009 May
Damase, Jean-MichelSonatehorn & pianoScharnberg, William71-721998 Feb
Damm, PeterStudien für HornetudesSnedeker, Jeffrey81-822007 Feb
Damm, PeterBruckner, Hassler, Viadana8 horns (two 4-horn choirs)Snedeker, Jeffrey742017 May
Damm, Peter (arr)Sonaten für piccolohorn in F oder Trompete in C und Orgel by Gottfried Finger and Giovanni Buonaventuara Vivianipiccolo horn & organSnedeker, Jeffrey702012 May
Damm, Peter (arr)Werke für Horn und Orgel von Bach, Mozart, Telemann, Liszthorn & organSnedeker, Jeffrey702012 May
Damm, Peter (ed)Franz Strauss und seine Zeitgenossenhorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey732014 May
Damm, Peter (ed)Jägerhochzeit (Hunter’s Wedding)4 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey732014 May
Damm, Peter (ed)Lieder (Songs)4 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey892015 May
Damm, Peter (ed)Musik für Jagdhörner4 hunting hornsThompson, Virginia782012 Feb
Damm, Peter (ed)Musik für vier Waldhörner “Es blies ein Jäger” 4 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey852015 Feb
Damm, Peter (ed)Quintette by Weber and Mendelssohn4 horns & tromboneThompson, Virginia782012 Feb
Damm & ScholzeFrom Bach to Regerhorn & organSnedeker, Jeffrey72-732017 Feb
Danburg, RussellPoemehorn & pianoMeek, Harold601974 Spr
Dandrieu/Jeurissen (arr)Divertissement: Les Caractéres de la Chassehorn & basso continuoScharnberg, William851999 Aug
Danner, GregoryFive Miniatureshorn & pianoFaust, Randall941989 Apr
Danson, AlanJust for Starters4 hornsLaBar, Arthur761996 May
Danson, AlanOn the Way4 hornsLaBar, Arthur761996 May
Danzi, FranzConcerto in E Majorhorn & orchestraMeek, Harold791972 Nov
Danzi, FranzConcerto in F für tiefes Horn, P.240horn & orchestraScharnberg, William85-862000 Feb
Daquin/Jeurissen (arr)Divertissement Les Plaisirs de la Chasse4 hornsScharnberg, William85-861999 Aug
Datshkovsky/Ephross (arr)Berceusehorn & pianoScharnberg, William441993 Nov
Dauprat/Bourgue (ed)Quintet No. 1horn & string quartetScharnberg, William871983 Oct
Dauprat/Bourgue (ed)Quintet No. 1horn & string quartetFaust, Randall941989 Apr
Dauprat/Bourgue (ed)Concerto No. 2horn & pianoFaust, Randall941989 Apr
Dauprat/Bourgue (ed)Sonate, op. 2horn & pianoFaust, Randall941989 Apr
Dauprat/Bourgue (ed)Twenty Duos for Horns in Different Keys2 hornsFaust, Randall941989 Apr
Dauprat/ Brown (ed)Quartets 5 & 64 hornsHill, Douglas601976 Nov
Dauprat/Garcin-Marrou (ed)Six Duos, op. 132 natural hornsThompson, Virginia861999 Aug
Dauprat/Garcin-Marrou (ed)20 Duos, op. 142 natural hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey772004 May
Dauprat/Leuba (ed)Six Sextets for Horns, op. 106 hornsChesebro, Gayle561977 Nov
Dauprat/Martinet (ed)Six Sextets, op. 106 hornsScharnberg, William912001 Nov
Dauprat/Meek (ed)Grand Trio No. 3, op. 4 no. 33 hornsHill, Douglas601976 Nov
Davies, AlisonFour Studieshorn aloneLaBar, Arthur71-721995 Nov
Davies, Peter MaxwellSea Eaglehorn aloneWinter, James H.811985 Apr
Davis & Slatkin (arr)Six Original Arrangementsbrass quartetScharnberg, William721999 May
Davison, JohnSonatahorn & pianoScharnberg, William841997 Feb
Davison, JohnSonatahorn & pianoScharnberg, William671995 Feb
de Crepy, BernardSynopsehorn & pianoMeek, Harold611973 May
de Dampierre, M.A.4 Fanfaires4 hornsScharnberg, William921999 Nov
De Haan, StefanSeven Moods and Dancesbrass quartet & percussion (optional)Faust, Randall70-711982 Apr
de Krufft/Roth (ed)Sonata in E Majorhorn & pianoScharnberg, William731989 Oct
Derasse, DominicCarmine Caruso: A Sequel to … Musical Calisthenics for BrassmethodKing, Martin902018 Oct
de Ron, MartinQuintetto No. 1horn, flute, clarinet, bassoonScharnberg, William882003 May
Deason, DavidMusica Sonatehorn aloneChesebro, Gayle811979 Oct
Deason, DavidWind Tunnelshorn, trumpet, tromboneChesebro, Gayle811980 Apr
Debussy/Bourgue (arr)Balladehorn & pianoScharnberg, William921999 Nov
Debussy/Holcombe (arr)Claire de Lune4 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey83-842010 May
Debussy/Holcombe (arr)Three Chansonsbrass quintetSnedeker, Jeffrey812010 Feb
Debussy/Lewis (arr)Two Debussy Pieceshorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey882015 May
Debussy/Sauer (tran)Syrinxhorn aloneThoms, Jonas802021 Oct
Debussy/Sharp (arr)Claire de Lune6 hornsScharnberg, William851997 Feb
Defaye, Jean-MichelAlphahorn & pianoMeek, Harold601974 Spr
Delfausse, RobertBrass Quintet No. 1 and 2brass quintetScharnberg, William701996 Feb
Delgiudice, MichelĖchos des Boishorn & pianoFaust, Randall731987 Oct
Delgiudice, MichelĖvocationshorn & pianoFaust, Randall731987 Oct
Delibes/Martinet (arr)Duet from Lakmé4 hornsScharnberg, William912001 Nov
DeMilo(arr)/Strommen (ed)Kendor Master Repertoirehorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey742014 May
Denniss, Graeme WrightBromeliad: The Epichorn & piano (or strings)Hunt, Lauren942018 Oct
Denwood, Russell (arr)Songs of Provencehorn & pianoScharnberg, William792002 Oct
Deschamps, CharlesSextuor6 hornsChesebro, Gayle65-661982 Oct
Deschamps, CharlesSextuor6 hornsFaust, Randall74-751985 Oct
Devemy, AlainJ’ai 9 Mois de Corhorn & pianoScharnberg, William931999 Nov
Devert, A. (ed)Le Recuell Pratique du Sonneur3 hunting hornsMeek, Harold611973 May
Dewhirst, Michelle McQuadeChiasmus: Chamber Concertohorn & chamber ensembleDickow, Robert772004 May
di Lasso/Howe (arr)Exaudi Deus4 hornsFaust, Randall971989 Apr
di Lasso/Howe (arr)Exaudi Deus4 hornsScharnberg, William99-1001989 Apr
Diamond, DavidConcert Piecehorn & string trioHill Douglas651978 May
Dickow, RobertEntrance Fanfare4 hornsScharnberg, William74-751982 Oct
Dickow, RobertMidday Music6 hornsFaust, Randall751985 Oct
Dickson, JohnFrom Darkness, Hopehorn & pianoThompson, Virginia78-792014 Feb
Dickson, JohnLaughlin Park Suitehorn & pianoThompson, Virginia702014 Oct
Diemente, EdwardOrbits I horn & bass tromboneHill, Douglas681976 May
Diethelm, CasparEpiphanie12 hornsAgrell, Jeffrey661987 Oct
Dietrich/Melton (ed)Einleitung und Romanze: Konzertstück. Op. 27horn/cello & pianovan Dreel, Lydia802008 Feb
Domnich/Chancellor Concerto No. 1 for First Hornhorn & orchestraSnedeker, Jeffrey702014 May
Domnich/Chancellor Concerto No. 2 for Second Hornhorn & orchestraSnedeker, Jeffrey702014 May
Domnick/Danner (ed)Selected Etudes 2 hornsScharnberg, William661991 Apr
Domnisch & Dishinger (ed)Duets and Etudes2 hornsLaBar, Arthur76-771991 Oct
Dondyne, DesirePallashorn & pianoThompson, Virginia871999 Feb
Donizetti/Chiti (arr)Donizetti Suite: Fantasie sur des airs d’opérahorn & pianoThompson, Virginia812006 Oct
Donizetti/Galley (arr)Deux Morçeaux de Concerthorn, voice, pianoScharnberg, William942000 May
Donizetti/Leloir (ed)Concertohorn & pianoScharnberg, William72-741982 Oct
Donizetti/Meek (ed)Dirti Addiohorn, voice, pianoScharnberg, William1151990 Apr
Donizetti/Proust (arr)Sinfonia pour Quatuor de Cors4 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey782003 Oct
Donovan, M.W.Bay State Sonatahorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey782014 Feb
Dornel/Bell (arr)Sonata3 hornsScharnberg, William852000 Nov
Dornel/Bell (arr)Sonata3 hornsThoms, Jonas842019 Feb
Downes, AndrewSonata for Eight Horns, op. 538 hornsScharnberg, William79-801996 Nov
Dring/Miles (arr)Suite II: Romancehorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey882015 May
Druschetzky, GeorgSinfonia Concertante in B-flat2 horns, 3 basset horns, bassoon, stringsScharnberg, William882003 May
Dschambasov, WladimirDialoghorn & tapeFaust, Randall67-681982 Oct
Duble/Martinet (arr)Bravura March8 hornsScharnberg, William751990 Oct
Dubois, Charles-Ferdinand/ Couturier (ed)Concerto de cor simplehorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey82-832015 Feb
Dubois, Léon3 Octette 8 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey792010 Feb
Dubois, Pierre MaxÀ bras le cor!Horn & pianoScharnberg, William891998 Nov
Dubois, Pierre MaxDans l-Ouest (In the West)horn & pianoScharnberg, William871983 Oct
Dubois/Billaudot (ed)Quintette Burlesquebrass quintetFaust, Randall96-971986 Oct
Dubois/Schmalfuss (arr)Cavatinehorn & pianoScharnberg, William862000 Nov
Dubois/Voxman (ed)Cavitinahorn & pianoScharnberg, William791991 Oct
Dufrasne/Bacon (ed)Dufrasne RoutinemethodSnedeker, Jeffrey71-722006 Feb
Dukas/Rahmer (ed)Villanellehorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey782013 May
Dünser, RichardThe Host of the Airhorn aloneLaBar, Arthur751991 Oct
Durand, PhilippeAbysseshorn aloneDickow, Robert742004 May
Durand, PhilippeTrio picturalviolin, horn, pianoDickow, Robert642016 May
Durko, StephenBoogaloohorn & pianoScharnberg, William931998 Nov
Durko, ZsoltEight Horn Duets2 hornsChesebro, Gayle831980 Apr
Durko, ZsoltIconography No. 2horn & chamber ensembleChesebro, Gayle831980 Apr
Durko, ZsoltImprovvisazioniwind quintetChesebro, Gayle821980 Apr
Durko, ZsoltSymbolshorn & pianoHill Douglas59-601977 May
Durko, ZsoltSymbolshorn & pianoChesebro, Gayle82-831980 Apr
Dutton, BrentOn a Darkling Plainbrass quintetScharnberg, William841997 Nov
Duvernoy, FredericDouze Petits Duos2 hornsScharnberg, William921998 Nov
Duvernoy/BellDouze Pettits Duos2 hornsBennett, Travis922018 Oct
Dvoracek, JiriDue per Duohorn & pianoMeek, Harold60-611973 May
Dvorak/Carr (arr)Zelenaj Se, Zelenaj8 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey842010 May
Dvorak/Gabler (arr)Aus dem neuen Welt8 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey712005 Feb
Dvorak/Holcombe (arr)Serenade12 hornsvan Dreel, Lydia80-812011 Feb
Dvorak/Jody (arr)Danse Slave, op. 8 (op. 46)4 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey772004 Feb
Dvorak/Machala (arr)Slavonic Dances, op. 46, nos. 3 & 8horn & pianoScharnberg, William781992 Apr
Dvorak/Martinet (arr)Slavonic Dance, op. 72, no. 24 hornsScharnberg, William771996 Nov
Dvorak/Powers (arr)Five Psalms from Biblical Songs, op. 99horn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey802016 Feb
Dvorak/Ramm (arr)Scherzo from Serenade in Dwind quintetLaBar, Arthur671996 Feb
Dvorak/Yeago (arr)Sonatinahorn & pianoThompson, Virginia862000 Feb
Dzubay, DavidBrass Quintetbrass quintetLaBar, Arthur771995 May
Dzubay, DavidSolus Ihorn aloneScharnberg, William77-781992 Apr
Eden, Lawrence David (arr)More Carols for Brassbrass quintetScharnberg, William731998 Feb
Eder, HelmutSerenade, op. 696 horns & stringsScharnberg, William931988 Apr
Eder, HelmutSonatine, op. 34 no. 6horn & pianoMeek, Harold601973 May
Edition BrassimumEloadasi Darbok Kurtre (Pieces for Horn)horn & pianoScharnberg, William902001 Nov
Edstrom, BrentHorn Sonatahorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey782009 Feb
Edwards, BradSimply Singing for Winds: A wellspring of melodies for building tone and techniquemethodLucas, Heidi75-762012 Feb
Egea, J. VincentSonatahorn & pianoScharnberg, William92-931999 Nov
Ehle, Robert C.Hovenweepbrass ensembleSnedeker, Jeffrey78-792008 May
Eisner, CarlAlbumhorn & pianoHiebert, Thomas76-772004 May
Eisner, CarlScene et Aria, op. 10horn & pianoScharnberg, William811984 Apr
Elgar/HeadingPomp and Circumstance No. 1brass quintetLucas, Heidi822014 Feb
Elliot, David J. (arr)Leonard Bernstein for Horn and Pianohorn & pianoScharnberg, William711998 Feb
Ely, RichardAccuracy in Rhythm: 55 Rhythmic Studies in Duet Form for All Instruments2 hornsLeuba, Christopher841983 Oct
Epstein, EliOrchestra Excerpts for Low HornexcerptsKurau, W. Peter90-912015 Oct
Escaich, ThierryDuo Rituel horn & trumpetLucas, Heidi82-832019 Oct
Etti, KarlPartita4 hornsScharnberg, William931988 Apr
Evans, Tony (arr)Renaissance Brassbrass ensemble & percussionScharnberg, William821997 Nov
Eversole, JamesThe Amazing Athedra IIIbrass quintetScharnberg, William701996 May
Eversole, JamesAthedra V: Dances of Lifehorn & stringsScharnberg, William81-821995 May
Eversole, JamesOut of the Almanackhorn, men’s chorus, pianoScharnberg, William721996 Feb
Eversole, JamesRiver Dancesbrass quintetScharnberg, William711996 Feb
Eversole, JamesTill Time Shall Be No Morehorn, chorus, organScharnberg, William71-721996 Feb
Ewald, VictorQuintet No. 4 in A-flat Major, op. 8brass quintetScharnberg, William66-671991 Apr
Ewald/Empire (ed)Quintet in D-flat Majorbrass ensembleFaust, Randall86-871986 Apr
Ewald/Jones (ed)Quintet in D-flat Majorbrass ensembleFaust, Randall86-871986 Apr
Ewazen, EricAutumn Rondohorn & pianoLucas, Heidi782017 Oct
Ewazen, EricBalkanika: Four Scenes from the Balkansbrass quintetSnedeker, Jeffrey832013 Feb
Ewazen, EricColchester Fantasybrass quintetLaBar, Arthur53-541992 Oct
Ewazen, EricConcerto horn & string orchestraSnedeker, Jeffrey852015 Feb
Ewazen, EricFrost Firebrass quintetLaBar, Arthur771995 May
Ewazen, EricGold Coast Harmony2 horns & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey742014 May
Ewazen, EricLegend of the Sleeping Bear8 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey752006 Feb
Ewazen, EricSonatahorn & pianoScharnberg, William851999 Feb
Ewazen, EricSong from the Hearthorn & pianoLucas, Heidi782018 May
Ewazen, EricTriohorn, violin, pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey882015 May
Faith, RichardMovementshorn & pianoScharnberg, William761981 Apr
Faith, RichardMovements IV and Vhorn & pianoScharnberg, William911988 Apr
Farago, MarcelBrass Triohorn, trumpet, tromboneChesebro, Gayle841978 Nov
Faure/Bell (arr)Pie Jesu from Requiem4 hornsScharnberg, William921998 Nov
Faure/Bell (arr)Pie Jesu from Requiem4 hornsSchouten, Sarah86-872019 May
Faure/Bourgue (arr)Trois Romances sans Paroles, op. 17horn & pianoDickow, Robert75-762004 May
Faure/Gamble (arr)MI-A-OUbrass quintetFaust, Randall69-701982 Apr
Faure/Lyren (arr)Siciliennebrass quintetScharnberg, William791996 Nov
Faure/Machala (arr)Elegie, op. 24horn & pianoScharnberg, William921999 Nov
Faure/Machala (arr)Sicilienne and Elegie, op. 24horn & pianoThompson, Virginia862000 Feb
Faure/Martinet (arr)Libera me from Requiem8 hornsScharnberg, William751990 Oct
Faure/Martinet (arr)Libera me from Requiem8 hornsScharnberg, William781996 Nov
Faust, RandallCall and Responsehorn aloneScharnberg, William801997 Nov
Faust, RandallCelebrationhorn & organChesebro, Gayle861980 Oct
Faust, RandallCelebrationhorn & organScharnberg, William811985 Apr
Faust, RandallChapel Music I: Preludebrass quintetChesebro, Gayle86-871980 Oct
Faust, RandallConcertohorn & wind ensembleScharnberg, William991989 Apr
Faust, RandallConcertobrass quintet & mallet percussionSnedeker, Jeffrey752006 Feb
