Music Reviews

Christmas Carols for the Lonely HornistBrown, Sean A.
Fanfare for HeroesBrown, Sean A.
McBones FanfareBrown, Sean A.
Overture, Op. 2Brown, Sean A.
Serenade for Winds, No. 1 op. 16Brown, Sean A.
Crown Him with Many CrownsBrown, Thomas H. (arr)
Praise Ye the Lord, the AlmightyBrown, Thomas H. (arr)
Majestic Sweetness Sits EnthronedBrown, Thomas H. (arr)
Revival, Adoration, and worshipBrown, Thomas H. (arr)
18 Contemporary EtudesBrown, Richard E.
Trios, op. 83 no. 1-4 & 5-8Bruch/Gianneschi (arr)
Christus factus estBruckner/Ashworth (arr)
Scherzo from Symphony No. 4Bruckner/Gabler (arr)
AndanteBruckner/Hoeltzel (ed)
Scherzo aus der Symphonie No. 4Bruckner/Pizka (arr)
Habanera AppassionatoBrünauer, Tibor
Songs by Strauss & RachmaninoffBrussel, David (arr)
Loose IdBryant, Steven
RhapsodyBuczynski, Walter
Ballade für NaturhornBujanovsky, Vitaly
From Sibelius and Rimski-KorsakovBujanovsky, Vitaly
Pieces for Horn SoloBujanovsky, Vitaly
Sonate for Horn SoloBujanovsky, Vitaly
Horn Playing: A New ApproachBurden, John
64 Duets, op. 132Burdick, Richard
Accuracy StudiesBurdick, Richard
I Ching Interval Studies, op. 99cBurdick, Richard
I Ching Scales, op. 99aBurdick, Richard
More than 64 Solos Based on Richard Brudick’s I Ching Scales, op. 139Burdick, Richard
More than 64 Solos Based on Richard Brudick’s I Ching Scales, op. 139Burdick, Richard
The PlanetsBurdick, Richard
PassagesBurwasser, Daniel
Death, Be Not ProudBusarow, Donald
Moon LiliesBusler-Blais, Lydia
BalladBuss, Howard J.
Dry BonesBuss, Howard J.
Night TideBuss, Howard J.
Präludium und FugeBuxtehude/Knudsvig (arr)
The Chromatic ConnectionByrd/Gamble (arr)
London Horn Sound Scores and PartsCalarecords (ed)
Horn Sonata No. 1Caliendo, Christopher
RotationsCaltabiano, Ronald
SuiteCampanelli, Richard
Horn Solos, Books 1 and 2Campbell, Arthur (arr)
Exsultate JubilateCampo, Régis
Study in B-flat BluesCampos, Waldo
Rigaudon from IdomenéeCampra/Pardus (arr)
CantehornCanavesio, Adrien
Star DustCarmichael/Iveson (arr)
Prelude to Te DeumCarpentier/Picher (arr)
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