City: Boston
Bore: L
Alloy: Yellow Brass
Bell: Detachable
Lacquer: No
Case: Yes
Condition: Excellent
Other Details:

This is a gorgeous vintage Paxman 75L triple in yellow brass, currently for sale via Pope Instrument Repair. This beautiful instrument has a remarkably rich and velvety sound, which is true of all three sides of the horn. In addition, it has an exceptional low F horn, which is often not the case with many triple horns. Because of the bore size, the descant horn does not sound in any way shrill or trumpet-like. This is one of the older Paxman designs, and has brass valves, which many horn players find preferable to the newer titanium valves that have since been introduced by Paxman. Another feature of this horn that it has an Alexander bell ring, making it compatible with most bells. I have also added a string for extremely easy removal of the water. I am sad to part with this instrument!
ADSMANAGER_EXTRAS: Marcus Bonna black nylon MB1 case in good condition.



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