Faust, RandallDeclamation: Fantasy Variationshorn & harsichordSnedeker, Jeffrey72-732006 Feb
Faust, RandallEpitaphhorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey872015 May
Faust, RandallFanfare for London8 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey892015 May
Faust, RandallFantasy on Von Himmel Hochhorn & organSnedeker, Jeffrey75-762006 May
Faust, RandallGallery Musicbrass quintetSnedeker, Jeffrey842005 Oct
Faust, RandallHarmonielhrer: Variations for Hornhorn aloneScharnberg, William801997 Nov
Faust, RandallThe Hornist’s JokebooketudesScharnberg, William811995 May
Faust, RandallInterval Studies for HornetudesSnedeker, Jeffrey81-822015 Feb
Faust, RandallLongHorn Callhorn aloneScharnberg, William791991 Oct
Faust, RandallLongHorn Callhorn aloneScharnberg, William811995 May
Faust, RandallMeditationhorn & organSnedeker, Jeffrey822005 Oct
Faust, RandallPrelude for Horn Alonehorn aloneChesebro, Gayle571977 Nov
Faust, RandallQuartet4 hornsScharnberg, William691996 May
Faust, RandallRondohorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey812005 Oct
Faust, RandallSesquicentennial Prelude on “Standing on the Promises of God”horn & organSnedeker, Jeffrey822006 Oct
Faust, RandallThree American Folk Songs2 horns & pianoScharnberg, William1091988 Oct
Faust, RandallThree English Folk Songshorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey822015 Feb
Fensterer, ManfredChorus Angelorumalphorn aloneScharnberg, William801997 Nov
Fesca, Friedrich ErnstAndante & Rondo, op. 39horn & orchestra/pianoHiebert, Thomas76-772004 May
Fesca, Friedrich ErnstPot-Pourri, op. 29horn & string quartetHiebert, Tom80-812004 Oct
Fiala, JosephConcerto per due Corni in Mi-bemol [E-flat]2 horns & pianoScharnberg, William821984 Apr
Fiala/Janetzky (arr)Three Quintets in E-flat2 horns, 2 English horns, bassoon/piano reductionMeek, Harold761972 Nov
Fiala/Leloir (ed)Konzert in E-flat horn & orchestraScharnberg, William761990 Oct
Fick/Leloir (ed)Concerto in E-flathorn & orchestraScharnberg, William761990 Oct
Fiedler/Janetzky (ed)Concerto à 32 horns & bassoonLaBar, Arthur701991 Apr
Fiedler/Janetzky (ed)Concerto à 32 horns & bassoonScharnberg, William681995 Nov
Fiorillo/Olson (ed)32 Etudes based on Etudes for ViolinetudesSnedeker, Jeffrey812004 Oct
Fischer, TheoEs ist beim Weine wie im Leben4 horns, voice (tenor or baritone), speaker, chorusFaust, Randall77-781987 Apr
Fischer, TheoDas Lieben Bringt Gross Freud4 horns & chorusFaust, Randall77-781987 Apr
Fischer, TheoStanchen4 hornsFaust, Randall77-781987 Apr
Fisher, Charles W.Exits #1, #2, #3, #4horn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey852005 May
Fisher, Charles W. (arr)Christmas Carols5 or 6 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey872005 May
Fisher, L. & Sperzel/ Stanton (arr)Trombone Samebrass quintetSnedeker, Jeffrey822009 May
Florentz, Jean-LouisLune de Sanghorn aloneFaust, Randall871984 Apr
Flores, J. Abelardo D.Duets for Trumpet & Horntrumpet & hornSnedeker, Jeffrey772008 May
Flores, J. Abelardo D.Etchings in Shadowwind quintetvan Dreel, Lydia982007 May
Flores, J. Abelardo D.Fanfare for Brassbrass ensembleSnedeker, Jeffrey78-792008 May
Flosman, OldrichConcertohorn & orchestra/ pianoChesebro, Gayle83-841979 Oct
Flotow/Martinet (arr)Martha Potpourri4 hornsScharnberg, William701985 Oct
Forster/Janetzky (arr)Concerto horn, 2 violins, cello, bass, cembaloMeek, Harold801972 Nov
Forster/Tuckwell (ed)Concerto in E-flathorn & pianoScharnberg, William761997 May
Forte, Aldo RafaelConcertohorn & orchestraLaBar, Arthur791992 Apr
Foster/Ligotti (arr)Jeanie with the Light Brown Hairbrass quintetSnedeker, Jeffrey82-832009 May
Fox, Adrienne (arr)Four Folksongs4 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey772006 May
Frackenpohl, ArthurBrass Duohorn & tubaMeek, Harold761972 Nov
Frackenpohl, ArthurBrass Quintet No. 5brass quintetScharnberg, William821998 May
Frackenpohl, ArthurDouble Quintet Fanfarebrass quintet (2)Scharnberg, William821998 May
Frackenpohl, ArthurM.P. Ragbrass quintetScharnberg, William741998 Feb
Frackenpohl, ArthurSt. Lawrence Marchbrass quintetScharnberg, William741998 Feb
Frackenpohl, ArthurThree Danceshorn & tubaLaBar, Arthur661996 Feb
Frackenpohl, Arthur (arr)Easter Medleybrass quintetScharnberg, William731998 Feb
Frackenpohl, Arthur (arr)Ten Sacred Songshorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey782010 Feb
Frackenpohl, Arthur (arr)Two English Voluntariesbrass quintetScharnberg, William741998 Feb
Francaix, JeanCanon á l’octavehorn & pianoScharnberg, William891998 Nov
Francaix, JeanNotturno4 hornsScharnberg, William741989 Oct
Francaix, JeanNotturno e Divertimento4 hornsLaBar, Arthur661996 Feb
Francaix, JeanQuintet Nol 2wind quintetScharnberg, William74-761989 Oct
Francis, AlunThe Dying Deernatural horn aloneScharnberg, William661991 Apr
Franz, OscarAdagio, Lied ohne Worte, Ländlerhorn & pianoScharnberg, William751990 Oct
Franz, OscarLied ohne Worte (Song without Words)horn & pianoScharnberg, William741982 Apr
Freiberg, GottfriedNaturalhornschulemethodScharnberg, William741984 Oct
French, RoseThe Horn Player’s SongbooketudesThurman, Jesse762017 Oct
French, RoseRangesongsetudesSnedeker, Jeffrey782013 Feb
Freund, RobertFrench Horn Method for the Young Beginner, Book ImethodWinter, James H.68-691978 May
Fridl, CarlConcerto ex Dishorn & pianoScharnberg, William811984 Apr
Fried, AlexejConcerto per Cornohorn & chamber orchestraChesebro, Gayle81-821979 Oct
Friedel, Kurt JoachimSpielstuecke2 hornsMeek, Harold591973 May
Friedman, StanleyJerusalem Fuguehorn & strings (piano reduction)Thompson, Virginia81-822014 Feb
Friedman, StanleySpanish Dancesbrass quintetThompson, Virginia81-822014 Feb
Friedrich, Kenneth D. (arr)52 Easter Hymns for the Solo Performerhorn aloneSnedeker, Jeffrey842015 Feb
Friedrich, Kenneth D. (arr)52 Selected Hymns for the Solo Performerhorn aloneSnedeker, Jeffrey842015 Feb
Frith, JohnBellissimo4 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey802009 Feb
Frith, JohnA Bunch of Crooks4 horns (natural)Snedeker, Jeffrey792017 Oct
Frost, JeffThe Journeybrass quintetGrodrian, Ericka752017 May
Frost, JeffSpring Thawbrass quintetLucas, Heidi842016 Oct
Fuchs, Georg F.Sinfonia concertane per clarinetto e cornohorn, clarinet, pianoScharnberg, William821984 Apr
Fuchs, Georg F./Glen (ed)Trois Trios, op. 1horn, clarinet, bassoonSnedeker, Jeffrey772011 Oct
Fuchs, KennethAutumn Rhythmwind quintetThompson, Virginia782009 Oct
Fuchs, KennethCantical to the Sunhorn & orchestraThompson, Virginia782009 Oct
Fuchs, KennethFire, Ice, and Summer Bronzebrass quintetThompson, Virginia782009 Oct
Fuchs, P./Leloir (ed)Concerto in E Majorhorn & orchestraScharnberg, William761990 Oct
Funkhouser, JamesColors: Seven Pieces for Flute & Hornhorn & fluteThompson, Virginia802009 Oct
Funkhouser, JamesSoliloquyhorn aloneThompson, Virginia802006 Oct
Funkhouser, JamesSonatahorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey81-822006 Oct
Furst, Paul WalterJäger Tot – Almenrausch für 4 Parforcehörner und 4 Naturhörner, op. 804 parfoce horns & 4 natural hornsScharnberg, William88-892000 Feb
Gabelles/Bacon (ed)Concertinohorn & pianoScharnberg, William1051988 Oct
Gabler, Friedrich140 Naturhorn Etudennatural horn etudesMeek, Harold791972 Nov
Gabrieli/Jones (arr)Sonata Pian’ e Fortebrass quintetFaust, Randall811984 Oct
Gabrieli/Mathie (arr)Jubilate Deobrass ensembleSnedeker, Jeffrey832009 May
Gabrieli/Ramm (arr)Ricercar on the Eighth Tone4 hornsScharnberg, William881983 Oct
Gallagher, JackAncient Evenings and Distant Musicwind quintetScharnberg, William701996 May
Gallay12 Études de Stylenatural horn etudesScharnberg, William921999 Nov
Gallay14 Duos2 hornsScharnberg, William921999 Nov
GallayLes Echos, op. 59horn & pianoScharnberg, William751984 Oct
GallayNocturne Concertante, op. 36horn & pianoScharnberg, William751984 Oct
GallaySourvenirs, op. 56horn & pianoScharnberg, William751984 Oct
Galley/Chollet (ed)Récréations musicales sur motif italiensetudesSnedeker, Jeffrey71-722012 May
Gallay/Fatch (ed)6 Duos Faciles, op. 412 hornsScharnberg, William822001 May
Gallay/Garcin-Marrou (ed)12 Études, op. 57natural horn etudesSnedeker, Jeffrey74-752004 May
Gallay/Garcin-Marrou (ed)12 Grandes Études Brillantes, op. 43natural horn etudesScharnberg, William661995 Nov
Gallay/Garcin-Marrou (ed)Douze Grand Caprices, op. 32natural horn aloneThompson, Virginia861999 Aug
Gallay/Garcin-Marrou (ed)Duohorn & pianoScharnberg, William661995 Nov
Gallay/Garcin-Marrou (ed)Grand Quatuor, op. 264 hornsScharnberg, William661995 Nov
Gardeweg, Franz XaverQuintethorn & string quartetAgrell, Jeffrey641987 Oct
Gardner, GarySingapore Suitehorn & fluteFaust, Randall90-931990 Apr
Gardner, Randy C.Why?!Horn aloneScharnberg, William89-902001 Nov
Garland, ChrisLa Bisehorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey772012 Feb
Garland, ChrisOh No, John Variations4 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey772012 Feb
Gaspar, JoaoAircrafthorn aloneEricson, John672022 Feb
Gaspar, JoaoAu Naturalhorn aloneLucas, Heidi792021 Oct
Gaspar, JoaoCavokhorn quartetLucas, Heidi972022 May
Gaspar, JoaoA Project Overturehorn quartetThoms, Jonas68-692022 Feb
Gastoldi/Burdick (arr)Fun Pieces for Two Players2 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey752005 Feb
Gatscha, AntonSerenade, op. 176 hornsScharnberg, William831984 Apr
Gatti, Domenico14 ausgewählte Duos/ 6 conzertante Duos2 hornsScharnberg, William822001 May
Gatti, Luigi/Angerhöfer (ed)Musica Instrumentale: Quartets2 horns, clarinet, bassoonDickow, Robert77-782011 Oct
Gay, SandraFanfarebrass ensembleSnedeker, Jeffrey81-822011 Feb
Gay, SandraA Mighty Joyful Celebrationbrass & organLucas, Heidi822012 Feb
Gay, SandraRenaissance Revisitedhorn & organSnedeker, Jeffrey79-802008 Feb
Gay, SandraTantarabrass ensembleSnedeker, Jeffrey78-792008 May
Gazda, Doris & Clark, LarryCompatible Trios for Weddingstrio of various instrumentsKing, Martin83-842016 Oct
Gazlay, GaryElegyhorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey832015 Feb
Gazlay, GarySeascapeshorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey832015 Feb
Gerard, FredCupriciteshorn, 3 trumpets, trombone, tubaScharnberg, William721996 Feb
Germer, JerryCat-Taleswind quintetvan Dreel, Lydia78-792008 Oct
Germer, JerryA Party of Fivewind quintetSnedeker, Jeffrey782004 May
Germer, JerryCat-Taleswind quintetvan Dreel, Lydia79-802008 Oct
Germer, JerrySometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Childwind quintetvan Dreel, Lydia802008 Oct
Germer, JerryStone Pond Suitewind quintetScharnberg, William802002 Oct
Gerschefski, EdwinSuite for French Horn Alone, op. 52horn aloneChesebro, Gayle561976 Nov
Gershwin/Damm (arr)Rhapsody in Blue8 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey892015 May
Gershwin/Dietrich (arr)Duetshorn & tromboneSnedeker, Jeffrey832014 Feb
Gershwin/Lube (arr)Bess, You Is My Woman Nowbrass quintetFaust, Randall69-701982 Apr
Gershwin/Perkins (arr)Porgy and Bess4 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey81-822013 Feb
Gershwin/Perkins (arr)Summertime4 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey892012 Oct
Ghidoni, ArmandoEvocation en Swinghorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey742004 Feb
Gillespie, DonSonata da Chiesahorn & pianoScharnberg, William441993 Nov
Gillespie, DonSonata for Solo Hornhorn aloneScharnberg, William451993 Nov
Gillie, GinaThe Great Migrations2 horns & pianoLucas, Heidi702014 Oct
Gillie, GinaHorn Quartet No. 14 hornsLucas, Heidi922018 Oct
Gillie, GinaScenes from the Bayoubrass trioSienkiewsicz, Kristen772020 Feb
Gillie, GinaSonatahorn & pianoBoldin, James812019 Oct
Gillie, GinaTo The Seasonssoprano, horn, pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey792013 Feb
Gillingham, David R.Concerto for Horn & Symphonic Bandhorn & wind ensembleSnedeker, Jeffrey772009 Oct
Gillis, JedSleep Well, My Darling4 hornsThompson, Virginia812013 Feb
Glazanov/Bourgue (arr)Chant du Ménestrelhorn & pianoScharnberg, William862000 Aug
Glazunov/Levin (ed)Idyllhorn & stringsScharnberg, William871983 Oct
Glazunov/Levin (ed)Serenade No. 2horn & stringsScharnberg, William871983 Oct
Glazunov/Rahmer (ed)Rêverie, op. 24horn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey602016 May
Gliere/Anderer (ed)Romance, op. 35 no. 6horn & pianoScharnberg, William871983 Oct
Gliere/Anderer (ed)Valse Triste, op. 35, no. 7horn & pianoScharnberg, William871983 Oct
Goddard/Hauser (arr)Berceuse from Jocelynhorn & pianoPherigo, Johnny611986 Oct
Godrian, Erika TynerBeyond the Short Call: online opera excerpt resourceexcerptsSnedeker, Jeffrey902015 Oct
Gogolak, Edward (arr)Five Polish Carols/ Five French Carols4 hornsScharnberg, William831985 Apr
Golden HornsYou Play!1–4 horns, CDSnedeker, Jeffrey722012 May
Goldfaden, RichardQuartet in A-flat Major, op. 924 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey82-832005 Oct
Goldman/Holcombe (arr)On the Mall4 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey83-842010 May
Gomez, AliceEl Huapango “Guango”brass quintetSnedeker, Jeffrey882015 Feb
Gomez, AliceFanfare for the Forgotten Empirebrass & percussionSnedeker, Jeffrey732014 May
Gomez, AliceHydrabrass quintetLucas, Heidi862015 Feb
Gomez, AliceLa Calavera horn aloneSnedeker, Jeffrey85-862015 Feb
Gomez, AliceSalsa Metálicabrass quintetLucas, Heidi86-872015 Feb
Goossen, FredericSolo Music for Hornhorn aloneFaust, Randall891990 Apr
Goossen, FredericSolo Music for Hornhorn aloneLaBar, Arthur751991 Oct
Goossen, FrederickTriohorn, oboe, marimbaFaust, Randall94-961989 Apr
Gottschalk/Stamm (arr)Two Caribbean Dancesbrass quintetFaust, Randall751987 Oct
Gouders, WillyThree Pieceshorn aloneFaust, Randall641983 Apr
Gough, ChristopherPour une Pertehorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey772012 Feb
Gounod/Bourgue (ed)Les Soirhorn, voice, pianoLaBar, Arthur751994 Feb
Gounod/Bourgue (ed)Six Melodieshorn & pianoScharnberg, William681983 Apr
Gounod/Bourgue (ed)Six Melodieshorn & pianoFaust, Randall891983 Oct
Gounod/Hauser (arr)Ave Mariahorn & pianoPherigo, Johnny621986 Oct
Gounod/Leloir (arr)6 Pieces Melodiques Original (Six Melodies)horn & pianoFaust, Randall891983 Oct
Gounod/Martinet (arr)Gounod at the Teddy Bear’s Picnic4 hornsScharnberg, William771996 Nov
Gounod/Martinet (arr)Soldier’s chorus from Faust8 hornsScharnberg, William751990 Oct
