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by Gabriella Ibarra

Venezuela: During 2021, the Latin American horn community began developing several projects, and one of them has done a remarkable job of making it possible to connect the Venezuelan horn players who emigrated due to the current difficult circumstances in Venezuela. Most of these musicians were trained within the recognized El Sistema of Venezuela, an institution where the orchestra immediately becomes part of the day-to-day life of each of the children who are growing up within this huge “musical family.” The need to play together again was the main reason for the group Venezuelan Horns' emergence in 2019. After several remote recordings, Venezuelan Horns took the additional step of offering “Cornada 2021,” a virtual festival that provided a great opportunity for many children and young people to participate in masterclasses given by teachers like Joel Arias, José José Giménez, Hugo Valverde, Will Sanders, Jean Philippe Chavey, and David Cooper. The organization in charge of the young people included Ángel Eduardo Mendoza, David Mendoza, Javier Mijares, and Nelson Yovera, with additional support from the Venezuelan horn teachers and players Luis Fernando Ruiz, Javier Aragón, Luis Valladares, Liber Oscher, Alberto Arias, and Juan Sebastian Gimenez. Every teacher offered his knowledge and careful guidance to the students selected to play. The premise of ​​the festival was to make it accessible but also free of charge to all participants, and thanks to the coordination of teacher Joel Arias as IHS Representative for Venezuela, this event became a reality. The National School of Horns Venezuela and El Sistema were also present at “Cornada 2021,” which is already planning now to offer the course again in 2022.

Argentina: Professor Michael Jimenez prepared his Horn and Trombone Chairs at the Higher School of Music in the province of Salta and presented a recital involving all his students, with arrangements adapted by himself, on November 24.

Colombia: The horn section of the Bogotá Symphony Orchestra, Dante Yenque, Diego Parra, Oscar Alvarez, and Daniel Bello, have planned a concert of Christmas music for December 12 at 2:00 p.m.

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