Index By Author

NameArticle Title
Abate, ShelaghFrank Donaruma: Quintessential New York Freelancer
Abate, ShelaghFreelancing 101
Abate, ShelaghFreelancing 102: Cold Calls and “Duets”
Abate, ShelaghHorn Players Can Swing!
Abate, ShelaghZwilich Horn Concerto
Abelson, ElizabethTributes: Dennis Abelson (1951-2007)
Abernathy, Don A.Music Enrichment Programs for Public Schools: A Guideline
Aebi, Franz et alIn Memoriam: Willi Aebi (1901-1986)
Aebi, WilliThe Inner Acoustics of the Horn; Die Innere Akustik des Waldhornes (German); L’Acoustique Interne du Cor (French)
Aebi, WilliStopped Horn
Aebi, WilliStopped Horn [continuation]
Agrell, Jeffrey2001 Corno Pazzo Contest
Agrell, Jeffrey21st Century Renaissance Man: Eric McIntyre
Agrell, JeffreyAdam Wolf and the Rock Horn Project
Agrell, JeffreyArchery, Csikszentmihalyi, and What’s Really Important, Anyway?
Agrell, JeffreyBeing Columbus
Agrell, JeffreyBeing Purple
Agrell, JeffreyThe Benefits of Forcing It
Agrell, JeffreyBeware of Philip Farkas
Agrell, JeffreyBibliography of Reference Materials on Auditioning & Orchestral Excerpts
Agrell, JeffreyBlueprint for Success
Agrell, JeffreyA Brief History of the IHS Composition Contest
Agrell, JeffreyBut I’m Not Beethoven!
Agrell, JeffreyClassical Garage Bands
Agrell, JeffreyComposing Made Easy
Agrell, JeffreyThe Creative Habit
Agrell, JeffreyCutting the Cord
Agrell, JeffreyDaniel Wood: Entrepreneurial Musician
Agrell, JeffreyDo You Ever Play Your Horn?
Agrell, JeffreyThe Ears Have It
Agrell, JeffreyThe End of Scales
Agrell, JeffreyExcerpt: Magic Flute, revisited
Agrell, JeffreyFoulk Music: Reinventing Horn Teaching and Performance with Creative Music
Agrell, JeffreyGround Hog Day and the D.A.
Agrell, JeffreyHeuristics for Horn Players
Agrell, JeffreyHorn Design 101
Agrell, JeffreyHorn Excerpts Clinic
Agrell, JeffreyImprovised Duets as Collaborative Learning
Agrell, JeffreyAn Indexed Bibliography of Periodical Articles on the Horn (I)
Agrell, JeffreyAn Interview with Kazimierz Machala
Agrell, JeffreyAn Interview with Professor Cabbage – Brian Holmes
Agrell, JeffreyInterview with Ricardo Matosinhos – Millennium Musician
Agrell, JeffreyJames Naigus: Composing for Horn in the New Millennium
Agrell, JeffreyJazz Clinic
Agrell, JeffreyJazz Clinic
Agrell, JeffreyJazz Clinic
Agrell, JeffreyJazz Clinic: The Art of Noise
Agrell, JeffreyJazz Clinic: Dominant Behavior
Agrell, JeffreyJazz Clinic: Dr. Agrell’s Amazing Jazz Quiz
Agrell, JeffreyJazz Clinic: Onemanband: I. Basics
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