A new publication has been added to the IHS Online Music Library. 

Corrado Saglietti, principal horn of the RAI National Symphony Orchestra (Torino, Italy) has assembled a 44-page book of exercises to be used as warmups and technique builders. He says this about his collection of exercises:

In more than 30 years of professional activity I have had the opportunity to participate in a large variety of musical experiences and to meet a vast number of horn players from all over the world.

There's always something new to be learned.

Among the exercises I have ever heard, invented and tried out over time, I have put together those which I have found most efficient and which have accompanied me all these years.

The choice and structure of the exercises are the results of a long experimentation.

Included files:

• Book PDF (44 pages, letter size, 0.5 MB)

A small sample of Saglietti's "Exercises for Horn" and purchase details can be found in the IHS Online Music Library

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