The IHS Thesis Lending Library now has 167 theses. Thirteen theses were added to the Library this year – 12 were purchased and 1 was donated. The theses are available for IHS members to borrow for a three-week period. The IHS supports this project with an annual budget to purchases theses and for mailing theses upon request. Borrowers submit a refundable deposit of $45 per theses and return them are their own expense. Theses published since 1996 are available in PDF format from the UMI/Proquest website.

Donations (*) and purchases for the year 2011 include:

Bonaparte-Extract, Darlene. “Franz Schubert’s Auf dem Strom: A Farewell in Song.” M.M. project, California State University- Long Beach, 1999. UMI# 1396287.

Cord, John. “Francis Poulenc’s Sonata for Horn, Trumpet and Trombone: A Structural Analysis Identifying Historical Significance, Form and Implications for Performance.” D.M.A. diss., University of North Texas, 2009. Proquest# 3399403.

Eckstrand, Jacqueline. “Concertino pour le Cor Chromatique (1857) by Johann Christoph Schuncke (1791-1857): A Performance Edi- tion.” D.M.A. diss., University of North Carolina-Greensboro, 1998. UMI #9833396.

*George, Alexander Ritter. “Playing the Horn in Woodwind Quintet: A Pedagogical and Reference Guide.” D.M.A. docu- ment, University of Colorado, 2009.

Hansen, Jeremy Christian. “A Creative Pedagogical Approach to Hindemith’s Music for Horn and Piano with Thirty Progressive Etudes.” D.M.A. thesis, University of Iowa, 2009. Pro- quest #3356216.

Hopper, Kathleen Kenyon. “A Performance Edition of Thirty Instructive and Melodic Exercises for French Horn by Vincenz Ranieri.” D.M.A. diss., University of North Carolina-Greensboro, 2007. Proquest #3259678.

Miller, Brett Edward. “45 Concert Studies on the Themes of Richard Strauss, Gustav Mahler and Johannes Brahms.” D.M.A. diss., University of Maryland, 2007. Proquest # 3260376.

Pritchett, Kathleen. “The Career and Legacy of Hornist Joseph Eger: His Solo Career, Recordings, and Arrangements.” D.M.A. diss., University of North Texas, 2008. Proquest # 3326819.

Schaffer, William Robert. “Quartet #4 by Johann David Schwegler: A Performance Edition.” D.M.A. diss., University of North Carolina-Greensboro, 1997. UMI# 9730019.

Slocumb, Brandon Scott. “Causes, Effects, and Solutions to Performance-Related Anxiety: Suggestions for the Teaching of Brass Players.” D.M.A. diss., University of North Carolina- Greensboro, 2009. Proquest #3355980.

Stark, Nathan. “Approaches for Improving Accuracy on the Horn: A Survey Project.” D.M.A. research paper, Arizona State University, 2009. Proquest# 3391970.

Starrett, Megan Jane. “The Role of the Horn in Band Music.” M.M. Thesis (musicology), University of Kansas, 2009. Proquest #1467786.

Tung, Margaret. “Dale Clevenger: Performer and Teacher.” D.M.A. document, The Ohio State University, 2009. Proquest #3393277.

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