Grabois, DanielTwenty Difficult Etudes for the Horn’s Middle RegisteretudesSuchodolski, Heather79-802010 May
Granados/PhillipsSpanish Dance No. 5horn & pianoMeek, Harold741973 Aut
Grant, JamesStuffhorn aloneThompson, Virginia792013 Oct
Grant, JamesWhy/Becausehorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey72-732014 May
Grantham, DonaldBouncerbrass quintetLaBar, Arthur711995 Feb
Grantham, DonaldLa Noche en la Islahorn, baritone, pianoChesebro, Gayle871980 Apr
Grantham, DonaldWild Basin Musicwind quintetSnedeker, Jeffrey792003 Oct
Graun/Roth (ed)Concerto in Dhorn & orchestraScharnberg, William741990 Oct
Graun/Pizka (ed)Trio ex Dhorn, violin, continuoScharnberg, William872003 May
Graun/Scharnberg (ed)Trio in D Majorhorn, violin, continuoFaust, Randall881984 Apr
Graziani, YitzhakVariations on Haydn’s Themehorn & bandpianoScharnberg, William741982 Oct
Greer, LowellFopushorn aloneChesebro, Gayle84-851978 Nov
Griebling, KarenSuitehorn & pianoThompson, Virginia792008 Feb
Grieg/Bourgue (ed)Piece Lyrique8 hornsScharnberg, William921999 Nov
Grieg/Chenoweth (arr)Prelude from Holberg Suitebrass quintetScharnberg, William781996 Nov
Greig/Damm (arr)Huldigungsmarsch (Homage March) op. 56/38 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey712017 Feb
Greig/Howe (arr)Sarabande from Holberg Suite5 hornsFaust, Randall871986 Apr
Greig/Howe (arr)Sarabande from Holberg Suite5 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey742006 Feb
Greig/Jodyl (arr)Suite de Peer Gynt6 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey77-782004 Feb
Grieg/Martinet (arr)Landsighting6 hornsScharnberg, William701985 Oct
Grieg/Mathie (arr)Huldigungsmarchbrass quintetScharnberg, William921998 Nov
Grimm-Freres/Janetzky (ed)Zwei Walzer und ein Marsch3 natural horns & posthornScharnberg, William1061988 Oct
Grosse-Schware, Hermann4 Canzoni6 hornsAgrell, Jeffrey651987 Oct
Gruber/BaconSilent Nighthorn aloneScharnberg, William671985 Oct
Gruger, VincentBrevi loquensnatural horn aloneScharnberg, William451993 Nov
Gryc, StephenReflections on a Southern Hymnhorn aloneScharnberg, William72-731989 Oct
Gryc, StephenReflections on a Southern Hymnhorn aloneFaust, Randall781989 Oct
Gubaidulina, SofiaTwo Pieceshorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey722014 May
Gumbert/Damm (ed)Neue Gumbert Quarteete I & II4 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey792009 May
Habermann, Franz AntonConcerto in E-flat for Oboe & Hornhorn, oboe, pianoScharnberg, William852003 Feb
Hackleman, Martin21 Characteristic Etudes for High HornetudesFaust, Randall87-881986 Apr
Hackleman, Martin34 Characteristic Etudes for Low HornetudesFaust, Randall87-881986 Apr
Haddad, DonaldSonatahorn & pianoMeek, Harold581973 May
Haddad, DonaldSonatahorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey80-812006 Oct
Haddad, DonaldTwo Impressions4 hornsMeek, Harold761972 Nov
Hagen, Daron AricConcertohorn, winds & stringsScharnberg, William85-861997 Feb
Hailstork, AdolphusSongs of the Magihorn & string quartetSnedeker, Jeffrey802009 May
Hailstork, AdolphusTwo for Twohorn & tromboneSnedeker, Jeffrey76-772017 May
Hainsworth, DavidConjureManhorn & tapeScharnberg, William831997 Feb
Haislip, MatthewDueling FundamentalsmethodLucas, Heidi752020 Feb
Hajdu et alFive Horn Pieces by Hungarian Composershorn & pianoFaust, Randall791984 Oct
Hake, ArdellBrass Fest, op. 42brass ensembleScharnberg, William941999 Nov
Hake, ArdellThree Moodshorn & trumpetScharnberg, William811998 May
Hakim, NajiSuite Rhapsodiquehorn & organSnedeker, Jeffrey822004 Oct
Hal Leonard & EMS (ed)The Orchestra Musician’s CD-ROM Library: Complete Horn Parts to Orchestral Masterworks (3 volumes)excerptsSnedeker, Jeffrey792004 Oct
Hal Leonard & EMS (ed)The Orchestra Musician’s CD-ROM Library: Complete Horn Parts to Orchestral Masterworks, vol. 4excerptsSnedeker, Jeffrey852005 May
Halferty, Frank J. (arr)Christmas Anthology: 24 Duets for Grade 3-4 Musicians2 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey842015 Feb
Halferty, Frank J. (arr)Wedding Masterworkshorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey822010 May
Halstead, AnthonySuite for Solo Horn or Trumpethorn/trumpetScharnberg, William681996 May
Hambraeus, BengtTransit IIhorn, trombone, guitar, pianoHill, Douglas681976 May
Hamilton, IanAriahorn & pianoScharnberg, William781981 Apr
Hamilton, IanSonata Notturnahorn & pianoScharnberg, William781981 Apr
Hammer, RonaldSuite for HornhornHill Douglas591977 May
Hammerschmidt/Klophaus (arr)Machet die Tore weitbrass quintetScharnberg, William862003 May
Hampf, M.A.Interval Training in 63 EtudesetudesThompson, Virginia75-762014 Feb
Handel/Agrell (arr)Hallelujah Chorus from The Messiah8 hornsScharnberg, William761987 Apr
Handel/Agrell (arr)Hallelujah Chorus from The Messiah8 hornsFaust, Randall801987 Apr
Handel/Bell (arr)Sonata Vhorn & keyboardScharnberg, William921998 Nov
Handel/Cable (arr)Arrival of the Queen of Shebabrass quintetThompson, Virginia822012 Feb
Handel/Damm (arr)Feuerwerksmusik8 horns, timpaniSnedeker, Jeffrey782012 Feb
Handel/Dutton (arr)Concerto Grosso in C brass quintetScharnberg, William841997 Nov
Handel/Emerson (arr)The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba10 hornsScharnberg, William801996 Nov
Handel/Fitzgerald (arr)Thus When the Sun (Samson)horn & pianoScharnberg, William741989 Oct
Handel/Frackenpohl (arr)Joy to the Worldbrass quintet, tuba, timpaniScharnberg, William791996 Nov
Handel/Frazier (arr)Harmonious Blacksmithbrass quintetFaust, Randall801984 Oct
Handel/Heading (arr)La Rejouissancebrass quintetLucas, Heidi732014 Oct
Handel/Hinterbichler (arr)Sound an Alarm from Judas Maccabaeusbrass quintetScharnberg, William701995 Feb
Handel/Hoeltzel (arr)Sonate F-Durhorn & pianoScharnberg, William661985 Oct
Handel/Howarth (arr)Music for the Royal Fireworksbrass ensembleScharnberg, William751987 Apr
Handel/Jeurissen (arr)Pasticcio-Concerto2 horns & orchestra/pianoScharnberg, William682001 Feb
Handel/Knudsvig (arr)Aria from Amadigibrass quintetScharnberg, William811998 May
Handel/Kogan (arr)Concerto for Two Horns2 horns & pianoFaust, Randall861985 Apr
Handel/Latham (arr)Gigue from Concerto Gross, op. 6, no. 94 hornsScharnberg, William451993 Nov
Handel/Latham (arr)Water Music Selections4 hornsScharnberg, William451993 Nov
Handel/Maganini (arr)Two Pieceshorn & pianoHill, Douglas651976 May
Handel/Martinet (arr)Music for the Royal Fireworks4 hornsScharnberg, William701985 Oct
Handel/McCoy (arr)Allegro from Water Music4 hornsScharnberg, William731987 Apr
Handel/Piotrowski (arr)See, the Conquering Hero Comesbrass quartetBennett, Travis822019 Oct
Handel/Steinberg (arr)Nigunim (Hassidic Tunes)horn & pianoFaust, Randall701982 Oct
Hanna, Reed A.Red Lights!Wind quintetLucas, Heidi722014 Oct
Hannay, RogerPastoralehorn & stringsScharnberg, William852003 May
Harbison, JohnTwighlight Musichorn, violin, pianoScharnberg, William661991 Apr
Hardin, BurtonFlights of Fancy, op. 23horn, tenor or soprano, pianoFaust, Randall891983 Oct
Hardin, BurtonHornissimo, op. 248 hornsFaust, Randall871984 Apr
Harju, JukkaFanfare “EMMA”4 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey922018 Oct
Harju, JukkaSonatahorn & pianoBennett, Travis93-942018 Oct
Harju, JukkaWalt Twisthorn & pianoBoldin, James78-792018 May
Harmon, JohnAn American Hero: A Tribute to Joe Dimaggiobrass quintetScharnberg, William842000 Nov
Harmon, JohnSacred Hillshorn & pianoScharnberg, William751996 Nov
Harris, ArthurTheme and Variations4 hornsMeek, Harold581973 May
Harris, D. & Sealy (arr)Hasaposerviko: A Traditional Greek Dance4 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey762008 Oct
Harris, Charles D.Duo for Oboe and Hornoboe & hornChesebro, Gayle551976 Nov
Harris, PaulFanfare for Hornhorn & pianoScharnberg, William441993 Nov
Harris, PaulFive Bagatelleshorn & pianoThompson, Virginia871999 Feb
Harris, P. & Skirrow (arr)Time Pieces: Music through the Ageshorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey83-842004 Oct
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Harris, W.H.A Hunting Tunehorn & pianoScharnberg, William841985 Apr
Hartley, Walter S.Sonorities IIhorn & pianoChesebro, Gayle711976 May
Hartley, Walter S.Sonorities IIhorn & pianoHill, Douglas581976 Nov
Harvey, Roger (arr)Carolling Brass 2brass quintetFaust, Randall751987 Oct
Hassler/Fitzgerald (ed)Suite for Brass Quintetbrass quintetFaust, Randall801984 Oct
Hauff/Leloir (ed)Concertohorn & pianoHill, Douglas581976 Nov
Haugland, A. OscarConcertinohorn & pianoHill, Douglas651976 May
Haunton/Schuller (ed)Horn Passages in Symphonies of HaydnexcerptsScharnberg, William741982 Apr
Hauser, JohnAt the Fairhorn & pianoPherigo, Johnny601986 Oct
Hauser, JohnThree Pieces for Brass and Percussionbrass & percussionChesebro, Gayle71-721976 May
Hauser, JohnTwilight Thoughtshorn & pianoPherigo, Johnny601986 Oct
Häusler, ErnstSix Notturni2 horns & 2 bassoonsSnedeker, Jeffrey952007 May
Havel, VáclavAllegretto et Pastorellahorn, alphorn, 2 clarinets, 2 bassoonsScharnberg, William882003 May
Haworth, FrankCanzonahorn & organChesebro, Gayle871978 Nov
Haworth, FrankCornucopia Suitehorn & stringsChesebro, Gayle871978 Nov
Haworth, FrankPastoral Suitehorn & stringsChesebro, Gayle871978 Nov
Haydn, JosephCassatio in D, Hob. 11:D2 horns, violin, violà, bassScharnberg, William761990 Oct
Haydn, JosephDivertimento in D2 horns, 2 flutes/oboes, 2 violins, bassScharnberg, William68-691995 Nov
Haydn, JosephLargo from String Quartet ,Hob.III:74horn & pianoHiebert, Thomas752004 Feb
Haydn/DeFries (arr)Air and Variations4 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey812009 May
Haydn/Gabler (arr)March for the Prince of Waleswind quintetWinter, James661985 Oct
Haydn/Hansen (trans)Divertimento for 2 clarinets & 2 horns2 horns & 2 clarinetsHill, Douglas671976 May
Haydn/Martinet (arr)Divertimento (St. Anthony Chorale)3 hornsScharnberg, William761996 Nov
Haydn/Martinet (arr)Horn Signal Symphony No. 314 hornsScharnberg, William701985 Oct
Haydn/Reynolds (arr)Six Horn Quartets4 hornsScharnberg, William931988 Apr
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Haydn, M./Tuckwell (ed)Concertino in Dhorn & pianoScharnberg, William761997 May
Haydn, Michael (or Josef)Concerto in E-flat Major2 horns & pianoFaust, Randall871985 Apr
He, Jian-JunSonatahorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey792013 May
Hedwig, DouglasA Certain Slant of Lightbrass quintet, percussion, organBennett, Travis812017 Oct
Heiden, BernhardConcerto for Horn and Orchestrahorn & pianoMeek, Harold741973 Aut
Heiden, BernhardFive Canons for Two Horns2 hornsMeek, Harold751973 Aut
Heiden, BernhardQuartet for Horns4 hornsFaust, Randall951988 Apr
Heinichen/ Janetzky (ed)Concerto con 2 Corni da Caccia2 horns & orchestra/pianoFaust, Randall791984 Oct
Heinrich, Claus-Erhard (arr)Amazing Gracehorn & organSnedeker, Jeffrey85-862007 Feb
Heinrich, Claus-Erhard (arr)Black Spritualshorn & organSnedeker, Jeffrey85-862007 Feb
Heller/Kloss (arr)Two Studies for Piano op. 47 no. 4 & 74 hornsBennett, Travis71-722017 Feb
Hemy/Sharp (arr)Faith of Our Fathersbrass quintetLucas, Heidi832013 Feb
Henderson, Luther (arr)Amazing Grace and Glory, Look Awaybrass quintetScharnberg, William761989 Oct
Henderson, Luther (arr)Canadian Brass Dixieland Classicsbrass quintetLucas, Heidi822012 Feb
Henley & Silbar/Vogel (arr)The Wind Beneath My Wingsbrass quintetLucas, Heidi822012 Feb
Herbert/Simons (arr)Toylandbrass quartetScharnberg, William731998 Feb
Hertel/ Sallagar (ed)Sonata a Quattro2 horns & 2 bassoonsHill Douglas621977 May
Higgins, Lloyd ElliottBeatrice and Benedicthorn, recorder, cello, harpsichord, actorChesebro, Gayle291975 Nov
Herberigs, RobertCyrano de Bergerachorn & orchestra/pianoMeek, Harold621973 May
Herbert/Martinet (arr)Herbert’s Heavy Hits4 hornsScharnberg, William771996 Nov
Hermanson, ÅkeAlarme per Cornohorn aoneHill, Douglas631976 May
Hermanson, ÅkeLa Stradahorn & organFaust, Randall901983 Oct
Herchet, JörgEinschwingenhorn aloneScharnberg, William852000 Aug
Hesse, MarianDaily Routines for the Horn PlayerstudiesThompson, Virginia692012 May
Hesse, MarianDaily Routines for the Student Horn PlayerstudiesThompson, Virginia692012 May
Heuberger/HorvathIm Chambre Séparée from Der Opernballhorn & pianoScharnberg, William93-941986 Oct
Hidas, FrigyesChamber Music for Four Horns4 hornsFaust, Randall68-691982 Oct
Higgins, Lloyd ElliottThe Cybernetic Spanish Fly Synergistically Barbequed and Jazzedhorn & tapeChesebro, Gayle281975 Nov
Higgins, Lloyd ElliottFour Seasons2 horns, flute, oboe, bass clarinet, percussionChesebro, Gayle291975 Nov
Higgins, Lloyd ElliottMahatma Ghandi Quintetbrass quintetChesebro, Gayle291975 Nov
Higgins, Lloyd ElliottTriohorn, clarinet, silenceChesebro, Gayle281975 Nov
Hilfiger, John JayChristmas Carol Suitehorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey732006 Feb
Hilfiger, John JayFive Easter Trios3 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey832006 Oct
Hilfiger, John JayForest Echohorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey792008 Feb
Hilfiger, John JayForest Greenhorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey792008 Feb
Hilfiger, John JayFour Hymn Settings3 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey832006 Oct
Hilfiger, John JayFour Hymn Trios3 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey962007 May
Hilfiger, John JayPartita on “Neander”horn & organ/pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey822006 Oct
Hilfiger, John JayPraise to the Lord4 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey862007 Feb
Hilfiger, John JayPretty Cool Duets2 horns (or 2 trumpets)Lucas, Heidi732017 May
Hilfiger, John JaySailor’s Hornpipewind quintetSnedeker, Jeffrey75-762005 Feb
Hilfiger, John JayVariations on a Spiritual Songhorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey742004 Feb
Hilfiger, John Jay (arr)Air on a G String, J.S. Bach4 hornsThompson, Virginia792012 Feb
Hilfiger, John Jay (arr)Christmas Trios, vol. 1 & 23 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey862007 Feb
Hilfiger, John Jay (arr)First Solo Albumhorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey782010 Feb
Hilfiger, John Jay (arr)Intermediate Solo Albumhorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey782010 Feb
Hilfiger, John Jay (arr)Three Hymns of Thanksgiving3 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey862007 Feb
