Book Reviews

AuthorBook Title
Mota & InfiestaPintors Wagnerians
Munrow, DavidInstruments of the Middle Ages and Renaissance
Nathan, AmyThe Music Parents’ Survival Guide: A Parent-to-Parent Conversation
Nelson, BruceAlso Sprach Arnold Jacobs: A Developmental Guide for Brass Wind Musicians
Nesmith, DavidThe Breathing Book: Horn Edition
Nierenberg, RogerMaestro: A surprising story about leading by listening
Osborn, RebeccaThe Private Music Instruction Manual: A Guide for the Independent Music Educator
Pálma & MiklósKürtiskola (Horn Tutor), Vol. II
Palmer, Parker J.The Courage to Teach: Exploring the Inner Landscape of a Teacher’s Life
Patton, JulieMaximizing Your Studio's Potential: Instructor Manual: Brass
Patton, JulieMaximizing Your Studio's Potential: Student Log Book: Brass
Perry, GlenThe Essential Guide to French Horn Maintenance
Pettitt, StephenDennis Brain: A Biography
Pettitt, StephenDennis Brain: A Biography
Pizka, Hans (ed)Horisten Lexikon (Dictionary for Hornists)
Pritchard, Paul (ed)The Business
Rabson, CarolynOrchestral Excerpts: A Comprehensive Index
Rees, JasperI Found My Horn: One Man's Struggle with the Orchestra's Most Difficult Instrument
Reynolds, VerneThe Horn Handbook
Rider, WendellReal World Horn Playing
Rider, WendellReal World Horn Playing, vol. 1 & 2, DVD
Royal Schools of MusicAll Together! Teaching Music in Groups
Royal Schools of MusicMusic Medals Series: Copper Brass 1
Royal Schools of MusicMusic Medals Series: Gold Brass 1
Ruff, WillieA Call to Assembly
Sayer, RobertSound Habits: Brass Builder for Horn
Schneider, BrunoHorn Fundamentals
Schuller, GuntherGunther Schuller: A Life in Pursuit of Music and Beauty
Schuller, GuntherHorn Technique, 2nd edition
Schwartz, Richard A.The Sight-Reading workbook: Clarinet, Guitar, Horn, Trumpet, and Violin
Schwartzl, SiegfriedThe Development of Horn Ensemble Music from the Romantic Era to the Present Time in Vienna
Schwartzl, Siegfried145 Jahre Bühnenorchester der Wiener Staatsoper
Schweikert, NormanThe Horns of Valhalla: Saga of the Reiter Brothers
Severson & McDunnBrass Wind Artistry
Shook, Brian A.Last Stop, Carnegie Hall: New York Philharmonic Trumpeter William Vacchiano
Smith, NicholasDon't Miss Ideas, concepts, and exercises design to increase accuracy on an inaccurate instrument
Sorenson, DeanFirst Place for Jazz: Introductory Method for Jazz Ensemble
Sterner, Thomas M.The Practicing Mind: Developing Focus and Discipline in Your Life
Stewart, M. Dee (ed)Arnold Jacobs: The Legacy of a Master
Stewart, M. Dee (ed)Philip Farkas: The Legacy of a Master
Stout, LouisHeart's Desire – Louis Stout – Horn of Plenty
Swain, JohnThe Brass Instruments: A Reference Manual
Tarr, JohnThe Dynamic Musician Series: Dynamic Stability and Breath, vol. 1
Thompson, KevinWind Bands and Brass Bands in School and Music Centre
Thurmond, James MorganNote Grouping
Thurmond, James MorganNote Grouping
Tuckwell, BarryThe Horn
Tuckwell, BarryThe Horn
Tuckwell, BarryPlaying the Horn
Tuckwell, BarryPlaying the Horn
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