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2014 Elections- Polls Are Open

Elections for 2014 are now under way. Issues include election of Advisory Council members and a proposed change to the IHS bylaws. All current members of the IHS are eligible to vote, either online OR by the postcard that is enclosed in the February issue of The Horn Call, but NOT both. Members must log in to their IHS account to vote online. See the front page of the website for more information and a link to the ballot. Voting ends at Midnight, Hawaii time (UTC -10) on April 15.

New Addition to OMS

Diana Cefalo – Ten Solos for the Beginning to Intermediate Horn Player

This collection is designed to provide a creative resource of original solos for the beginning to intermediate horn player. The pieces begin with a limited range for the beginning player and progress in level of difficulty as the collection continues to further the technical development of the student. Each solo comes with a recording of the piano accompaniment. The accompaniments are imaginative and designed to help make those first solos sound great!

Two New Works by Robert Ward in OMS

Two new works by Robert Ward, Principal Horn of the San Francisco Symphony, have been added to the IHS Online Music Sales.

Ward, Robert – Small Serenade for horn, violin, viola, and cello

The Short Serenade is an unpretentious, fun, not too difficult work for Horn and String Trio. It has a somewhat Hindemith-like feel to it, and might be a nice addition to a program that would also include the Mozart Quintet. Very listenable and charming.

Ward, Robert – Thirty Etudes for Stopped Horn

To my knowledge, this is the first book of etudes to specifically target stopped horn playing. They are in many different styles, and provide opportunity for working on stopped horn in different registers, dynamics, and characters. Also there are varying ways of denoting stopped horn, so the player gets used to what those markings mean. They gradually get more difficult as the book progresses.

"I Like to Practice Scales" new in OMS

I Like to Practice Scales – Ricardo Matosinhos

The aim of this method is to offer a new approach to the study of scales. Instead working this subject in a traditional way with a progressive increase of the number of sharps and flats I propose working all the scales used on western music (major scales, natural minor scales, harmonic and melodic) with the progressive increasing of the number of notes. This way the student is led to the establishment of connections between the different scales, even if at the beginning he is not aware of that. The primacy of practice over theory is meant to motivate the students to practise scales and, last but not least, to lead them to enjoy it!

This new publication is now available in the IHS Online Music Sales.

William C. Lynch Dennis Brain Collection

The Stanford Archive of Recorded Sound has recently finished processing the William C. Lynch Dennis Brain Collection. This collection is believed to be the largest of its kind in North America, if not the most comprehensive and organized collection of recorded music relating to the British horn player Dennis Brain (1921-1957), anywhere in the world. A full itemized finding aid for the collection is now available online.

Leer más: William C. Lynch Dennis Brain Collection

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