Book Reviews

AuthorBook Title
Hill, DouglasHill on Horn from Clinics on Cassettes
Hill, DouglasLow Range for the Horn Player
Hill & FrosethIntroducing the French Horn
Hiller, AlbertDas Grosse Buch vom Posthorn
Hoeltzl/Melton (transl)Mastery of the French Horn: Technique and Musical Expresion
Horvath, JanetPlaying (Less) Hurt: An Injury Prevention Guide for Musicians
Horvath, Roland (ed)Wiener Walhornverein Blätter (periodical)
Hošek, MiroslavThe Woodwind Quintet
Huessenstamm, GeorgeThe Norton Manual of Music Notation
Humphries, JohnThe Early Horn: A Practical Guide
Hynie, John/Hardin (ed)Inside John Haynie’s Studio: A Master Teacher’s Lessons on Trumpet and Life
Janetzky & BruechleDas Horn
Janetzky & BruechleDas Horn (English)
Johnson, KeithThe Art of Trumpet Playing
Johnson, KeithBrass Performance and Pedagogy
Johnston, PhilipThe Dynamic Studio: How to keep students, dazzle parents, and build the music studio everyone want to get into
Johnston, PhilipThe Practice Revolution
Johnston, PhilipPracticeopedia: The Complete Illustrated Guide to Mastering Music’s Greatest Challenge
Karp, TheodoreDictionary of Music
Kaslow, David M.Living Dangerously with the Horn
Kaslow, David M.With Aspirations High: Discussions and Exercises for Musicians
Kleucker, Malinda FinchWith Horn in Hand (A Guide to Mastering the Horn)
Klickstein, GeraldThe Musician’s Way: A Guide to Practice, Performance, & Wellness
Kloss, Marilyn Bone (ed)Cornucopia: The Book: Twenty years of articles from the Cornucopia newsletter
Kohut, Daniel L.Musical Performance Learning Theory and Pedagogy
Kraemer, Jonathan M. and MichelleThe Band Directors’ Guide to Success: A Survival guide for New Music Educators
Krüger, Imtraud TarrPerformance Power: Transforming Stress into Creative Energy
Lawson, WalterDevelopment of New Mouthpipes for the French horn
Lebrecht, NormanThe Maestro Myth: Great Conductors in Pursuit of Power
Leduc, AlphonseMusique pour Cor
Leinsdorf, ErichThe Composer’s Advocate
Leuba, ChristopherLeuba Lessons on Horn (video)
Leuba, ChristopherThe Rules of the Game
Leuba, ChristopherThe Rules of the Game (reprint)
Lewis, LucindaEmbouchure Rehabilitation
Liebermann, Julie LyonnThe Instrumentalist’s Guide to Fitness, Health, & Musicianship (video)
Liebermann, Julie LyonnYou Are Your Instrument
Loft, AbramHow to Succeed in an Ensemble: Reflections on a Life in Chamber Music
Matosinhos, RicardoHorn’s Pocket Guide
McBeth, AmyA Discography of 78 RPM Era Recordings of the Horn
McWilliam, FergusBlow Your OWN Horn! Horn Heresies
Meckna, MichaelTwentieth-Century Brass Soloists
Meek, HaroldHorn & Conductor
Melton, WilliamThe Wagner Tuba: A History
Mende, EmilieBrass Instruments: Dictionary in Three Languages
Mende, EmiliePictorial Family Tree of Brass Instruments in Europe
Mendez & GibneyPrelude to Brass Playing
Merewether, RichardThe Horn, the Horn
Merrell, JenniferA Horn Player’s Guide to Instrument Care & Maintenance
Miller, ToddCarved in Stone: The Life and Musical Legacy of Vincent DeRosa
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