faust.jpgHornist, composer, author, and professor, Randall Faust has contributed to the horn community both regionally, in Western Illinois, and internationally, through the IHS. At the time of his selection for the Punto award in 2009, Randy was host of the 41st International Horn Symposium in Macomb IL.

Randy is professor at Western Illinois University, hornist of the Camerata Woodwind Quintet and LaMoine Brass Quintet, host of the annual Western Illinois Horn Festival, and has taught on the summer horn faculty at the Interlochen Center for the Arts for over two decades. He has performed at regional and international symposiums. His compositions, including Quartet for Four Horns in memory of Philip Farkas, are often heard on concerts and in recordings. He has produced an instructional DVD, How to Stop a Horn.

Randy studied at Interlochen, Eastern Michigan University, Minnesota State University (Mankato), and the University of Iowa. He has taught at Shenandoah University and Auburn University. One of his teachers was Marvin Howe , whose work he chronicled in his 1996 Horn Call article "Marvin Howe, Singer of Smooth Melodies" and in his edition of Marvin Howe's The Singing Hornist (2001).

Randy has served on the IHS Advisory Council (1984-1990), as Secretary-Treasurer (1986-1987), President (1987-1990), Composition Coordinator, and Music Review Editor.