Hilfiger, John Jay (arr)Three Pieces (Solitary Quest, Hilfiger; Romanze, Reger; Little Waltz, Albeniz)horn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey712012 May
Hill, DouglasBass ‘n’ Brass Triohorn, trombone, bassSnedeker, Jeffrey83-842015 Feb
Hill, DouglasDialogues6 hornsThompson, Virginia732012 May
Hill, DouglasDreams and Variationsbrass trioThompson, Virginia732012 May
Hill, DouglasFive Little Songs and Danceshorn aloneSnedeker, Jeffrey772009 May
Hill, DouglasFrom Vibrato to Trills to TremolosmethodSnedeker, Jeffrey72-732005 Feb
Hill, DouglasThe Glorious Privilege of Being4 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey762011 Oct
Hill, DouglasGreens/Blues/Redshorn & string quartetSnedeker, Jeffrey762011 May
Hill, DouglasGreens/Blues/Reds: Three Moodshorn aloneSnedeker, Jeffrey772009 May
Hill, DouglasHigh Range for the Horn PlayermethodSnedeker, Jeffrey712006 Feb
Hill, DouglasHorizonshorn, tenor, clarinet, cello, pianoThompson, Virginia71-722014 May
Hill, DouglasIdyllalphornScharnberg, William751990 Oct
Hill, DouglasIntradabrass quintetScharnberg, William831997 Nov
Hill, DouglasIntradabrass ensembleScharnberg, William91-921998 Nov
Hill, DouglasJazz Sethorn aloneScharnberg, William1131990 Apr
Hill, DouglasJazz Soliloquieshorn aloneScharnberg, William721984 Oct
Hill, DouglasOdditieshorn aloneSnedeker, Jeffrey772009 May
Hill, DouglasOddities for Horn Quartet4 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey802011 Feb
Hill, DouglasQuintet5 hornsThompson, Virginia732012 May
Hill, DouglasRaptor Musichorn aloneLucas, Heidi792016 Feb
Hill, DouglasRecollections8 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey81-822009 Oct
Hill, DouglasReflections…horn aloneLaBar, Arthur791995 May
Hill, DouglasReflections…horn aloneScharnberg, William681996 May
Hill, DouglasShared Reflections4 horns or 12 hornsLaBar, Arthur791995 May
Hill, DouglasShared Reflections…4 horns or 12 hornsScharnberg, William681996 May
Hill, DouglasSong Suitehorn & pianoScharnberg, William811995 May
Hill, DouglasSong Suite in Jazz Stylehorn aloneScharnberg, William831997 Feb
Hill, DouglasThoughtful Wanderingsnatural horn aloneFaust, Randall89-901990 Apr
Hill, DouglasThree Jazz Fantasieshorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey872015 May
Hill, DouglasThree Soliloquieshorn aloneChesebro, Gayle711976 May
Hill, DouglasTribal Imagesbrass quintet & percussionSnedeker, Jeffrey762011 May
Hill, DouglasWarm-ups and Maintenance SessionsmethodSnedeker, Jeffrey722005 Feb
Hill, Douglas (arr)Abe Lincoln’s Song Book3 horns & narratorSnedeker, Jeffrey79-802009 Feb
Hill, Douglas (ed)Twenty-seven Rare Horn Duets2 hornsScharnberg, William691983 Apr
Hill, George L.Duohorn & pianoChesebro, Gayle281975 Nov
Hill, George L.Friday Khorn & brass ensembleChesebro, Gayle281975 Nov
Hill, George L.Seven Moodsbrass quintetChesebro, Gayle281975 Nov
Hilliard, HowardLip Slurs for Horn: A Progressive Method of Flexibility ExercisesmethodSnedeker, Jeffrey772009 Feb
Hitt, GeorgeThe Voice of my Belovedhorn, soprano, pianoChesebro, Gayle711976 May
Hlobil, EmilSonatahorn & pianoChesebro, Gayle841979 Oct
Hlouschek, TheodorVolkslied-Suite6 horns & posthornScharnberg, William721998 Feb
Hoddinott, AlunAubade and Scherzo, op. 42horn & string orchestraMeek, Harold771972 Nov
Hoddinott, AlunAubade and Scherzo, op. 42horn & string orchestraMeek, Harold611974 Spr
Hoddinott, AlunConcerto, op. 65horn & orchestraMeek, Harold611974 Spr
Hoddinott, AlunDivertimento, op. 32oboe, clarinet, horn, bassoonMeek, Harold611974 Spr
Hoddinott, AlunSonata, op. 78 no. 2horn & pianoMeek, Harold611974 Spr
Hodkinson, Sidney…another man’s poisonbrass quintetFaust, Randall86-871984 Apr
Hoeltzel, MichaelHohe Schule des HornsmethodScharnberg, William812001 May
Hoeltzel, MichaelHorn-SchulemethodFaust, Randall78-791989 Oct
Hoeltzel, MichaelHorn-Schule, Band 1 & 2, Spielbuch 1 & 2methodScharnberg, William81-822001 May
Hoeltzel, MichaelPassacaglia und Fuge2 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey752014 May
Hoeltzel, MichaelSpielbuch 1-3 hornsScharnberg, William661991 Apr
Hoeltzel, MichaelSpielstücke, Kanons und Duette1 and 2 hornsFaust, Randall781987 Apr
Hoeltzel, Michael (arr)In dulci jubilo: Lasst fröhlich die Hörner klingen: Weihnachtslieder (Let the Happy Horns Sound: Christmas Songs)3 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey732017 May
Hoeltzel, Michael (ed)Concert Favorites: The Finest Concert and Encore Pieceshorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey86-872015 May
Hoffman, JoelConcerto for Horn, Clarinet, Violin, Cello, & Pianohorn, clarinet, violin, cello, piano & orchestraFaust, Randall861981 Oct
Hoffman, MichaelWaterfall in a Cloud4 hornsScharnberg, William93-941999 Nov
Hoffmeister, Franz AntonPartita in B-flat2 horns, 2 oboes, 2 clarinets, 2 bassoonsScharnberg, William882003 May
Hofmeister, H.L.F. (ed)Quartette für Waldhorn4 hornsFaust, Randall71-721982 Apr
Holab, WilliamSoliloquyhorn aloneLaBar, Arthur561993 Apr
Holcolme, BillAzure: Blues for French Hornhorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey792009 Feb
Holcolme, BillBill Holcombe’s Songs of Faith, vol 1horn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey792009 Feb
Holcolme, BillBryn Calfaria12 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey79-802010 Feb
Holcolme, BillFanfare and Toccata12 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey79-802010 Feb
Holcolme, BillLooney Tunesbrass quintetSnedeker, Jeffrey812010 Feb
Holcolme, BillSonatahorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey78-792009 Feb
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Holler/Ruhland (ed)Avertissement in Dhorn & stringsSnedeker, Jeffrey792003 Oct
Holliger, HeinzCynddaredd-Brenddwydhorn aloneThompson, Virginia76-772008 Feb
Holmes, BrianConcerto for Brass Trio & Orchestrabrass trio & orchestraScharnberg, William941999 Nov
Holmes, BrianPie Jesuhorn & treble chorusScharnberg, William711999 May
Holmes, BrianThree Songs4 horns & sopranoChesebro, Gayle851978 Nov
Holst/Chinery (arr)The Planets: Suite in Miniaturebrass quintetSnedeker, Jeffrey882015 Feb
Holst/Shafer (arr)Song of the Blacksmith6 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey79-802014 Feb
Höltzel, MichaelHorn Technik 1methodSnedeker, Jeffrey70-712017 Feb
Homilius/Johnson (arr)Quartet4 hornsScharnberg, William66-671995 Nov
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Horner, Anton/ Meek (ed)Exercises and EtudesetudesWinter, James911979 Oct
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Horvit, MichaelChaconne and Burlesquehorn & pianoScharnberg, William441993 Nov
Horvit, MichaelMeditationsolo horn & horn octetLucas, Heidi862012 Oct
Hoshina, HiroshiMiko Dancehorn & orchestra/pianoThompson, Virginia78-792011 Feb
Houghton, Karen and Nye, Janet B.Recipe for SuccessmethodLucas, Heidi752020 Feb
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Hubler/Hammond (arr)Concerto for Four Horns8 hornsScharnberg, William691995 Nov
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Hulin/Garcin-Marrou (ed)21 Petites Pièces Concertantes Faciles á notation classique et contemporaine, vol. 3horn & pianoThompson, Virginia872000 Feb
Hummel/Broer (ed)Sonatahorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey782008 Feb
Hunter & LathamWedding Albumhorn & keyboardScharnberg, William701996 Feb
HurrellThe Horn of Heindallhorn & pianoMeek, Harold591973 May
Husa, KarelFive Poems for Woodwind Quintetwind quintetThompson, Virginia69-701999 May
Huston, ScottGentle/Tender/Vigoroushorn aloneFaust, Randall67-681988 Oct
Hutcheson, ThomasConcertinohorn & pianoChesebro, Gayle821979 Oct
Hutcheson, ThomasDimensions12 hornsChesebro, Gayle851978 Nov
Hutcheson, Thomas (arr)Christmas Cornucopia4 hornsScharnberg, William911998 Nov
Hutchinson, Warner (arr)Christmas Cornucopia, Book 24 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey872007 Oct
Irwin, James85 Melodic and Rhythmic StudiesetudesScharnberg, William65-661991 Apr
Irwin, JamesBrass Trio No. 1brass trioSnedeker, Jeffrey892015 Oct
Irwin, JamesDeath, Where Is Thy Sting?6 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey89-902015 Oct
Irwin, JamesA Pocketful of Posies: 14 Miniature Character Pieceshorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey902015 Oct
Irwin, JamesQuartet for Horns4 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey892015 Oct
Irwin, JamesQuintet wind quintetSnedeker, Jeffrey892015 Oct
Irwin, JamesThree American Folk Songswind quintetSnedeker, Jeffrey902015 Oct
Irwin, JamesTrio for Brass Instruments No. 2brass trioSnedeker, Jeffrey892015 Oct
Isaacs, Gregory SullivanHorn Sonatahorn & pianoBoldin, James782018 Feb
Isele, DavidPrologue, Allegro, and epiloguehorn, flute, celloChesebro, Gayle551976 Nov
Isoz, ÉtienneDivertissementhorn & harpScharnberg, William862000 Aug
Ives/ZookFive Songshorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey782014 Feb
Iveson, John (arr)Christmas Crackersbrass quintetFaust, Randall851986 Apr
Iveson et al (arr)Carolling Brass 1brass quintetFaust, Randall751987 Oct
Iveson et al (arr)Carolling Brass 1 and 2brass quintetScharnberg, William106-1081988 Oct
Jacob, GordonFive Bagatellesbrass ensembleFaust, Randall861986 Apr
Jacob/Pardus (arr)Festival Flourishbrass quintet (2)Scharnberg, William731999 May
Jacobs, MarkAmor-Schallhorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey812010 May
Jacobs, MarkAmor-Schall, Version 2horn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey802011 Feb
Jacobsen, Julius24 Preludierhorn & pianoAustin, Paul862005 May
Jacques, MichaelFour Bagatelleshorn & pianoAgrell, Jeffrey72-731986 Oct
Jacques, MichaelFour Bagatelleshorn & pianoFaust, Randall761987 Apr
Jadin, Louis-Emmanuel3 Fantasienhorn & pianoHiebert, Thomas752004 Feb
Jager, RobertMumblety-Peg (Children’s Games)wind quintetScharnberg, William731994 May
James, Ifor & de Haan (arr)Horn Solos, vol. 1horn & pianoFaust, Randall881984 Apr
James, IforWindmillshorn & pianoScharnberg, William721982 Oct
Janacek/Carr (arr)Autumn Song8 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey792010 Feb
Janetzky, Kurt (ed)Deutsche Jagdsignalenatural horn aloneMeek, Harold781972 Nov
Jarnefelt/Pardee (arr)Berceusehorn & pianoPherigo, Johnny621986 Oct
Jeurissen, HermanThe Basic Principles of Horn PlayingmethodScharnberg, William901998 Nov
Jeurissen, HermanFour Characteristic Studies for Hornhorn aloneFaust, Randall641983 Apr
Jeurissen, HermanMissa Gregoriana4 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey762004 Feb
Jeurissen, HermanVier alte Brummbären4 horns/Wagner tubasScharnberg, William901998 Nov
Jeurissen, Herman (arr)Chassomanie I4 hornsScharnberg, William692001 Feb
Jeurissen, Herman (arr)Forrest Harmony2 hornsScharnberg, William901998 Nov
Jeurissen, Herman (arr)Il corno Festivo: 6 Sätze aus dem 19. Jahrhundert4 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey782003 Oct
Jeurissen, Herman (arr)Jagdmusik am Hofe Ludwings XV2 hornsScharnberg, William901998 Nov
Jody, Joël (arr)Air Écossais5 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey772004 Feb
Johns, MichaelRhythm Studies, Ensemble Exercises for Brass Quintetetudes (brass quintet)Scharnberg, William931998 Nov
Johnson, J.J. (arr)Deep Riverhorn, euphonium, tubaScharnberg, William842000 Nov
Johnson, RogerRitual Music6 hornsMeek, Harold601974 Spr
Johnson, Stuart (arr)An Intermediate Horn Bookhorn & pianoMeek, Harold611974 Spr
Jones, Charles Collier (arr)Three American Ragsbrass quintetLucas, Heidi83-842013 Feb
Jones, DavidFyodor’s Lullaby12 hornsAgrell, Jeffrey64-651987 Oct
Jones, Mason20th Century Orchestra StudiesexcerptsHill, Douglas66-671976 May
Jones, Mason (ed)Solos for the Horn Player (with CD piano accompaniament)horn & piano (plus CD)Snedeker, Jeffrey712012 May
Jongen, JosephLiedhorn & pianoMeek, Harold771972 Nov
Jongen/Mays (arr)Choral, op. 37, no. 4brass quintetSnedeker, Jeffrey83-842006 Oct
Joplin/Jody (arr)A Breeze from Alabamahorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey742004 Feb
Joplin/Kissling (arr)The Entertainerbrass quintetSnedeker, Jeffrey812008 Feb
Joplin/Martinet (arr)The Entertainer & Ragtime Dance4 hornsScharnberg, William751990 Oct
Joplin & Cobb/Martinet (arr)Ragged Duo: The Entertainer & Russian Rag2 hornsScharnberg, William751990 Oct
Jordan, DerrikFive Gamelansbrass quintetSnedeker, Jeffrey842016 Feb
Jordan, DerrikWalk in Beautywind quintetSnedeker, Jeffrey632016 May
Joseph, ThomasFanfarebrass quintetSnedeker, Jeffrey732014 Oct
Jöstlein, ThomasAndante8 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey82-832013 Feb
Jöstlein, ThomasCampbell Fanfare8 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey82-832013 Feb
Kabalevsky/Artley (arr)Comedians Galopbrass quintetScharnberg, William791996 Nov
Kainz, WalterThree Little Pieces for Windshorn, clarinet, 2 trumpets, 2 trombonesMeek, Harold231975 Nov
Kalkbrennerm/Glen (ed)Notturno, op. 93 (95)horn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey772011 Oct
Kalman/Brenner (arr)Varasdin from Countess Maritzabrass quintetScharnberg, William791996 Nov
KalmarLa Stanza Quarta3 hornsChesebro, Gayle831980 Apr
Kamen, MichaelQuintetbrass quintetSnedeker, Jeffrey782006 May
Kaplan, DavidSerenadehorn & pianoPherigo, Johnny611986 Oct
Karstaedt, Geog (ed)Jagdlieder, Fanfaren und Jaegermaersche2 & 4 natural and parforce hornsMeek, Harold741972 Nov
Kauder, HugoSonata No. 3horn & pianoMeek, Harold601974 Aut
Kavadlo & Lesnick (arr)Klezmer Danceswind quintetSnedeker, Jeffrey792009 Oct
Kawai, KazutakaDivertimento4 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey782010 Feb
Keegan, MikeGloach Corn (Irish Horn Call)horn aloneDickow, Robert792016 Feb
Keller, MaxSix Pieces for Two Horns2 hornsMeek, Harold601974 Aut
Kellerhouse, C. WarrenFanfare and Allegrobrass quintetFaust, Randall74-751987 Oct
Kelley, DanielAn Evening at McMillister’swind quintetAustin, Paul862005 May
Kelley, Daniel (arr)Eighteen Sacred and Spiritual Soloshorn & pianoScharnberg, William781998 May
Kelley, Daniel (arr)Twenty Encore and Recital Pieceshorn & pianoScharnberg, William781998 May
Kelley & DeLinkleyThree Concert Workshorn & pianoAustin, Paul852005 May
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Kember & BettleyHorn Sight-Reading: A fresh approachmethodSnedeker, Jeffrey76-772014 Feb
Kemp, D.E. (arr)French Horn Finesse4 hornsScharnberg, William74-751982 Oct
