Serina Turrieta:

  • I would be interested to know how you have been pursuing your studies throughout the pandemic. How have you been keeping music in your life? 
  • What are your personal goals and aspirations for the future? 
  • Clearly, you love horn but what in particular drew you to becoming part of IHS and the Student Advisory Council?

Kiersten Gustafson: 

kiersten gustafson190I've been keeping music in my life during the pandemic by signing up for as many online events (masterclasses, talks, concerts) as possible. For me, having these external obligations helps me stay motivated and inspired. My goal is simply to continue playing horn throughout my life - and to see a lot of places and meet a lot of people while doing so. This fall, I am starting my master's in the UK, and I am excited to see what is different (and the same!) about musical life and horn playing there.

The IHS was introduced to me when my former teacher Dr. Scharnberg asked students to help stuff Horn Calls into shipping envelopes. I thought it was so cool that the IHS connected horn players around the world - not just professionals, but all lovers of the instrument - and I was eager to become more involved when the Student Advisory Council was created. 

Yui Ginther:

yui ginther190Throughout the pandemic, I've been studying remotely, getting lessons from Prof. Williams and Prof. Boen. I've also occasionally played for my high school private teacher as we felt comfortable seeing each other. I've been doing more recording than I have done in the past, making recordings for horn studio class. This has really benefited my playing and built my experience using technology. For our freshman recital, I was planning to record Bozza’s “En Forêt” with a pianist who lives near me, but then the crazy snowstorm hit Texas and everything kind of shut down. Instead, I was able to get a recording of the piano part and edit it together with my horn playing. That kind of audio editing was new for me, but I did several other projects like that to show at our weekly studio classes. 

Currently I am pursuing a dual-degree in Journalism and Horn Performance and a certificate in Integrated Marketing Communications, so I am excited to see where all those interests take me and how I can serve the arts in the future. I wanted to be part of IHS and the SAC because I really enjoyed the communal aspect of the IHS as well the inspiring videos and articles it featured on its platforms. With the SAC, I hope to see those amazing resources and shared community become more readily available to a wider audience of horn players!

Lauren Antoniolli:

lauren antonioli190Last summer, at the start of the pandemic, I participated in a variety of virtual learning opportunities including Horns United Cor Camp, Seraph Brass Summer Seminar, and the DePaul University Horn Intensive. These opportunities helped me to connect with other music students from across the country while I continued my individual practice regularly. When school started back up, I was able to return to a more normal ensemble setting with in-person band and orchestra at Western Illinois University. We utilized PPE and spacing modifications for safety while playing music together. This spring, I had the opportunity to play in the Quincy Symphony Orchestra and complete my junior recital, and I was fortunate to be able to have an audience for these performances. 

The pandemic has really opened my eyes to the opportunities we have virtually to connect with other musicians from around the world. Joining the International Horn Society Student Advisory Council has allowed me to volunteer my time in areas I am passionate about to help the horn society grow, all while connecting with students from many other universities that share a passion for horn. 

Emma Brown:

emma brown190The pandemic drastically changed what I thought the timeline for my career would look like. That being said, it has been an interesting opportunity to focus on my playing in a way that I might not be able to do again. I have very mixed feelings about how that may have affected my career. For one, I know that my ensemble playing has suffered greatly, as has my ear. On the other hand, I have improved drastically in terms of technicality, tone, and clarity. My horn professor, Corbin Wagner, played a big part in this. He made a point to make things as normal and productive as possible. My goals for the future are to be in a professional orchestra and pursue a graduate degree, while also being as involved as possible in educating other horn players. This is a large part of the reason I applied to participate in the IHS SAC. I think that it is vital to have a lifeline of information that horn players can go to, and I want to help make sure that the IHS continues to be that lifeline in the best way that it can. While the pandemic has been a frightening and dark time, the slow return to normal that we have been experiencing lately has made me excited and hopeful about my own future and that of horn as a whole.

John Degnan:

john degnan190I am a rising senior at Vanderbilt University studying with Leslie Norton. I am very excited to join the Student Advisory Council and look forward to representing student interests within the society! During the pandemic, I made the best of the situation by taking advantage of the virtual opportunities and connecting with other musicians around the world. This past summer, I participated in Invested Musician’s Summer MasterCourse where I studied with Andrew and Rupal Bain. This was a great time to focus on honing my personal technique and career strategies going forward. I spent the fall semester studying remotely and put together a multi-media virtual recital for unaccompanied horn. This was a challenging but exciting venture, and I hope to continue to incorporate visuals into performance. I returned to in-person study in the spring semester where I was able to perform in smaller ensembles. In addition, I was a finalist in the Vanderbilt concerto competition and was able to perform a live-streamed recital. My future career goal is to have a stable and sustainable career performing in various ensemble settings. In addition, I hope to develop a teaching studio and break into the Los Angeles studio scene. I cannot wait to continue working with the IHS and increase student involvement within the society!

inman hebert190 Inman Hebert:

While the pandemic has been a monumental challenge to musicians, the horn community has reached out in innovative ways to provide opportunities. Insights gained through virtual workshops, master classes, competitions, and ensembles have allowed me to focus on my improvement. With the IHS Student Advisory Council, I hoped to provide a perspective of making horn resources accessible for the newest among our community, just as the IHS has helped me feel connected to the horn world. My goals are to study music performance and perform in an orchestra or teach at a university. As a high school student, I know I am at the beginning of that journey and am thankful for the guidance and resources the organization provides along the way.  

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