Book Reviews

AuthorBook Title
Ely & Van DeurenWind Talk for Brass: A Practical Guide to Understanding and Teaching Brass Instruments
Epstein, EliHorn Playing from the Inside Out: A Method for All Brass Musicians
Ericson, JohnIntroducing the Horn: Essentiasl for New Hornists and Their Teachers
Ericson, JohnIntroducing the Horn, second edition
Ericson, JohnA Mello Catechism, second edition
Ericson, JohnPlaying Descant and Triple Horns
Ericson, JohnPlaying High Horn: A Handbook for High Register Playing, Descant Horns, and Triple Horns
Ericson, JohnPlaying Natural Horn Today: An Introductory Guide and Method for the Modern Natural Hornist
Ericson, JohnPlaying the Wagner Tuba
Ewell, Terry B.Wind Performer’s Guide to Increasing Endurance
Fako, Nancy JordanPhilip Farkas and His Horn: A Happy, Worthwhile Life
Farkas, PhilipThe Art of Musicianship
Farr, Linda AnneA Horn Player’s Guide to Orchestral Excerpts
Fasman, Mark J.Brass Bibliography
Faust, RandallHow to Stop a Horn (DVD)
Fedderly, David & Sally WagnerBrass Instruments: Purchasing, Maintenance, Troubleshooting, and More
Fitzpatrick, HoraceThe Horn and Horn Playing, and the Austro-Bohemian Tradition 1680-1830
Fox, FredEssentials of Brass Playing
Frederickson/Taylor (ed)Arnold Jacobs: Song and Wind
Freymuth, MalvaMental Practice and Imagery for Musicians: A Practical Guide for Optimizing Practice Time, enhancing Performance, and Preventing Injury
Froseth & HopkinsVisual Diagnostic Skills Program: Brass
Gamble, Stephen & LynchDennis Brain: A Life in Music
Gardner, HowardTo Open Minds
Gardner, Randy C.Good Vibrations: Masterclasses for Brass Players
Gardner, Randy C.Mastering the Horn’s Low Register
Goldstein, ArthurCompete Method für der Waldhorn oder der Ventilhorn by Professor Eric von Schmutzig
Goldstein, ArthurDer Illustrated Compendium of Rare Observations and Reflections … Schmutzig Series No. 4
Goldstein, ArthurIncomplete Method für die Holzblasinstrumente by Professor Willem von Schmutzig
Gordon, StewartMastering the Art of Performance: A Primer for Musicians
Gorrie, JonPerforming in the Zone
Grabois, DanielHorn Excerpt Boot Camp, Volume 1: The Top Ten
Graham-Crump, HeatherOxford Tutors for Horn: The Complete Horn Method
Green, BarryThe Inner Game of Music (video)
Green, BarryThe Mastery of Music: Ten Pathways to True Artistry
Green & GallwayThe Inner Game of Music
Grindea, Carola (ed)Tensions in the Performance of Music
Hagberg, KarenStage Presence from Head to Toe: A Manual for Musicians
Hamman, Donald L.On Staff: A Practical Guide to Starting Your Career in a University Music Department
Hanthorn, DennisCatalogue of Horn Orchestral Excerpts
Havas, KatoStage Fright: Its Causes and Cures
Hazen, Margaret & RobertThe Music Men: An Illustrated History of Brass Bands in America, 1800-1920
Heflick, DavidHow to Make Money Performing in the Public Schools
Hill, DouglasCollected Thoughts on Teaching and Learning, Creativity, and Horn Performance
Hill, DouglasFrench Horn Basics: Questions Answered. A Compact Guide for Teachers and Young Players
Hill, DouglasFrench Horn Fundamentals: Performance/Practice Materials for Music Education Students
Hill, DouglasExtended Techniques for the Horn
Hill, DouglasExtended Techniques for the Horn
Hill, DouglasHill on Horn from Clinics on Cassettes
Hill, DouglasLow Range for the Horn Player
Hill & FrosethIntroducing the French Horn
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