Kemp, StephenDivertimentobrass quintetThompson, Virginia832009 Oct
Kenn, Joseph25 Duos, op. 22 hornsHiebert, Tom812002 Oct
Kenn, Joseph36 Trios3 hornsHiebert, Thomas762004 Feb
Kennedy, LeahIssaviolin, horn, pianoKing, Martin732017 Feb
Kerkorian, GregoryBridging the Gap for French Horn: A transitional method to help bridge the gap between beginning and intermediate levels of performanceMethodLucas, Heidi84-852015 Oct
Kerkorian, GregoryFanfare and Fugue6 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey812009 May
Kerkorian, GregoryMeasures for Beginning French Horn: A Comprehensive Method for Class or Individualized InstructionMethodLucas, Heidi84-852015 Oct
Kerkorian, GregoryMeasures for Intermediate French Horn: A Comprehensive Method for Class or Individualized InstructionMethodLucas, Heidi84-852015 Oct
Kershaw, RichardNight Ridehorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey752004 May
Kersters, WillemSonatinehorn & pianoScharnberg, William711994 Nov
Kessner, DanielMetamorphoseshorn & pianoBoldin, John772017 Oct
Kibbe, MichaelDuohorn & trumpetLucas, Heidi892015 Oct
Kibbe, MichaelFive Carolsbrass quintetSnedeker, Jeffrey832016 Feb
Kibbe, MichaelHumboldt Currents, op. 174brass octetLucas, Heidi832016 Feb
Kibbe, MichaelMetal Music, op. 122brass quintetSnedeker, Jeffrey882015 Feb
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Kinzl, FranzTrauersuite – In memoriam4 hornsScharnberg, William822001 May
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Kirschen, JeffryAccompanied Orchestra Excerptsexcerpts with pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey73-742004 Feb
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Koetsier, JanScherzo Brilliante, op. 96horn & pianoSpence, Marcia682001 Aug
Koetsier, JanSonatehorn & harpScharnberg, William811986 Apr
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Koetsier, JanVariationen, op. 59, no. 3horn & pianoLaBar, Arthur681994 Nov
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Kohler, SiegfriedSonatahorn & pianoMeek, Harold791972 Nov
Kölbel, M.Triohorn, clarinet, bassScharnberg, William761990 Oct
Kon, BenA Moving Seat between the Shoresbrass quintetLucas, Heidi842016 Oct
König/Vanryne (arr)Post Horn Gallopbrass quintetLucas, Heidi832014 Feb
Koper, Karl-HeinzConcerto Con Cordehorn & stringsFaust, Randall771987 Apr
Koper, Karl-HeinzDoppel Konzerthorn, bassoon, orchestraFaust, Randall771987 Apr
Koper, Karl-HeinzKonturen4 horns & orchestraFaust, Randall771987 Apr
Koper, Karl-HeinzPentabrassbrass quintetFaust, Randall771987 Apr
Koper, Karl-HeinzPop Corn Concertohorn, strings, percussionFaust, Randall771987 Apr
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Kramer, DanWhen the Mood Takes Youbrass trioLucas, Heidi79-802013 Oct
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Krush, JaySchuylkill Punch: A Ragbrass quintetFaust, Randall661983 Apr
Krush, JayTrio for violin, Horn, and Pianohorn, violin, pianoChesebro, Gayle281975 Nov
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Lane, LizLinear Lines: Five soliloquies based on In Principio Omnes by Hildegard of Bingenhorn aloneSnedeker, Jeffrey782011 Feb
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Lane, RichardSuite for Oboe, Horn, and Stringshorn, oboe, stringsSnedeker, Jeffrey802010 Oct
Lane, RichardTheme and Variationshorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey772013 Oct
Lane, RichardTriohorn, violin, pianoKing, Martin792018 May
Lang, IstvanMonologuehorn aloneHill Douglas58-591977 May
Lang, IstvanMonologuehorn aloneChesebro, Gayle831980 Apr
Langer, KenJourney to the Centerbrass trioSnedeker, Jeffrey832009 Oct
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Latham, LynneTen Duets2 hornsScharnberg, William451993 Nov
Lauridsen, MortonFanfarebrass sextetSnedeker, Jeffrey792004 May
Lauridsen, MortonO Magnum Mysteriumbrass ensembleSnedeker, Jeffrey762005 Feb
Laurin, RachelSonata, op. 60horn & organSnedeker, Jeffrey95-962018 Oct
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Leclaire, DennisQuartet4 hornsFaust, Randall681991 Apr
Leclaire, DennisThree Fairy Taleshorn & pianoScharnberg, William44-451993 Nov
LeClerc, Michael5 Piecettes horn & pianoScharnberg, William771981 Apr
Lee, Wendy Wan-KiThe Conquered Questbrass quintetLucas, Heidi872015 Feb
Lees, BenjaminConcertohorn & orchestra/pianoThompson, Virginia591992 Oct
Lees, BenjaminConcertohorn & orchestra/pianoScharnberg, William81-821995 May
Lehar/Martinet (arr)Merry Widow Waltzes4 hornsScharnberg, William751990 Oct
Lejet, EdithDeux Soliloqueshorn aloneScharnberg, William711994 Nov
Lemaire, FelixNocturnehorn & pianoMeek, Harold601974 Spr
Lennon & McCartney/ Stamm (arr)Favorite Songs of the Beatles, vol. 1brass quintetFaust, Randall801987 Apr
Leoncavallo/Whitehurst (arr)“On with the Motley” (Vesti la Giubba) from Pagliaccibrass quintetSnedeker, Jeffrey832013 May
Leontovych/Clark (arr)Carol of the Bellshorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey80-812016 Feb
Leontovych/Clark (arr)Carol of the Bells4 hornsGrodrian, Ericka792017 Oct
Leontovych/Wood (arr)Ukrainian Bell Carol4 hornsThompson, Virginia902012 Oct
Lersy, RogerPréface en Noir et Jaunehorn & pianoScharnberg, William792002 Oct
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Level, Pierre-YvesDuettohorn & percussionScharnberg, William892002 Feb
Lewinter, AndrewSonatahorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey932018 Oct
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Lewis, Steve (arr)Three Renaissance Pieces4 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey872015 Oct
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Lewy, J.R./O'Bannion (ed)12 Etudes pour le Cor chromatique et le Cor simple avec accompagnement de PianoetudesScharnberg, William83-842003 Feb
Lewy, RichardConcertinohorn & pianoScharnberg, William811984 Apr
Leze, Jean-FrançoisCancoes Lunareshorn, tuba, pianovan Dreel, Lydia802010 Oct
Leze, Jean-FrançoisSonhoshorn & pianovan Dreel, Lydia802010 Oct
Leze, Jean-FrançoisTango e Paso Doblehorn, tuba, pianoThompson, Virginia78-792011 Feb
Liadov/Dishinger (arr)Dancing Song, op. 8horn & pianoScharnberg, William113-1141990 Apr
Lichtenberger, RobertCapricehorn & wind ensembleChesebro, Gayle651982 Oct
Lidon, JoséQuartetto en forma de Conciertohorn, 2 violins, celloScharnberg, William92-931999 Nov
Ligotti, Albert (arr)Petite Suite from Anna Magdalena Notebookbrass quintetLucas, Heidi802012 Feb
Likhuta, CatherineHard to Arguehorn choirGardner, Jena912021 May
Likhuta, CatherineI Threw a Shoe at a Cathorn alonePack, Abigail902018 Oct
Likhuta, CatherineSnapshotshorn & pianoLieser, Benjamin902021 May
Likhuta, CatherineOut of the Woods? Toccatahorn, violin, pianoGardner, Jena922021 May
Lindberg, Oskar)Old Psalm "Gammal Gäbodpsalm"horn & piano/organScharnberg, William771992 Apr
Lindquist, EllenFanfarebrass quintetLucas, Heidi872015 Feb
Lindtpainter, Peter vonConcertino in E, op. 43horn & pianoScharnberg, William811984 Apr
Lischka, RainerA Jazzy Jokehorn & pianoScharnberg, William681995 Feb
Lischka, RainerSteps & Leapshorn aloneScharnberg, William681995 Feb
Litton, RobertRIP!2 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey782003 Oct
Litton, RobertTobogganhorn, tuba, pianoPack, Abigail962018 Oct
Lively, A.O. (arr)Three Short Pieces for 4 horns4 hornsMeek, Harold221975 Nov
Llacer Plá, FranciscoInduccioneshorn, violin, pianoScharnberg, William92-931999 Nov
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Lockwood, NormandPanegyrichorn & string orchestraScharnberg, William941999 Nov
Loeillet/Ramm (arr)Eight Duets2 hornsScharnberg, William881983 Oct
Loeillet/Ramm (arr)Eight Duets2 hornsLaBar, Arthur741996 May
Logi, LucaCaccia6 hornsAgrell, Jeffrey651987 Oct
Loillet/Civil (arr)Sonatahorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey752004 May
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Lorenz/Bacon (ed)Fantasie, op. 13horn & pianoScharnberg, William781987 Oct
Lorge, John (arr)Christmas Carols4 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey842010 Oct
Lotti, Antonio/ Oldberg (arr)Crucifixusbrass ensembleWinter, James90-911979 Oct
Louel, JeanInventionhorn aloneMeek, Harold221975 Nov
Löwe, Johann JacobTwo Capricciosbrass quintetScharnberg, William66-671991 Apr
Lowe, LaurenceChoral4 hornsFaust, Randall80-811987 Apr
Lowe, LaurenceReflectionswind quintetSchroeder, Bonnie782011 Oct
Lowe, LaurenceSonatahorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey942007 May
Lowry, Robert/Gillis (arr)Up from the Gravesolo hornSnedeker, Jeffrey87-882012 Oct
Lu, WayneWith Valor8 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey822016 Feb
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Luigini, Alexander/Leloir (arr)Romancehorn & pianoHill Douglas591977 May
Lully/Barre (arr)Magnifica: Grand Entree et Marchesbrass quintetScharnberg, William951999 Nov
Lundberg, StaffanPastoralehorn & organFaust, Randall711982 Apr
Lundberg, StaffanPastoralehorn & organScharnberg, William911988 Apr
Luther/Mays (arr)Luther Suite in three movementsbrass quintetSnedeker, Jeffrey83-842006 Oct
Mabry, James F.Song and Dancehorn & wind ensembleBraun, Elaine641990 Oct
MacDowell/Wehr (arr)Woodland Sketches Ibrass quintetScharnberg, William711996 Feb
MacDowell/Wehr (arr)Woodland Sketches IIbrass quintetScharnberg, William701996 May
MacDowell/Wehr (arr)Woodland Sketches IIIbrass quintetScharnberg, William791996 Nov
Machell, DavidJazz Suitehorn & pianoAgrell, Jeffrey62-631987 Oct
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Machell, Dave "Mad Dog"Jazz Duets2 hornsScharnberg, William721994 Nov
Maggio, RobertDividehorn & pianoDickow, Robert752004 May
Mahler/HoweZwei Blauen Augen from Songs of a Wayfarer6 hornsScharnberg, William701995 Feb
Mangold, Johann WilhelmZwolf kleine Stucke4 hornsScharnberg, William822001 May
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Marks, GüntherHynus4 Wagner tubas & tubaScharnberg, William78-791987 Oct
Marpurg/Dishinger (arr)Menuethorn & pianoScharnberg, William113-1141990 Apr
Marques, TelmoWaxed Floorhorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey80-812013 May
Marshall, Pamela J.Black Bear Dance4 horns & drumsSnedeker, Jeffrey972007 May
Marshall, Pamela J.Colored Leaveshorn aloneScharnberg, William691995 Feb
Marshall, Pamela J.Hillslidealphorn & brass quartetScharnberg, William691995 Feb
Marshall, Pamela J.Miniatures horn aloneChesebro, Gayle291975 Nov
Marshall, Pamela J.Wander Bittersweethorn & string quartetChesebro, Gayle711976 May
Marshall, Pamela J.Watchmanhorn, voice, pianoChesebro, Gayle291975 Nov
Marshall, Pamela J."wild horn whose voice the woodland fills"8 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey872007 Oct
Marsick, ArmandQuatuar pour cors4 hornsMeek, Harold61-621973 May
Martelli, HenriValsehorn & pianoScharnberg, William891998 Nov
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Martin, ErnstConcerto for Horn and Orchestrahorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey832010 Oct
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Martinet (arr)Neapolitan Nights4 hornsScharnberg, William771996 Nov
Martinet (arr)Turkish Delight4 hornsScharnberg, William761996 Nov
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Martini/Vuillermoz (arr)Romance Celebrehorn & pianoPherigo, Johnny631986 Oct
Martini/Knudsvig (arr)Toccatabrass quintetScharnberg, William731994 Nov
Martynuik, DavidSlablóblian Folk Suitehorn, tuba, pianoBoldin, James832019 Oct
Martynuik, DavidThree Bagatelleshorn, clarinet, pianoThoms, Jonas822019 Oct
Maslanka, DavidArise!brass quintetScharnberg, William731994 May
Maslanka, DavidQuintet for Winds No. 1wind quintetScharnberg, William731994 May
Maslanka, DavidQuintet for Winds No. 2wind quintetScharnberg, William731994 May
Maslanka, DavidQuintet for Winds No. 3wind quintetSpence, Marcia702001 Aug
Maslanka, DavidSea Dreams2 horns & wind ensembleScharnberg, William861999 Feb
Maslanka, DavidSonatahorn & pianoScharnberg, William851999 Feb
MassenetAndantehorn & pianoScharnberg, William72-741982 Oct
Matchett, Steve D.Portrait for Solo Hornhorn aloneScharnberg, William451993 Nov
Mathias, WilliamSummer Dancesbrass quintetLaBar, Arthur801992 Apr
Matosinhos, Ricardo10 Jazzy Etudes (Book 2)etudesSnedeker, Jeffrey762014 Feb
Matosinhos, Ricardo12 Jazzy EtudesetudesSnedeker, Jeffrey692012 May
Matosinhos, Ricardo15 Low Horn EtudesetudesSnedeker, Jeffrey762014 Feb
Matosinhos, RicardoImproviso, op. 82horn aloneThoms, Jonas942020 Oct
Matosinhos, RicardoLow Horn Suitehorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey872015 May
Matosinhos, RicardoMirage, op. 83horn aloneHunt, Lauren852021 Feb
Matosinhos, RicardoOvertone Dream, op. 86horn aloneSnedeker, Jeffrey902022 May
Matosinhos, RicardoPastoral, op. 81horn aloneGardner, Jena942020 Oct
Matosinhos, RicardoPequena Suite (Little Suite) no. 1, 2, 3horn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey702014 Oct
Matosinhos, RicardoQuatro Peças, op. 76ahorn & pianoThoms, Jonas85-862019 May
Matosinhos, RicardoSong for Emmahorn & pianoBoldin, James842019 Feb
Matosinhos, RicardoSong without Words, op. 80ahorn & pianoCompton, Lanette95-962020 Oct
Matosinhos, RicardoTocar Trompa e Divertido! Op. 74horn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey94-952018 Oct
Maxime-AlphonseDouze Etudes NovellesetudesScharnberg, William941986 Oct
Mayer, JacquesFantasiehorn/bassett horn & keyboardScharnberg, William701999 May
Mayer, RudolphSuite No. 1, 2, and 32 hornsMeek, Harold601974 Spr
Mayer, RudolphTricinium3 hornsMeek, Harold601974 Aut
Mayer, RudolphTwelve Bicinia2 hornsMeek, Harold581973 May
McAllister, JamesThree Miniatureswind quintetLucas, Heidi632016 May
McCabe, JohnThe Goddess Trilogyhorn & pianoScharnberg, William78-791981 Apr
McCauley, WilliamConcertohorn & orchestraChesebro, Gayle871978 Nov
McKenzie, Mark C.Zao – Spatial Music for Eight Horns8 hornsFaust, Randall721985 Oct
McPherson, GordonThe Bliss of Sexual Ignorancehorn, celesta, pianoScharnberg, William731994 Nov
McTee, CindyEtudeshorn & tapeScharnberg, William781992 Apr
McTee, CindyImageshorn & pianoScharnberg, William1081988 Oct
Meecham, PeterFloating Dreamshorn & CDSnedeker, Jeffrey862015 Feb
Meek, HaroldBasic Technical Studies for French HornetudesFaust, Randall711982 Apr
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Meier, JostCordanohorn & string quartetThompson, Virginia82-832010 May
