by Riley P.

Scales. Some hate them, some love them. I wish to discover why do musicians despise these evil things so much? I think we think they are boring and useless. But they are not useless. After all the scales are learned, musicians can play in different keys much faster and easier. This is why when trying out for a band or another ensemble, the judge wants to hear scales so they know you can read music faster. This year scales became very useful. I made the top regional honor band this year partly because I knew every one of my scales after memorizing them in my private lessons.

By knowing the twelve major scales, your note recognition will improve. Hitting notes while playing music will be easier because of knowing the scales. Also in music, there are little parts of scales put in the music.

Scales, scales, scales. They ARE useful. They are NOT pointless. I would recommend to everyone to learn their scales. Later you will not regret it, even if you do while practicing the scales.


Riley is an 8th grade horn student in west Tennessee

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