The IHS Online Music Library is now open for business

The Online Music Library (OML) is a new venture for the IHS and one that we're very excited about. The OML will replace the long-running Manuscript Press which published winning compositions of the IHS Composition Contest. The OML, however, will be much more than this. We plan to expand the offerings to include a greater variety of horn music that will appeal to a wider variety of players—from young students to seasoned professionals.

We are doing away with the old business model of shipping printed music through the mail. Rather, we will be delivering our publications as downloadable PDF documents. This has several key advantages:

  • Instant delivery. No more waiting by your mailbox for your new music to arrive. You can purchase, download, print, and start practicing immediately.
  • Lower prices. We've eliminated the cost of printing the music and we're passing that savings on to you. There are also no more shipping and handling fees.
  • Portability. Take your OML music collection with you anywhere on your laptop or iPad. Study a score on an airplane or practice in a hotel room without having to pack bulky sheet music.

For more information and to see the catalog, visit the IHS Online Music Library.

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