Meifred/Snedker & Ashcroft (ed)10 Vocalizes by Auguste Panseron and Marco Bordogni selectedhorn & pianoEricson, John682022 Feb
Melikyan, HrachiaQuintet No. 1wind quintetThompson, Virginia78-792011 Feb
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Mendelssohn/Dishinger (arr)Reverie, op. 85, no. 1horn & pianoScharnberg, William113-1141990 Apr
Mendelssohn/Gabler (arr)Scherzo from Midsummer Night's Dreamwind quintetWinter, James661985 Oct
Mendelssohn/Holcombe (arr)Nocturne from Midsummer Night's Dream4 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey79-802010 Feb
Mendelssohn/Martinet (arr)Nocturne from Midsummer Night's Dream4 hornsScharnberg, William771996 Nov
Mendelssohn/Martinet (arr)Nocturne from Midsummer Night's Dream6 hornsScharnberg, William781996 Nov
Mendelssohn/Martinet (arr)Wedding March, op. 616 hornsScharnberg, William701985 Oct
Mendelssohn/Reynolds (arr)Four Quartets4 hornsScharnberg, William105-1061988 Oct
Mendelssohn/Shaw (arr)O Rest in the Lord (Elijah)8 hornsScharnberg, William751990 Oct
Mendelssohn/Voxman & Block (arr)Three Choruses4 hornsScharnberg, William941986 Oct
Mendelssohn/Walter (arr)Quintette, op. 12 no. 1wind quintetLaBar, Arthur721995 Feb
Mengal/Leloir (ed)Solo pour corhorn & pianoScharnberg, William72-741982 Oct
Mercadante/Leloir (ed)Concertohorn & pianoHill, Douglas581976 Nov
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Merewether, RichardComplete Horn Parts to Mahler 1st & 2nd Symphonies and Songs of a Wayfarerhorn sectionMeek, Harold731973 Aut
Michiels, LouisReverie4 hornsMeek, Harold60-611974 Spr
Miklos, SugárPercornussion2 horns & percussionScharnberg, William751987 Apr
Milburn, EllsworthToys in the Audiencehorn, piano, audienceSnedeker, Jeffrey792013 Feb
Milde, FriedrichConcertinohorn & strings/wind ensembleScharnberg, William82-832001 May
Miller, Brett14 Concert Etudes on Themes of StraussetudesSnedeker, Jeffrey75-762008 May
Miller, Brett15 Concert Etudes on Themes of BrahmsetudesSnedeker, Jeffrey75-762008 May
Miller, Brett16 Concert Etudes on Themes of MahleretudesSnedeker, Jeffrey75-762008 May
Miller, Ernest R. (arr)An Album for Intermediate Brass Quintetbrass quintetLaBar, Arthur801992 Apr
Mindel, MeirPoemhorn aloneFaust, Randall901990 Apr
Mishori, YaacovProlonged Shofar Variationshorn aloneFaust, Randall701982 Oct
Mohr, Jen-Baptiste3ème Solo de cor, op. 8horn aloneSnedeker, Jeffrey79-802013 May
Molbe, H.Three Trioshorn, piano, bassoon/oboe/ clarinetScharnberg, William751990 Oct
Molter, Johann Melchior6 Menuetteoboe, bassoon, 2 hornsBennett, Travis802017 Oct
Molter, Johann MelchiorConcertino 8.122 flutes, 2 horns, bassoon/celloGrodrian, Ericka79-802017 Oct
Molter, Johann MelchiorConcertino 8.132 flutes, 2 horns, bassoon/celloKing, Martin742017 May
Molter, Johann MelchiorConcertino in C2 chalumeau, 2 horns, bassoonBoldin, John74-752017 May
Molter, Johann MelchiorConcerto in Dhorn & pianoScharnberg, William811984 Apr
Molter, Johann MelchiorFunf Marsche2 oboes, clarinet, 2 horns, bassoonBennett, Travis802017 Oct
Molter, Johann MelchiorDrei Marsche2 horns, 2 oboes, bassoonSnedeker, Jeffrey952007 May
Molter, Johann MelchiorSonata a 52 horns, 2 clarinets, bassoonSnedeker, Jeffrey952007 May
Monteverdi/Tombs (arr)Cruda Amarillibrass quintetScharnberg, William851997 Feb
Monti/Terret (arr)Czardashorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey702012 May
Moore, Larry15 Favorite Humnsbrass quintetSnedeker, Jeffrey782006 May
Moore & EttoreAnthology of French Horn MusicexcerptsLeuba, Christopher691986 Oct
Moore & EttoreAnthology of French Horn MusicexcerptsWakefield, David801986 Oct
Moore & EttoreAnthology of French Horn MusicexcerptsKaslow, David831987 Apr
Moore & EttoreFrench Horn MethodmethodLeuba, Christopher791981 Apr
Moore & EttoreFrench Horn PrimermethodLeuba, Christopher791981 Apr
Moore & EttoreMaster Horn Warm-up Flexibility StudiesmethodLeuba, Christopher791981 Apr
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Plog, AnthonyThree Sonnetshorn, piano, narratorFaust, Randall771989 Oct
Plog, AnthonyThree Sonnetshorn, piano, narratorScharnberg, William761996 Nov
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Powell, MorganWindowsbrass quintetScharnberg, William78-791986 Apr
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Praetorius/Knudsvig (arr)Ein' feste Burgbrass quintetScharnberg, William811998 May
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Presser, WilliamFour Herrick Songshorn, soprano, pianoFaust, Randall681988 Oct
Presser, WilliamGreen Lake Sketcheshorn & trombone/bassoonFaust, Randall961986 Oct
Presser, WilliamHorn Quartet4 hornsFaust, Randall78-791984 Oct
Presser, WilliamSonatinahorn & pianoFaust, Randall801987 Apr
Pretorius/Reeve (arr)Four Dances from Terpsichorebrass ensembleFaust, Randall871984 Apr
Prince, WhitneyWind Musichorn, bassoon, percussion, pianoThompson, Virginia792013 Oct
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Proch, HeinrichMein Reichthum, op. 4horn & voice (mid-range)Scharnberg, William741984 Oct
Proch, HeinrichUnter den dunklen Linden, op. 122horn & voice (mid-range)Scharnberg, William741984 Oct
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Procter-Gregg, HumphreySonatahorn & pianoThompson, Virginia802006 Oct
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Proust, PascalCap Hornhorn & pianoScharnberg, William68-691996 May
Proust, PascalCnossosalphorn/natural horn aloneSnedeker, Jeffrey822004 Oct
Proust, PascalDouble-Jeu2 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey862005 May
Proust, PascalGamins D'Parishorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey762004 May
Proust, PascalJ'apprends le cormethodScharnberg, William681996 May
Proust, PascalJ'apprends le corhorn & pianoScharnberg, William87-881999 Feb
Proust, PascalLa Colère de Glykoshorn aloneLucas, Heidi79-802016 Feb
Proust, PascalLa Grande Ėcolehorn & pianoFaust, Randall731987 Oct
Proust, PascalLes blues des cimesalphorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey812010 May
Proust, PascalLes Caprices de Pierrothorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey742004 Feb
Proust, PascalOceanohorn & pianoKing, Martin832016 Oct
Proust, PascalPour une Aventurehorn & pianoScharnberg, William881999 Feb
Proust, PascalPremière Sonatinehorn & pianoScharnberg, William832000 Nov
Proust, PascalPrimaverahorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey79-802013 May
Proust, PascalQuinze pieces en forme d’etudesetudesScharnberg, William881999 Feb
Proust, PascalScenes Paysanneshorn & pianoThompson, Virginia871999 Feb
Proust, PascalSkadialphornSnedeker, Jeffrey812010 May
Proust, PascalSur une Theme Classiquehorn & pianoScharnberg, William811997 Nov
Proust, PascalUn jardin japonaishorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey822015 Feb
Proust, PascalVagabond: Tangohorn aloneSnedeker, Jeffrey722006 Feb
Proust, PascalVariations serieuseshorn aloneSnedeker, Jeffrey812010 May
Proust, PascalVariations studieuseshorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey822010 May
Proust, PascalVoileshorn & pianoScharnberg, William721994 May
Puccini/Evans (arr)Si, mi chiamano Mimi from La bohemewind quintetSnedeker, Jeffrey812014 Feb
Puccini/Frckenpohl (arr)Three Famous Puccini Ariashorn & pianoLucas, Heidi802013 Feb
Puccini/Lesnick (arr)The Puccini Album, vol 1wind quintetSnedeker, Jeffrey812009 Feb
Pugh, JamesTriadhorn, trumpet, tromboneDickow, Robert82-832016 Feb
Punto, GiovanniQuartet, op. 3, no. 1horn, violin, viola, celloSnedeker, Jeffrey952007 May
Punto, GiovanniQuartet, op. 3, no. 2horn, violin, viola, celloSnedeker, Jeffrey782011 May
Purcell/Frackenpohl (arr)Sound the Trumpetbrass quintetScharnberg, William73-741998 Feb
Purcell Smim & Forst (arr)Sonata in C minorhorn & pianoHill, Douglas651976 May
Pusztai, TiborInteractionshorn & percussionHill Douglas611977 May
Quantz/Delius (ed)Concerto in E-Flat Majorhorn & continuoLaBar, Arthur761994 Feb
Quantz/Roth (ed)Concerto in E-Flat Majorhorn & orchestraScharnberg, William741990 Oct
Queraud & Voirpy (arr)Premier Voyagehorn & pianoLaBar, Arthur751996 May
Rachmaninoff/Lewis (arr)Two Pieces from “All Night Vigil”8 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey87-882015 Oct
Rager, DanThe Colours of Saratovhorn & band/orchestraScharnberg, William852003 May
Rail, PeteHip, Hip, Hurrah & Tally Ho!2 hornsThompson, Virginia712014 Oct
Rameau/Winteregg (arr)Gavotte and Doublebrass quintetScharnberg, William821998 May
Ramm, Eberhard (arr)Brass Quintet Wedding & Graduation Collectionbrass quintetLaBar, Arthur73-741996 May
Ramm, Eberhard (arr)Eight Baroque Duets (Handel and Telemann)2 hornsScharnberg, William881983 Oct
Ramm, Eberhard (arr)Eight Duets (Loelliet)2 hornsScharnberg, William881983 Oct
Ramm, Eberhard (arr)Graduation Processional Collection2 brass quintetsLaBar, Arthur731996 May
Ramm, Eberhard (arr)Nine Duets (Bach)2 hornsScharnberg, William881983 Oct
Ramm, Eberhard (arr)Ricercar pro Tempore Adventus Super Initium (JFK Fischer)4 hornsScharnberg, William881983 Oct
Ramm, Eberhard (arr)Ricercar on the Eighth Tone (Gabrieli)4 hornsScharnberg, William881983 Oct
Ramm, Eberhard (arr)Sonata No. 2 in B-flat Major (W. Croft)horn & pianoScharnberg, William881983 Oct
Randall, AnthonyConcert Suite horn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey80-812010 May
Randall, AnthonyHorn Triohorn, violin, pianoThompson, Virginia762011 Oct
Randall, AnthonyA Portrait in memory of Ifor James8 horns or 7 horns & tuba Snedeker, Jeffrey872007 Oct
Randall, AnthonyScherzohorn & pianoLaBar, Arthur71-721995 Nov
Randall, AnthonySerenadehorn & pianoLaBar, Arthur761996 May
Randall, AnthonySwings and Roundaboutshorn & pianoLaBar, Arthur751996 May
Randall, AnthonyThree Poems by Geraint Jonestenor, horn, pianoThompson, Virginia892012 Oct
Randall, Ronald F.Twenty Etudes for the Advanced StudentetudesSnedeker, Jeffrey73-742005 Feb
Raum, ElizabethRomancehorn & pianoLucas, Heidi802013 Feb
Ravel/Eden (arr)Mother Goose Suitewind quintetScharnberg, William921998 Nov
Ravel/Hove (arr)Pavane pour une infant défuntehorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey802013 May
Ravel/Martinet (arr)Pavane pour une infante défunte8 hornsScharnberg, William781996 Nov
Ravel/SchullerLe Tombeau de Couperinwind quintetScharnberg, William691996 May
Rawle, PhillipNice ‘n’ Easy and Jazz Danceshorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey802016 Feb
Rawsthorne, AlanQuintet horn, clarinet, violin, cello, pianoMeek, Harold761973 Aut
Rebay, FerdinandLyrische Suitehorn & harpScharnberg, William842003 Feb
Rebay, FerdinandTrio für Oboe, Horn, und Klavierhorn, oboe, pianoScharnberg, William852003 Feb
Recusen, DavidCanonic Etudeshorn aloneMeek, Harold581973 May
Redden, MarcusThree Colorswind quintetSnedeker, Jeffrey632016 May
Reger/ Madden (arr)Scherzinohorn & pianoHill Douglas59-601977 May
Reicha, A./Lasocki & Blackwell (ed)Quintet in E minorhorn & string quartetMeek, Harold741972 Nov
Reicha, A./Larkin (ed)Solohorn & pianoScharnberg, William591993 Apr
Reicha, A./Lasocki & Blackwell (ed)Quintet in E Major, op. 106horn & string quartetHill Douglas61-621977 May
Reicha, A./Olson (arr)Ten Trios, op. 82brass trioLucas, Heidi802013 Oct
Reicha, A./Ostermeyer (ed)24 Trios, op. 82, ROM 1243 hornsHiebert, Thomas762004 May
Reicha, A./Ramm (arr)Suite, op. 824 hornsLaBar, Arthur731996 May
Reiche, HeinzVierspaennig (Geschichte der Postkutsche) und Bretzel Polka [Four-horse Hitch (Story of a Post Coach) and Pretzel Polka]4 hornsMeek, Harold751972 Nov
Reineke/Baumann (ed)Notturno, op. 112horn & pianoScharnberg, William761986 Apr
Reineke/Damm (ed)Sextet, op. 271flute, oboe, clarinet, 2 horns, bassoonLucas, Heidi802013 Feb
Reineke/Reinisch (ed)Trio in A minor, op. 188horn, oboe, pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey792012 Feb
Reissiger, CarlDer wandernde Waldhornisthorn, tenor, pianoScharnberg, William751984 Oct
Reissiger, CarlMit geheimnisvollem Dunkelnhorn, soprano, harpScharnberg, William80-811997 Nov
Reissiger/Janetzky (ed)Solo per il Corno in Fhorn & pianoScharnberg, William721982 Oct
Reiter, AlbertSonatinehorn & pianoMeek, Harold601973 May
Reiter, Josef20 Jagdstücke4 hornsScharnberg, William731984 Oct
Reményi, AttilaFourth and Fifth12 hornsAgrell, Jeffrey73-741986 Oct
Reskin, CharlesSummer Dances: A Balletbrass quintetLucas, Heidi882015 Oct
Reynolds, VerneBrass Quintetbrass quintetThompson, Virginia76-772010 Feb
Reynolds, VerneCalls for Two Horns2 hornsHill Douglas611977 May
Reynolds, VerneElegyhorn aloneScharnberg, William781987 Oct
Reynolds, VerneIntonation Exercises for Two HornsetudesFaust, Randall711982 Apr
Reynolds, VernePartitahorn & pianoScharnberg, William721982 Oct
Reynolds, VerneSonatahorn & pianoScharnberg, William721982 Oct
Reynolds, VerneSonata Concertarehorn & pianoThompson, Virginia76-772010 Feb
Reynolds, Verne (arr)Horn Songs, vol. I, II, III1 and 2 hornsScharnberg, William781987 Oct
Rheinberger, JosephSonate, op. 178horn & pianoHill, Douglas57-581976 Nov
Richmond, Jeffrey W.Sonata No. 1horn & pianoThompson, Virginia812010 May
Richter, AntonSix Pieces for Horn Quartet4 hornsWinter, James H.691978 May
Richter, JosefDie Jagd (The Hunt), op. 418 hornsScharnberg, William812002 Oct
Richter, JosefHalali (After the Hunt), op. 448 hornsScharnberg, William802002 Oct
Ridenour, Brandon (arr)Shenandoahbrass quintetDickow, Robert782011 Oct
Rideout, AlanLight & Shadehorn & pianoScharnberg, William441993 Nov
Ridil, ChristianMeyenmusick: Variationen über eine Breslau Mailied4 hornsScharnberg, William902002 Feb
Riedt/Leloir (arr)Concerto pour Cor et Orchestre a Cordeshorn & pianoHill, Douglas641976 May
Ries, FerdinandoConcerto for Two Horns and Orchestra2 horns & orchestraMeek, Harold741973 Aut
Ries, FerdinandoIntroduction and Rondohorn & pianoScharnberg, William76-771981 Apr
Ries, FerdinandoSonate, op. 34horn & pianoHill, Douglas571976 Nov
Rimmer, JohnComposition 1horn & electronic soundsFaust, Randall871981 Oct
Rimmer, JohnDe Aestibus Rerumhorn, clarinet, violin, cello, pianoFaust, Randall82-831986 Apr
Rimsky-Korsakov/Eden (arr)The Tsar's Bridebrass quintetScharnberg, William921998 Nov
Rimsky-Korsakov/Shafer (arr)Procession of the Nobles from Mlada6 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey79-802014 Feb
Ring, GordonSuite for Eight Horns8 hornsFaust, Randall741985 Oct
