Die International Horn Society ist Ihre Gesellschaft, wie das Interesse von Tausenden auf der ganzen Welt (und Sie, wenn Sie dies lesen) in allen Belangen rund um das Horn, seine Spieler, Lehrer, Repertoire, Aufträge, Aufnahmen, Nachrichten und Berichte zeigt, Instrumente, Archive usw. – alle zugänglich online oder über frühere Ausgaben von The Horn Call. Und durch Ihr Interesse können Sie dazu beitragen, die Gesellschaft noch besser zu machen und sich selbst zu helfen, indem Sie sich engagieren.

As you know, we already have a members portal on the IHS website where members can access articles and reports from the archives. We are still in the process of adding to this database, which as you will appreciate is a huge task, with much of the archived material in need of substantial restoration work before it can be stored in digital format. This is an on-going process that will require some patience before we finally achieve our aim of cataloguing all the material we have accrued over the years. Articles, music reviews, and book reviews are already indexed online for all issues of The Horn Call.

The work with the archived material is undertaken primarily by volunteers, just one area where volunteers form an enormously important asset to the IHS. Many of you reading this will possibly, at some point, have donated your time to the IHS – from being President, Secretary-Treasurer, a member of the Advisory Council, or an Area Representative, to submitting articles, reports, reviews, or letters to The Horn Call or presenting a session at a regional workshop or international symposium. In fact, two years ago, to show our appreciation to people who have given exceptional service to the IHS, the Advisory Council established a new award, the IHS Medal of Honor, to recognize those of you who have given decades of devoted service to the betterment of the Society.

Would you like to help the IHS in a way that could be of interest to the membership as a whole? Write an article? Report on a workshop? Review music, performances, books? Any of these activities would contribute to the society but also earn recognition for you, with opportunities for networking and communicating on topics of interest.

These are just a few suggestions that might spark your imagination if you would like to become more involved. You could be an area representative for a US region or a country in another part of the world. For all members, letting The Horn Call staff, a regional or country representative, or a member of the Advisory Council know what is happening, what you are interested in, or what you would like to contribute are all helpful to the society.

Financial contributions to IHS projects are another way to be involved. The most recent project, founded at the 2013 symposium, is the IHS Major Commission Initiative, which will benefit us all with substantial new works for horn by renowned composers. On the other hand, you can contribute personally to the repertoire of new works by commissioning a work with the help of the Meir Rimon fund. See page 24 for information on both these projects.

Whatever you choose, even if it is just to sit back and enjoy the input of others, it is your very contribution as a member that helps the Society survive. By becoming more involved you can help the IHS go from strength to strength.

offene Unterschrift

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