City: Toronto, ON
Serial Number: 001123
Bore: 0.476"
Alloy: Yellow Brass
Bell: Detachable
Lacquer: No
Case: Yamaha
Condition: Excellent
Other Details: This is purportedly the third 871DUL in Canada. Purchased new from Partch Brasswind in Toronto.

As per Yamaha, it is a traditional Geyer-style wrap with a medium size bell and thicker rim wire. The tone is rich and deep with a solid core.

True, it is an exceptional horn, slots very well and you can feel it's resonance while playing.

I find exceptional tone and stability in any octave unlike some lesser horns that sound great in one octave but lacking below or above the treble clef.

Shipping $100 US
ADSMANAGER_EXTRAS: ● In addition to the stock adjustable pinky hook, I had an adjustable Flipper/Duckfoot professionally installed.
●Allen keys and screwdriver for duckfoot, pinky and thumb valve adjustments.
●Original S.N. papers
●Yamaha 32C4 mouthpiece
●Rotor oil


ADSMANAGER_PHONE: (647) 444-6061
Yamaha 871DULYamaha 871DULYamaha 871DUL

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