Riotte, Philipp JacobDouze pieces for Two Horns2 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey862007 Feb
Risher, Tim4 by 4brass quartetScharnberg, William701996 May
Robbins, DarenOrchestral Horn ExcerptsexcerptsSnedeker, Jeffrey752006 May
Robillard, Marc-AntoineProgressive Method for French Horn, 2 volmethodThompson, Virginia732011 Oct
Robin, GregoryFar Beyond the Dissonancehorn aloneSnedeker, Jeffrey782013 Oct
Röder, KlausMoritzburger Jagdfanfaren4 parforcehornsThompson, Virginia782012 Feb
Rollig/Roth (ed)Concerto in E-Flat Majorhorn & orchestraScharnberg, William741990 Oct
Rom, UriRondonatural horn & orchestraScharnberg, William892002 Feb
Rosas/Prater (arr)Variations on Sobre las Olas "Over the Waves"brass quintetSnedeker, Jeffrey81-822011 Feb
Rose, MichaelHorn on Holidayhorn & pianoScharnberg, William441993 Nov
Rose, MichaelHorn on Holidayhorn & pianoLaBar, Arthur751996 May
Rosenbaum, MatthewContinental Drifthorn, percussion, keyboardScharnberg, William461993 Nov
Rosenthal, IrvingThe French Horn: A Modern Elementary MethodmethodFaust, Randall711982 Apr
Rosetti, AntonioGrand Concerto für 2 Hörner in F, ROM 40b2 horns & orchestra/pianoHiebert, Thomas762003 Oct
Rosetti, AntonioKonzert für 2 Hörner in E, ROM 59b2 horns & orchestra/pianoHiebert, Thomas752003 Oct
Rosetti, AntonioKonzert für 2 Hörner in E-flat, ROM 57b2 horns & orchestra/pianoHiebert, Thomas762003 Oct
Rosetti, AntonioKonzert für 2 Hörner in E-flat, ROM 58b2 horns & orchestra/pianoHiebert, Thomas75-762003 Oct
Rosetti, AntonioKonzert für Horn in D minor, ROM 52bhorn & orchestra/pianoHiebert, Thomas86-872003 Feb
Rosetti, AntonioKonzert für Horn in D minor, ROM 87bhorn & orchestra/pianoHiebert, Thomas872003 Feb
Rosetti, AntonioKonzert für Horn in E-flat, ROM 36bhorn & orchestra/pianoHiebert, Thomas862003 Feb
Rosetti, AntonioKonzert für Horn in E-flat, ROM 37bhorn & orchestra/pianoHiebert, Thomas85-862003 Feb
Rosetti, F.A.Concerto ex Dis (Corno secondo principal)horn & pianoScharnberg, William811984 Apr
Ross, WalterCanzonettahorn & pianoScharnberg, William93-941999 Nov
Rossetti/Damm (ed)Concerto in E-flathorn & pianoScharnberg, William1151990 Apr
Rossetti/Orval (arr)Concerto No. 3 for two horns2 horns & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey812011 Feb
Rossetti/Ostermeyer (ed)Konzert in E-Durhorn & pianoScharnberg, William792002 Oct
Rossari, Gustavo12 Studi per Corno da CacciaetudesScharnberg, William841985 Apr
Rossignol, BrunoCarrilonhorn & pianoFaust, Randall871985 Apr
Rossignol, BrunoJean-Paul’s Marchhorn & pianoScharnberg, William832000 Nov
Rossini/Bergonzi/Gabler (arr)Variationen über "O mattutini albori" aus dem Oper "La donna del Lago"horn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey832004 Oct
Rossini/Damm (arr)Overture to William Tell (1829)wind ensembleLane, Mark912015 May
Rossini/Howe (arr)Quando Corpus4 hornsScharnberg, William691983 Apr
Rossini/Howe (arr)Quando Corpus4 hornsFaust, Randall90-911983 Oct
Rossini/Leloir (arr)Introduction, Andante, & Allegrohorn & pianoMeek, Harold741972 Nov
Rossini/Martinet (arr)La Gazza Ladra Overture8 hornsScharnberg, William912001 Nov
Rossini/Martinet (arr)Pro peccatis from Stabat Mater6 hornsScharnberg, William751990 Oct
Rossini/Orval (arr)Le Rendez-Vous de Chasse9 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey812011 Feb
Rossini/Orval (arr)William Tell8 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey782011 May
Rossini/Tuckwell (ed)Prelude, Theme and Variationshorn & pianoScharnberg, William761997 May
Rossini/Willett (arr)La Cenerentola Overturewind quintetLaBar, Arthur671996 Feb
Röth/Janetzky (ed)Conzertante in Fhorn & bassoon, orchestraMeek, Harold231975 Nov
Rougeron, PhilippeSong of Oldbrass quartetSnedeker, Jeffrey782004 Feb
Rozsa, PalIntroduzione e Capricciohorn & pianoAgrell, Jeffrey731986 Oct
Rozsa, PalTheme with Variationshorn, bassoon, violinAgrell, Jeffrey101-1021988 Oct
Rummel/Holy (ed)Nocturnehorn/bassett horn & pianoScharnberg, William701999 May
Runge, JurgenEtüden für Horn & Klavierhorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey822010 May
Ryden, William (arr)Classical Duets for All2 hornsScharnberg, William821997 Nov
Ryden, William (arr)Classical Quartets for All4 hornsScharnberg, William821997 Nov
Ryden, William (arr)Classical Trios for All3 hornsScharnberg, William821997 Nov
Ryden, William (arr)Sacred Quartets for All4 hornsScharnberg, William77-781998 May
Ryelandt, JosephSonate, op. 18horn & pianoMeek, Harold621973 May
Sacco, P. PeterThree Psalmsbrass quintet and tenorHill Douglas631977 May
Saglietti, Corrado Maria40 Progressive Melodic Studies for Brass: HornetudesBoldin, James77-782018 Feb
Saglietti, Corrado MariaThe Magic Horn: 9 Advanced Duets2 hornsHunt, Lauren862021 Feb
Saglietti, Corrado MariaSuitehorn & piano/string quartetThompson, Virginia772011 May
Saint-Saens/Adams & Bennett (ed)Morceau de Concert, op. 94horn & pianoThompson, Virginia79-802013 Feb
Saint-Saens/CD (arr)Morceau de Concert, op. 94horn & CDSnedeker, Jeffrey832007 Feb
Saint-Saens/Heading (arr)Mon coeur, à ta voixbrass quintetSnedeker, Jeffrey822014 Feb
Saint-Saens/Henle (ed)Romanzenhorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey77-782014 Feb
Saint-Saens/Larkin (arr)Andantehorn & organScharnberg, William721994 Feb
Saint-Saens/Proust (arr)Morceau de Concert, op. 94horn & bandLane, Mark752011 Oct
Saint-Saens/Schmalz (arr)Morceau de Concerthorn & bandScharnberg, William100-1011989 Apr
Saint-Saens /Whitehurst (arr)from Carnival of the Animalsbrass quintetSnedeker, Jeffrey832013 May
Saint-Saens /Whitehurst (arr)The Swanbrass quintetSnedeker, Jeffrey882015 Feb
Sampson, DavidDistant Voicesbrass quintetLaBar, Arthur721995 Feb
Sampson, DavidSonata Fortyhorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey84-852007 Oct
Sanders, Kevin & Wiggins, Marcus (ed)The Hollywood Warm Up: A Knight’s TalemethodSnedeker, Jeffrey85-862012 Oct
Sandoval-Thurlow, D.Let’s Waltz4 hornsScharnberg, William93-941999 Nov
Santamaria, GaetanPastoralehorn & pianoScharnberg, William852000 Aug
Sargon, SimonA Clear Midnighthorn, baritone, pianoScharnberg, William851997 Feb
Sargon, SimonHuntsman, what Quarry?horn, soprano, pianoScharnberg, William541992 Oct
Sargon, SimonThe Legacyhorn, violin, pianoScharnberg, William721994 Feb
Sargon, SimonThe Legacyhorn, violin, pianoSpence, Marcia69-702001 Aug
Sargon, SimonQuestingshorn & chamber orchestraScharnberg, William801991 Oct
Sargon, SimonQuestingshorn & chamber orchestraSpence, Marcia69-702001 Aug
Sargon, SimonThe Weeping Shofarhorn & pianoScharnberg, William851999 Aug
Sargon, SimonThe Weeping Shofarhorn & pianoScharnberg, William682001 Feb
Saricich, PaulSonata Circolarehorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey81-822010 Oct
Savart-Wottawa40 etudes moderneshorn & pianoScharnberg, William741984 Oct
Sawyer, EricQuintethorn & stringsLucas, Heidi982022 May
Scarlatti/Connelle (arr)Aria and Gavotte4 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey812009 May
Scarlatti/Hill, Douglas (ed)Sonata XIII (K. 96)3 hornsScharnberg, William691983 Apr
Schantl, G. and J.Four Quartets4 hornsScharnberg, William831984 Apr
Schantl, J.Oesterreichische Jagdmusik2 hornsScharnberg, William731984 Oct
Schantl, J. (arr)Zwei Märsche8 hornsScharnberg, William802002 Oct
Sharma, Liz4 x 44 hornsKing, Martin92-932018 Oct
Scharnberg, William (ed)Nineteen Viennese Horn Quartets4 hornsFaust, Randall861985 Apr
Schaughency, Steve et alBlues, Bossa, Bebop, and Beyond: 19 Intermediate & Advanced Jazz Studies for HornetudesLucas, Heidi852019 May
Schaughency, SteveJazztets, Set #14 hornsLucas, Heidi822019 Oct
Schaughency, SteveJazztets, Set #34 hornsLucas, Heidi912021 May
Scheidt/Knudsvig (arr)Galliardebrass quintetScharnberg, William701996 May
Schein/Piotrowski (arr)Paduanabrass quartetBennett, Travis822019 Oct
Schickele, PeterBrass Calendarbrass quintetScharnberg, William94-951999 Nov
Schickele, PeterWhat Did You Do Today at Jeffrey’s House?horn & pianoScharnberg, William711994 Feb
Schickele, PeterWhat Did You Do Today at Jeffrey’s House?horn & pianoLaBar, Arthur761994 Feb
Schlaepfer, Jean-ClaudeInstances IIhorn aloneScharnberg, William711994 Nov
Schlee, Thomas DanielNotturno4 hornsScharnberg, William821997 Nov
Schmaltz, Peter24 EtudesetudesScharnberg, William100-1011989 Apr
Schmaltz, PeterAchean Danceswind quintetScharnberg, William100-1011989 Apr
Schmaltz, PeterCaduceushorn & bandScharnberg, William100-1011989 Apr
Schmaltz, PeterProcessional and Recessionalhorn & organScharnberg, William100-1011989 Apr
Schmaltz, PeterSirenshorn & bandScharnberg, William100-1011989 Apr
Schmaltz, PeterSubterraneahorn & pianoScharnberg, William100-1011989 Apr
Schmaltz, PeterScherzohorn & pianoScharnberg, William100-1011989 Apr
Schneider, Daniel WumHimmelstriobrass trioLucas, Heidi89-902015 May
Schnell/Ruhland (ed)Kleine angenehme Tafel-Music, op. VII, vol. 1horn, flute, violin, basso continuoSnedeker, Jeffrey832005 Oct
Schneyder(pseudo)/Roth (ed)Concerto in E-Flat Majorhorn & orchestraScharnberg, William741990 Oct
Schobert/Schmalfuss (arr)Trio in Es-Durhorn, violin, pianoScharnberg, William862000 Nov
Schollum, RobertRufe für Hornhorn aloneMeek, Harold221975 Nov
Schonthal, RuthMusic for Horn and Chamber Orchestrahorn & chamber orchestra/ pianoChesebro, Gayle861980 Oct
Schubert, FranzAn Gotthorn, tenor, women’s chorus, pianoScharnberg, William692001 Feb
Schubert/Ashworth (arr)Selected Schubert Songshorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey90, 972022 May
Schubert/Baudrier(arr)Berceusehorn & pianoPherigo, Johnny611986 Oct
Schubert/Dishinger (arr)My Sweetheart's Eyes, op. 14, no. 2horn & pianoScharnberg, William113-1141990 Apr
Schubert/Dürr (arr)Auf dem Stromhorn, tenor, pianoLaBar, Arthur65-661996 Feb
Schubert/Gabler (arr)Teile des 1. Satzes aus dem 7. Symphonie8 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey712005 Feb
Schubert/Galley (arr) /Garcin-Marrou (ed)6 Melodieshorn & pianoThompson, Virginia861999 Aug
Schubert/Janetzky (ed)Auf dem Stromhorn, tenor, pianoMeek, Harold221975 Nov
Schubert/Kloss (arr)Allegretto for piano D9154 hornsGrodrian, Ericka712017 Feb
Schubert/Machala (ed)Twenty-one Lieder (2 vol)horn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey782008 Feb
Schubert/Martinet (arr)March Militaire4 hornsScharnberg, William771996 Nov
Schubert/Martinet (arr)Die Nichtigall8 hornsScharnberg, William70-711985 Oct
Schubert/Martinet (arr)Nachtgesang im Walde8 hornsScharnberg, William1061988 Oct
Schubert/Reynolds (arr)Six Quartets4 hornsScharnberg, William105-1061988 Oct
Schubert/Richards (arr)Aur dem Stromhorn, voice, viola, pianoLucas, Heidi962020 Oct
Schubert/Robinson (arr)Marche Militaire6 hornsScharnberg, William691985 Oct
Schubert/Voirpy (arr)5 Ländler/6 Ecossaisesbrass quintetScharnberg, William89-901998 Nov
Schubert/Voxman & Block (arr)Three Songs4 hornsScharnberg, William941986 Oct
Schubert/WWV (arr)Deutsche Messe4 hornsScharnberg, William761990 Oct
Schuller, GuntherDuets2 hornsMeek, Harold591973 May
Schuller, GuntherFive Pieces for Five Horns5 hornsHill Douglas62-631977 May
Schuller, GuntherNocturnehorn & pianoFaust, Randall781987 Apr
Schuller, GuntherSonatahorn & pianoLaBar, Arthur791992 Apr
Schuller, GuntherTrois Homages2 horns & pianoScharnberg, William771981 Apr
Schuller, GuntherTrois Homages2 horns & pianoFaust, Randall781987 Apr
Schultz, MarkAlligator Alley2 horns & pianoScharnberg, William87-881999 Aug
Schultz, MarkAshfallhorn, clarinet, 2 percussionScharnberg, William691996 Feb
Schultz, MarkBeast Tales2 horns & pianoScharnberg, William87-881999 Aug
Schultz, MarkBeast Tales2 horns & pianoScharnberg, William94-952000 May
Schultz, MarkDancin' Dinosaurshorn & pianoScharnberg, William801991 Oct
Schultz, MarkDragons in the Skyhorn, percussion, tapeScharnberg, William791991 Oct
Schultz, MarkDragons in the Skyhorn, percussion, wind ensembleScharnberg, William87-882000 Feb
Schultz, MarkGlowing Embershorn aloneScharnberg, William691996 Feb
Schultz, MarkThe Melon Patchhorn, clarinet, narrator, percussion, pianoScharnberg, William87-881999 Aug
Schultz, MarkOver Your Shoulder, Don't Smilehorn & pianoScharnberg, William681995 Feb
Schultz, MarkPillars of Firehorn & orchestraScharnberg, William681995 Feb
Schultz, MarkPodunk Lakehorn (amplified)Scharnberg, William681995 Feb
Schultz, MarkRainbow horned-dinosaur Anne2 horns, soprano, pianoScharnberg, William94-952000 May
Schultz, Mark´Raptors2 horns & pianoScharnberg, William94-952000 May
Schultz, MarkSauropods2 horns & pianoScharnberg, William94-952000 May
Schultz, MarkSinging out of the lips of silence2 horns & pianoScharnberg, William94-952000 May
Schultz, MarkT. Rex (Dancin’ Dinosaurs revised)horn & pianoScharnberg, William94-952000 May
Schultz, MarkVoices from Spoon River2 horns & pianoScharnberg, William681995 Feb
Schultz, MarkVoices from Spoon River2 horns & pianoScharnberg, William94-952000 May
Schultz, MarkWith every leaf a miraclehorn, violin, piano, percussionSnedeker, Jeffrey85-862007 Oct
SchumannAdagio & Allegro, accompaniment CDhorn & pianoLaBar, Arthur721995 Nov
SchumannAdagio & Allegro, accompaniment CDhorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey762006 May
Schumann/Carr (arr)An die Sterne und Ungewisses Licht8 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey792010 Feb
Schumann/Cherry (ed)Konzertstück4 horns & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey84-852015 Feb
Schumann/Draheim (ed)Adagio & Allegrohorn & pianoThompson, Virginia812006 Oct
Schumann/Herttrich (ed)Adagio & Allegrohorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey712012 May
Schumann/Herttrich (ed)Konzertstück4 horns & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey84-852015 Feb
Schumann/Klemcke (arr)Abendlied (Evening Song) and Träumereihorn & pianoGardner, Jena862019 May
Schumann/Martinet (arr)Five Hunting Songs, op. 1378 hornsScharnberg, William912001 Nov
Schumann/Orval (arr)Réverie/Never Adieu4 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey782011 May
Schumann/Pizka (arr)Fünf Jagdlieder, op. 1378 hornsScharnberg, William812002 Oct
Schumann/Proust (arr)Romanze, 2nd movement of Konzertstück5 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey782004 May
Schumann/Ramm (arr)Konzertstück4 horns & orchestraLaBar, Arthur731996 May
Schumann/Reynolds (arr)Six Quartets4 hornsScharnberg, William1001989 Apr
Schumann/Ross (arr)A Schumann Setbrass quintetScharnberg, William801998 May
