According to the IHS bylaws, the Advisory Council (AC) is "responsible for carrying out the aims and purposes of the Society and for determining Society policy." Nine of the fifteen AC members are elected by the IHS membership; the AC elects the others. As you nominate and elect new AC members, remember that these individuals represent a broad spectrum of international horn-related activities.

Nominations for election to the Advisory Council three-year term of office, beginning of the 2013 Symposium, must be received by Executive Secretary Heidi Vogel before December 1, 2012. Nominees must be members of the IHS and willing to accept the responsibilities of the position. Nominations must include the nominee's name, address, telephone number, email address, written consent, and a biographical sketch of not more than 150 words. Nominations by fax and email are acceptable; consent must originate from the nominee.

Terms of the following AC members expire in July 2013: John Ericson and Geoffrey Winter are completing their second terms and are therefore ineligible for reelection this year. Peter Luff is completing his first term in office and is eligible for nomination.

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