Schumann/Tuckwell (ed)Adagio and Allegrohorn & pianoScharnberg, William761997 May
Schuncke, Johann GottfriedConcertino pour le Cor chromatiquehorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey802010 May
Schuncke, Johann GottfriedExercice für Horn mit Begleitung des Pianoforteshorn & pianoHiebert, Tom822002 Oct
Schwartz, NanHorn Opus #1horn & stringsChesebro, Gayle881980 Oct
Scoville, M. LeeStatement I and IIIhorn aloneChesebro, Gayle82-831979 Oct
Sear/Piotrawski (ed)Sussex Mummers Carol and Angels from the Realmbrass quintetSnedeker, Jeffrey802017 Oct
Sear/Piotrawski (ed)Three Christmas Carols, Volume 1: Joy to the World, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, Hark the Herald Angels Sing!brass quintetSnedeker, Jeffrey802017 Oct
Sear/Piotrawski (ed)Three Christmas Carols, Volume 2: Christmas Eve, The First Noel, Coventry Carolbrass quintetSnedeker, Jeffrey812017 Oct
Seegers, JanScherzo "Potsdam"2 hornsScharnberg, William1011989 Apr
Segers, JanEssayhorn & wind esemble/pianoScharnberg, William931986 Oct
Segers, JanFive Drawings4 horns, percussion, stringsScharnberg, William931986 Oct
Segers, JanMusic for a Solemn Occasionbrass ensembleScharnberg, William931986 Oct
Segers, JanStudy for Horn and Tapehorn & tapeScharnberg, William931986 Oct
Self, JimHoopLAbrass quintetSnedeker, Jeffrey622016 May
Self, JimPolarities2 brass quintetsSnedeker, Jeffrey842016 Feb
Self, JimVignetteswind quintetSnedeker, Jeffrey62-632016 May
Semini, Carlo FlorindoInvenzioni per Corno e Pianofortehorn & pianoHill, Douglas641976 May
Sestak, ZdenekConcertinohorn & pianoChesebro, Gayle841979 Oct
Seyfried, ErhardCapriccio malizioso pentatonica e pentaritmico5 hornsAgrell, Jeffrey73-741986 Oct
Sharma, LizNight Spirits4 hornsLucas, Heidi832016 Oct
Sharma, LizSuite for Four Horns4 hornsBoldin, James732017 May
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Turner, KerryQuartet No. 14 hornsScharnberg, William541992 Oct
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Uber, DavidRevivalwind quintetScharnberg, William741998 Feb
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Verdi/Ross (arr)March from Macbethbrass quintetScharnberg, William801998 May
Verdie, AdrianaTempo de Mariposashorn aloneHunt, Lauren852021 Feb
Verrall, JohnInvocation to Eoshorn & pianoFaust, Randall711985 Oct
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Wagner/Hilfiger (arr)Ride of the Valkyries4 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey72-732012 May
Wagner/Jeurissen (arr)Drei Sätze für Hornquartett4 hornsScharnberg, William861999 Aug
Wagner/Jeurissen (arr)Tristan Fantasy6 hornsScharnberg, William881983 Oct
Wagner/Martinet (arr)Nibelungen March4 hornsScharnberg, William701985 Oct
Wagner/Proust (arr)Entrée de Hermann (Entrait de Tannhaüser)6 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey842010 May
Wagner/Sauer (tran)Shepherd’s Song (Tristan and Isolde)horn aloneLieser, Benjamin792021 Oct
Wallace & Denly (ed)Specimen sight-Reading TestsmethodLaBar, Arthur741996 May
Wallace & Denly (ed)Scales and ArpeggiosmethodLaBar, Arthur741996 May
Wallach, JoelleIn a Dark time (the eye begins to see)horn & piano/chamber orchestraSnedeker, Jeffrey812009 Oct
Wallach, JoelleWhy the Caged Bird Singshorn, treble choir, piano/stringsSnedeker, Jeffrey802009 May
Walton/Nelson (arr)Crown Imperialbrass ensemble & timpaniSnedeker, Jeffrey782006 May
Walton/SargentFanfare for Brass and Percussionbrass & percussionMeek, Harold761973 Aut
Waltzer, RosemarySecond Suite: Ethical Duetstrumpet & hornLucas, Heidi922021 May
Waltzer, RosemarySuitetrumpet & hornSnedeker, Jeffrey732017 Feb
Warburton, JonathanThe Memory of Youhorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey792011 Feb
Ward/Vogel (arr)Three Fantasiasbrass sextetLucas, Heidi802012 Feb
Ward/Vogel (arr)Three Madrigal Fantasiasbrass quintetLucas, Heidi802012 Feb
Warren/Frackenpohl (arr)God of Our Fathersbrass quintet & organScharnberg, William791996 Nov
Washburn, RobertHornographyhorn & pianoLaBar, Arthur781995 May
Washburn, RobertHornography4 hornsLaBar, Arthur781995 May
Waters, EmoryIntrada2 hornsChesebro, Gayle861978 Nov
Waters, EmoryThree Preludeshorn aloneChesebro, Gayle861978 Nov
Waters, KevinUnder a Soft Rainbrass quintetScharnberg, William801998 May
Watkins, Mark AdamFalls Like Rain4 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey822016 Feb
Weber, BernhardQuartet No. 1, No. 24 hornsMeek, Harold231975 Nov
Weckmann/Risher (arr)Sonata No. 5brass quintet & keyboardScharnberg, William711996 May
Weigel, EugeneMaine Sketcheshorn & pianoHill, Douglas651976 May
Weill/Kay (arr)Songs from the Threepenny Operawind quintetSnedeker, Jeffrey792009 Oct
Weinstein, MichaelSerenade for 12 Instrumentswind ensembleGookin, Larry852005 Oct
Weinstein, MichaelSonatahorn & pianoFaust, Randall681991 Apr
Wenger, RobertOuverture6 hornsScharnberg, William94-951986 Oct
Wekre, Frøydis Ree (arr)Frøydis's Favorite Prunes, Vol. I-IIIhorn & pianoScharnberg, William751982 Apr
Wessman, HarriConcertino “About Rain”horn & stringsSnedeker, Jeffrey81-822016 Feb
Whettam, GrahamConcertohorn & orchestraScharnberg, William831997 Nov
Whettam, GrahamDuo Declamandohorn & pianoScharnberg, William831997 Nov
Whettam, GrahamIdyllhorn & organScharnberg, William831997 Nov
Whettam, GrahamA Little Suitebrass quintetScharnberg, William831997 Nov
Whettam, GrahamQuartet4 hornsScharnberg, William831997 Nov
White, John…Those Who Dwell in Realms of Dayhorn & piano/string quartetScharnberg, William1091988 Oct
White, JohnTime and the Waterhorn & pianoThompson, Virginia852000 Aug
White, John D.Tuatha De Danannhorn & pianoScharnberg, William841997 Feb
White, Terrence E.Brass Quintet, op. 16brass quintetFaust, Randall74-751987 Oct
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Wiggins, Christopher D.12 Easy Trios for You and You, op. 141a2 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey822005 Oct
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Wiggins, Christopher D.4x33 horns (or others instr.)Scharnberg, William721994 Feb
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Wiggins, Christopher D.Canto, op. 10118 hornsScharnberg, William701996 Feb
Wiggins, Christopher D.Concerto for Four Horns & Orchestra4 horns & orchestraScharnberg, William601993 Apr
Wiggins, Christopher D.Concerto for Four Horns & Orchestra4 horns & orchestraScharnberg, William941999 Nov
Wiggins, Christopher D.Dialogues, op. 962 hornsScharnberg, William701996 Feb
Wiggins, Christopher D.Dialogues, op. 962 hornsThompson, Virginia782013 Oct
Wiggins, Christopher D.Dialogues, op. 962 hornsBoldin, James912018 Oct
Wiggins, Christopher D.Echoes, op. 113horn aloneScharnberg, William701996 Feb
Wiggins, Christopher D.Eight for a Start, op. 157a2 horns (or other instr) & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey77-782013 Oct
Wiggins, Christopher D.Eight for a Start, op. 157a2 horns & pianoGrodrian, Ericka Tyner91-922018 Oct
Wiggins, Christopher D.Fanfare for a Dozen, op. 14012 hornsScharnberg, William842003 Feb
Wiggins, Christopher D.Fanfare for Quadre, op. 139Ahorn & pianoScharnberg, William862003 May
Wiggins, Christopher D.First Dance Suitebrass quintetScharnberg, William701995 Feb
Wiggins, Christopher D.Five Miniatures4 hornsFaust, Randall771989 Oct
Wiggins, Christopher D.Five Miniatures4 hornsScharnberg, William471993 Nov
Wiggins, Christopher D.Five Miniatures, op. 854 hornsScharnberg, William942000 May
Wiggins, Christopher D.Four Easy Sketcheshorn & pianoScharnberg, William661995 Nov
Wiggins, Christopher D.Four Easy Sketcheshorn & pianoScharnberg, William942000 May
Wiggins, Christopher D.Fragments II, op. 165horn, tuba, pianoKing, Martin792018 May
Wiggins, Christopher D.I Got It Sorted5 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey742006 Feb
Wiggins, Christopher D.Laudate Dominum, op. 1028 horns, organ, timpani, perc.Scharnberg, William551992 Oct
Wiggins, Christopher D.Nocturne, op. 77Ahorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey87-882015 May
Wiggins, Christopher D.Pieces of Eight, op. 157horn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey77-782013 Oct
Wiggins, Christopher D.Réverie, op. 98Bhorn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey87-882015 May
Wiggins, Christopher D.Soliloquy Ihorn aloneLaBar, Arthur751991 Oct
Wiggins, Christopher D.Soliloquy Ihorn aloneScharnberg, William902001 Nov
Wiggins, Christopher D.Solitudes, op. 113ahorn aloneBoldin, James90-912018 Oct
Wiggins, Christopher D.Sonata, op. 98horn & pianoScharnberg, William771992 Apr
Wiggins, Christopher D.Sonata, op. 98horn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey77-782013 Oct
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Wiggins, Christopher D.Three of a Kind4 horns or strings, clarinetsSnedeker, Jeffrey77-782013 Oct
Wiggins, Christopher D.Toccata for Twelve, op. 13112 hornsScharnberg, William811998 May
Wiggins, Christopher D.Trio for Horn, Violin, and Piano, op. 90horn, violin, pianoThompson, Virginia822001 May
Wiggins, Christopher D.Two's Company2 horns (or other instruments)Snedeker, Jeffrey742014 May
Wiggins, Christopher D.Two's Company, op. 157B2 horns (or other instruments)Bennett, Travis912018 Oct
Wilder, AlecJazz Suite4 horns, harpsichord, guitar, bass, drumsScharnberg, William781986 Apr
Wilder, AlecSonata No. 3horn & pianoFaust, Randall871981 Oct
Wilder, AlecSuitehorn & pianoScharnberg, William691995 Feb
Wilder/Schuller (ed)Four Easy Pieceshorn & pianoFaust, Randall781987 Apr
Wilder/Schuller (ed)Suite No. 1horn, tuba, pianoFaust, Randall961989 Apr
Wildgans, FriedrichSonatinehorn & pianoMeek, Harold59-601973 May
Wildgans, FriedrichThree Inventionshorn & clarinetMeek, Harold781972 Nov
Wiley & CassidyKen's Jazz Lounge: 12 great Jazz Tuneshorn & CDSnedeker, Jeffrey832005 May
Wilkinson, ScottScott's Piecebrass quintetFaust, Randall851986 Apr
Williams, ChristopherEnjoy Playing the HornmethodLaBar, Arthur69-701991 Apr
Williams, DavidKanawha Mosaics4 hornsScharnberg, William93-941999 Nov
Willmore, AlanFantasiehorn & organScharnberg, William841985 Apr
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Wilson, DanaSongs from Middle Earthhorn & pianoScharnberg, William1011989 Apr
Wilson, DavidEscapadesbrass quintetAgrell, Jeffrey782008 May
Wilson, KenyonTrifectabrass quintetLucas, Heidi87-882015 Feb
Winter, JamesSonatahorn & pianoChesebro, Gayle561976 Nov
Winteregg, Steven L.Blue Soliloquyhorn aloneThompson, Virginia932000 May
Winteregg, Steven L.Divertimentohorn, flute, bassFaust, Randall72-731985 Oct
Winteregg, Steven L.Flights of Imaginationhorn & string quartetAgrell, Jeffrey63-641987 Oct
Winteregg, Steven L.Pastiche6 hornsHill, Douglas891980 Apr
Winteregg, Steven L.Those Things Strange and Wonderfulbrass quintetLaBar, Arthur661996 Feb
Winteregg, Steven L.Three Moodshorn & pianoThompson, Virginia932000 May
Winteregg, Steven L.Vignetteshorn, flute, pianoScharnberg, William911998 Nov
Witt, FriedrichConcerto in E Majorhorn & orchestraHiebert, Tom822002 Oct
Wittell, ChesterSuitehorn & pianoScharnberg, William731987 Apr
Wolking, HenryChamber Concertohorn, bassoon, violinFaust, Randall671988 Oct
Wolking, HenryChamber Concertohorn, bassoon, violinAgrell, Jeffrey1011988 Oct
Wolking, HenryHat Dance Variationsbrass trioScharnberg, William911998 Nov
Wood, DanielReasons to Rhyme4 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey802011 Feb
Wood, JeffreyIn Memoriam Magistribrass quintetScharnberg, William721984 Oct
Wood, MollyPimi “Be Loved”horn & pianoSnedeker, Jeffrey892012 Oct
Woods, StanleyAlexander Takes a Swing4 horns & bass/tubaLaBar, Arthur791995 May
Woods, StanleyHornithology4 horns & bass/tubaLaBar, Arthur791995 May
Wottawa, HeinrichDrei Pillen4 hornsScharnberg, William801991 Oct
Wuensch, GerhardSonatahorn & pianoChesebro, Gayle881978 Nov
Wunderer, AntonErinnerungen an Wien4 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey782012 Feb
Wunderer, AntonSt. Hubertus-Messe & St. Carolus-Messe4 hornsScharnberg, William831984 Apr
Wuorinen, CharlesDouble Solohorn, violin, pianoScharnberg, William761996 Nov
Wuorinen, CharlesHorn Triohorn, violin, pianoScharnberg, William67-681995 Nov
Wuorinen, CharlesHorn Trio Continuedhorn, violin, pianoScharnberg, William761996 Nov
XenakisLinaia-Agonhorn, trombone, tubaHill, Douglas681976 May
Yancich, MilanA Practical Guide to French Horn PlayingmethodMeek, Harold201971 Nov
Yasenchak, MichaelLamentationshorn aloneFaust, Randall901983 Oct
Yates, Ronald L.Solitaire IIIhorn aloneChesebro, Gayle551976 Nov
Yon/Piotrowski (arr)Gesu Bambinobrass quintetBennett, Travis752017 May
Young, CharlesCallings4 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey762008 May
Young, CharlesTwo Movementsbrass quintetFaust, Randall971989 Apr
Young, KeithTunes and Reelshorn, tuba, pianoKristen Sienkiewicz762020 Feb
Young, ScottHorn Dodecatet I (Remembrance)12 hornsLucas, Heidi882012 Oct
Yu, Man-ChingSolemn Elegy (To Jamie Wehr)4 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey782008 Oct
Yurko, BruceConcerto for Horn and Wind Ensemblehorn & wind ensembleHill, Douglas571976 Nov
Zaheri, AmirSt. Vincent4 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey712017 Feb
Zaninelli, LuigiMomentehorn & pianoScharnberg, William108-1091988 Oct
Zare, RogerSolar Fanfarebrass & percussionThoman, Jessie792018 Feb
Zare, RogerSpectral Fanfare2 trumpets, 2 horns, 3 trombones, tuba, timpani, 3 percussionBoldin, James802018 May
Zarzo, Vincente10 Estudios para Trompa, op. 7methodScharnberg, William801997 Nov
Zarzo, Vincente12 Estudios, op. 6 para Trompa naturalmethodScharnberg, William801997 Nov
Zarzo, VincenteCompendio de la Técnica de la TrompamethodScharnberg, William801997 Nov
Zehm, FriedrichBalladehorn & pianoScharnberg, William671985 Oct
Zelenka, IstvanTrio for Horn, Violin, Pianohorn, violin, pianoHill Douglas611977 May
Zemlinsky, AlexanderJagdstuck2 horns & pianoScharnberg, William831985 Apr
Zenger, MaxSonate, op. 90horn & pianoScharnberg, William751990 Oct
Zimmerman, Richard H.Fugue a quatre voixhorn, clarinet, oboe, bassoonChesebro, Gayle561976 Nov
Zimmerman, Ruth L.Play a Song of Christmasmixed ensemble/ solo & piano (CD accompaniament)Snedeker, Jeffrey722012 May
Zugger, ThomasLamentbrass quintetScharnberg, William852000 Nov
Zugger, ThomasLament of the Sun Bear4 hornsSnedeker, Jeffrey792011 May
Zwierzina, Franz43 Trios3 hornsHiebert, Thomas752004 Feb
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